Why Do Dogs Roll In The Grass: Facts And Information

There are multiple activities a dog does that an owner finds cute, but there are also a lot of gross things that a dog does, and rolling in the grass can undoubtedly be considered as both.

There are multiple reasons why a dog rolls in the grass, and this article tells us why the dog does it and what it exactly means. It will also help you to train your dog not constantly to roll in the grass for its safety.  

Dogs Rolling in The Grass- Facts And Information

Do Dogs Normally Roll in Grass?

It is very normal for dogs to roll in the grass, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is acceptable in the common world society.

It all depends on where and when the dog decides to roll, and it is up to the owner to decide whether to encourage or redirect the behavior or completely ignore it. 

Why Do Dogs Like Rolling in Grass?

There are many reasons why a dog loves rolling in the grass, but they roll in other stinky and bad stuff without knowing.

According to an article in Southern Living, every dog loves rolling around on different kinds of textures just to experience pure joy, and dogs largely interact with the environment through smell and touch. 

What Does It Mean?

When a dog rolls in the grass, it means the dog is in a very relaxed and playful mood, and at the moment, its stress levels are low. They don’t seem to have a care in the world.

It is also their way of communicating with the world and letting the dogs and people around them know they are happy and would like to play with them. 

Can The Dog Contract Allergies?

Constantly rolling on the grass can be itchy. Dogs can contract many types of allergies in their entire lifetime, and the allergies they contract from rolling around in the grass come under the category of environmental allergies.

Rolling around in the grass and stuff can expose them to many irritants and allergens. Many shampoos, conditioners, and wipes can help you keep your dog’s skin allergen-free after they roll in the grass.


Common Reasons Why Dogs Roll In Grass And Other Gross Stuff:

  • It is very normal to find dogs rolling in the grass and other stuff, and it is completely normal. 
  • It is their way of communicating with the other dogs and letting them know that they are happy and want to play with them. 
  • Dogs roll around just for pure happiness and regularly interact with their environment through smell and touch. 
  • Dogs roll around to mask their scent.
  • Dogs also try to cover their scent by rolling around in the grass and other stinky stuff to shield their scent from other predators so that they are protected from being hunted. 
  • Every dog’s instinct is to roll around to mask its scent to get a chance to go near its prey too. 
  • Dogs roll around to scratch an itch at times. 
  • Another commonly known fact, dogs roll on the grass and stuff simply because it is soothing and comforting. 

Why Do Dogs Often Start Rolling In The Grass?

Every time you take your dog out for a walk, they find something that piques their interest, and when you look closely, you find out that it is just grass, and they just start rolling around in it.

This is a behavior that every dog owner encounters often, and every dog owner starts wondering what makes that grass so exciting that the dogs jump right into it. 

Reasons Dogs Roll In The Grass:

Some of the reasons that make a dog roll around in the grass and different kinds of textures include instinct, masking, and covering their scent to hunt down their prey and not be hunted down by their predator.

Dogs sometimes mark up their territory by rolling around and sometimes as an attraction or aversion to different kinds of smell.  

Dogs Communicate Through Scent:

Dogs regularly communicate through scent, and many dogs, specifically male dogs, will leave small urine marks in places they go for walks.

This lets them communicate with other animals and let them know that they are there, another way to let the other animals know is by rolling on the grass and leaving their scent around, and other animals roll on it and leave their scent too.

Dogs Try To Cover Up Their Scent

Dogs try covering up their scent by rolling on the odors and taking the odor of the grass, and some dogs even roll on the grass even after they have bathed.

After a dog takes a bath, it starts rolling on the grass to get rid of the scent of the shampoo and soaps because just because we like the smell of the shampoo doesn’t mean they do. 


