Why Do Dogs Sit on Your Feet?

When you come home after a long day and try to relax, all of a sudden, your dog suddenly approaches you sits on your feet, and starts leaning your legs. Since a lot of dogs do that, in the olden days, people even used dogs as leg warmers.

Many people don’t even know why dogs perch on your feet. Some many reasons and factors that determine why a dog does that. Every dog owner should know the right reason why their dog is sitting on their feet and if their dog is constantly perching on them due to any negative reasons. 

What it means if your dogs sit on your feet

Expressing Affection

It is very typical for your dog to perch on your feet and settle down. This is a very usual way of showing love and affection, and it is very similar to sitting next to a friend for company and comfort.

Some dogs start perching on their dog’s feet so that they can start moving and following their owner whenever they move. Dogs also find physical company very comforting, and when they simply touch their owner’s feet, they will feel relaxed. 

Guarding Resources

One commonly known fact is that dogs are very protective. They get possessive when someone approaches their human. Dogs will start guarding you when they think they are your possession, and they will guard you like a resource. It is their way of telling you that you deserve their love and protection, and it is their way of protecting you from external harm. 

Fear Of Spending Time Alone

When your dog stays at home alone for long durations, they will start developing the fear of being alone and start becoming anxious every time they feel like you are leaving them alone, which can also be known as separation anxiety in dogs.

Dogs will sit on your feet, and whenever they feel like you are getting up and going out, they will also start following you out to make sure that you don’t leave them alone again.

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Why Do Dogs Perch On Their People?

  • It has been found that dogs can sense human emotions.
  • It seems that dogs know when their owner is ill or sad, and they sit on the owner’s legs to make them feel more comfortable.
  • They express their support and gratitude by sitting on their owner’s legs.
  • They even use their owner’s legs as footrests, and they also use this to bond with their owners. 
  • When dogs come to know that their owners provide more attention and extra petting when they are sitting on their owner’s feet, they start doing it more often.
  • A dog perching on its owner’s feet and leaning on their legs is also a form of communication.
  • When the owners offer attention, they start doing it constantly.

Love And Warmth

In the cold weather, dogs start moving closer toward your legs to make sure their paws stay toasty and warm.

According to many scientists, this is an instinctual behavior in puppies, and this fact has been confirmed by observing many puppies sleeping together and huddling, which will keep them warm.

This also makes them feel safe, so dogs start perching on their owner’s feet for safety and warmth. 

Learned Behaviour

Once you start petting your dog when they sit on your feet, they will start doing that constantly. This can also be known as learned behavior, which is likely learned by dogs to please their owner and grab their attention. It is very normal to feel to urge to scratch their ears and provide them physical attention when they sit on your feet.

This is positive reinforcement that can encourage your dog to sit on its feet again and again. Another fact is that it can also work in reversal because your dog will sit on your feet to make you feel better when you are ill anxious, or even sad. 

What Do Anxiety And Fear Have To Do With Your Dog Perching On Your Feet?

  • When a dog is introduced to new locations and situations, it will start feeling stressed and anxious. 
  • When they remain around their owners, dogs start feeling safer and more secure. 
  • If your dog doesn’t normally perch on your toes and starts doing it all of a sudden, it means your puppy is scared or anxious. 
  • Many signs in the dog’s body language will let you know they are afraid or anxious. 
  • Some of the prominent signs include shaking, drooling, panting, crouching, and some others.
  • You can also observe your dog’s head hanging down, ears pulled down, and tail tucked tightly between their legs or under their body. 
  • Separation anxiety can make your dog perch on you, trying to seek assurance. 
  • When they have been separated from you for quite some time, they will start experiencing separation anxiety. 
  • And, when they are exposed to loud and surprising noises, like construction noises, fireworks, and thunder, they will start feeling afraid, making them perch on your feet and snuggle close to you. 

Your Dog Is Feeling Nervous

Since some dogs consider you as their protection, they will sit on your feet to get rid of their nervousness. Dogs sit on their owner’s feet to make sure they are safe and comfortable, and when a dog sits on your feet, it is similar to holding hands in human language. If your dog suddenly sits on your feet, you can observe around to make sure there isn’t anything that makes them nervous. 

Your Dog Is Feeling Cold

During the winter season, your dog sits on your feet, trying to warm up both their body and your feet. They will sit on your feet and huddle up with you. If your dog sits on your feet, they will try and share body heat. That is why people in the olden times used their dogs as leg warmers, and the benefit goes both ways. 

Your Dog Is Possessive

Sometimes when your dog sees you around another dog or human or alongside them, they will suddenly hurry and sit on your feet. They will sit on your feet and stare at you, and this is their way of showing that you are human and they don’t normally share you.

Another reason is that dogs have many scent glands that they use to mark their territory, and this will let other dogs know that the human is yours. 

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What Does It Mean If My Dog Doesn’t Sit On My Feet?

  • Every dog on planet Earth has a different and individual way of expressing attachment, love, and affection towards their owner. 
  • Some dogs can not be as touchy and feeble as other dogs, and they might not like sitting on your feet, but they might prefer lying next to you. 
  • They might enjoy your company without physical contact, and they would prefer to show their love with other gestures.
  • Your dog might prefer to greet you when you reach home or bring you his favorite toy just to make you feel special. They might also follow you from room to room.
  • Some dogs have certain love languages, and sometimes you have to be grateful for your dog’s love language.
  • Nobody would prefer having a large dog that sits on your feet constantly, so try to enjoy your dog’s personality. 
  • So, to summarize, never feel bad that your dog doesn’t sit on your feet; every dog expresses love differently. 

They Are Genetically Wired To Sit On Their Owner’s Feet

Some studies prove that the very first domestic dogs were sensitive to Oxytocin, which is also known as the love hormone by many, and this helps the dog bond with their humans.

Dogs that are wild with more oxytocin hormone bond with humans faster, and studies have also shown that they enjoy physical affection more than other dogs. In simpler words, it’s in your dog’s DNA to bond with you by sitting on your feet. 


You shouldn’t be concerned until your dog is constantly sitting on your feet and clingy. All they need is your love, care, and attention, and they warm up when they sit on your feet. They sit on your feet for various reasons, and there is nothing to be worried about when they sit on your feet. 


What does it mean if your dog sits on your feet?

There are multiple reasons why your dog might sit on your feet, but the most important of them all is that they trust you, love you, and show the other dogs that you are theirs. 

Why does your dog sleep at your feet?

Just like humans, dogs feel vulnerable when they are sleeping, and so they often sprawl across your feet or lie nearby you to feel safe and secure. They feel protected around you.

Do dogs sit on people’s feet to exhibit dominance?

Dogs start showing dominant behavior towards other dogs by lying on your feet, which is an act of possessiveness, and they make sure the other dogs understand that you are theirs. 

If my dog sits on my feet, is it related to health issues in any way?

No, dogs sitting on your feet is very normal, and it isn’t related to any sort of health issue. But, they might sit on your feet to make sure you notice if there is something wrong with them. 

Is it okay to allow your dog to sit on your feet?

You can allow your dog to sit on your feet as long as they don’t do that constantly or if it makes them dependent on you. 

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