Reasons Why Rolling In Grass Is Bad For Dogs:

  • Just because dogs adore rolling on the grass and stuff doesn’t mean it is good for them.
  • When dogs roll on the grass, they can come in contact with various germs and bacteria easily and stick to them as they roll on the grass.
  • It is important to let the dogs express their normal behavior, but the owner has to make sure that they are not in harm’s way. 
  • If your dog constantly rolls in the grass, they should be well-prepared by having them on effective tick and flea protection. 
  • When dogs roll in the grass, they are also exposed to pesticides and herbicides, which are highly harmful to the dog in many ways. 
  • A dog constantly rolling in the grass can cause skin problems, allergies, and irritations. 
  • Some dogs even seek out poop and dead animals to roll on, and since this is highly unsanitary, it should be stopped immediately. 

Dogs Start Scratching Itches By Rolling In The Grass:

Just like humans, dogs cannot try and reach every part of their body to scratch whenever they want, so they roll on their backs sometimes.

They start rolling around to relieve an itch without getting help. This can also assist you in finding out if your dog is infected with any sort of skin problem or allergy of sorts. When a dog constantly rolls on the grass, it means that it is infected.

For example, when a dog constantly rubs its ears on the ground, it means that it might have an ear infection. 

Dogs Roll Simply Because It Feels Good:

When dogs feel happy and stress-free and want to communicate that with humans and other people, they roll on the ground, which is their way of having fun.

It feels good for dogs, and they are just dogs, and it is relaxing for them too. As long as they know how long they should roll on the ground, they will be fine, and no need to restrain them from rolling often. 

Should I Try Stopping My Dog From Rolling In The Grass Constantly?

It varies from one dog owner to another. When your dog is rolling on the grass because it’s happy, there is no need to stop them because it is like providing chew toys for dogs to play with.

It is okay to let them roll around occasionally if it doesn’t cause any kind of harm or allergy. But, they should be regularly monitored so that they don’t roll in any bad stuff and contract any disease. 

Ways to Train a Dog To Stop Rolling in Grass:

The most humane and effective way to stop a dog from doing something is by redirecting it to do something else, and most dog owners prefer to use the most common and beneficial method, Positive Reinforcement Training (PRT).

PRT follows the principle of rewarding your dog for something you want them to do or follow, and you reward them by giving them a treat.


Training A Dog To Stop Rolling in the Grass Often:

  • Even though it is common for dogs to roll around in the grass, it should be controlled when they roll around obsessively.
  • When a dog rolls around constantly, it can alleviate allergy and skin irritation causes, and if the dog doesn’t constantly roll around, it’s okay.
  • But if your dog constantly rolls around, it means either they are obsessing over the activity or are affected by skin allergies.
  • After assessing the reason, the dog should be trained properly. 
  • Positive Reinforcement Treatment should be implemented. 
  • When your dogs start to roll, try catching their attention. 
  • When they stop rolling, give them a treat or praise them. This will help your dogs understand the type of behavior and mannerisms expected from them.


To conclude, rolling in the grass is a guilty pleasure for dogs as long as it is safe and sanitary. It is their way of communicating with fellow dogs and the environment that makes them happy.

Before training them, their reason for rolling around should be properly analyzed and observed. 


What are the primary reasons that make a dog roll in the grass?

Some main reasons include skin allergies, marking their territory, masking their scent or covering up their scent, attraction or aversion to different kinds of smell, and sometimes just instincts. 

What are the risks a dog can contract by rolling in grass often?

When a dog constantly rolls on the grass, it could cause infections and skin allergies. The dog should be provided ample tick and flea protection for its health. 

Is it anywhere possible to stop or control a dog from rolling in the grass often?

Even though it is possible to stop a dog from rolling on the grass, it is not completely necessary to stop them from rolling in the grass, as long as it is not obsessive behavior. 

What is scent masking?

Dogs are hunting breeds, and rolling in the grass is considered to be a remnant of that behavior. Dogs use whatever they are rolling on to cover their scent so that it can help them hunt their prey by “masking their scent.”

What does it mean when a dog starts rolling in the grass and starts “making its mark”?

Dogs mark their spots on the grass by rolling on them, and this helps them let other dogs and animals know that it is their spot and that they have been there. 

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