Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “squeak, squeak” is squeaky toys. Just like babies love squeaky toys, dogs do too.

If you want to know why dogs like squeaky toys, you have come to the right place, and some pet owners are puzzled by why dogs love squeaky toys.

Every pet owner knows why their dog likes licking their body or playing with toys, but nobody specifically knows why they like to play with squeaky toys. 

Squeaky Toys and Dogs- What to Know

Reasons Dogs Like Squeaky Toys

Dogs adore their toys, and it is one of their favorite pastimes to chew and toss their favorite dog toy around, which is almost indestructible.

While dogs also love puzzle toys, they also love squeaky toys, which are more appealing to them in every way.

Nobody knows why dogs cannot get enough squeaky toys, while humans find it annoying. 

The Thrill of The Chase

According to canine experts, it is a popular theory that dogs love squeaky toys because it sound more like the prey they try to hunt and kill.

Even though the dogs we adopt and take care of have their food served in a bowl, it runs in their blood, and it is their instinct to hunt and kill their prey.

A lot of dogs have a history of running around and chasing their prey, especially small animals. 

Activation of the Feedback Loop

When something feels satisfying and sound, we love doing it; the same theory applies to dogs. When a dog hears a squeaky sound when it bites and chomps on a toy, it feels like an auditory reward to them, which is immediately gratifying.

When a dog bites a squeaky toy, the sound triggers the reward centers in its brain, releasing the chemical dopamine in its brain, a hormone that makes a dog feel good and happy. 


Why Do Your Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

  • There are multiple reasons why a dog would love to play with a squeaky toy, but there are some primary reasons. 
  • Many squeaky toys are shaped in a small way, and when a dog sees small toys, it reminds them of small prey, which makes them instinctively want to hunt them down. 
  • Dogs love the squeaky toys’ sound when they chomp or press them with their paws. 
  • Dogs generally love to chew things, and when they see a squeaky toy, their immediate instinct is to chew most of the squeaky toys are built in a way that resists a dog’s bite. 
  • Squeaky toys provide instant simulation and reward when they play them in the form of auditory pleasure. 
  • It is a lesser-known fact that squeaky toys can improve dog health. 
  • In simpler words, dogs love games and toys that help them use their instinct to hunt and capture. 

It Acts As An Invitation To Play

Pet parents of dogs certainly know how to communicate with their dogs. While pet parents know the obvious signs their dogs make, some cryptic signs would take a while for the pet owners to understand.

When a dog plays with its squeaky toy while it is around its pet parent, there is an ulterior motive to it. They are trying to communicate that they want their owner to play with them and pay them attention. 

Squeaky Toys Appear Like Real Prey

The main reason your dog loves squeaky toys is that they look exactly like the small prey they hunt down.

They like the factor that the squeaky toys are shaped like little animals they normally go after, and this gives them a high and thrill; chasing these squeaky toys around it has also been studied by trainers and professionals that the squeaker inside the squeaky toys mimics the internal organs of the animals. 

Difference Between High-Pitched and Low-Pitched Squeaker Toys

Many people don’t know that there is a difference between low-pitched and high-pitched squeaky toys.

While high-pitch, staccato noises encourage animal activity, low-pitch noises tend to calm the pets. There are even some dogs that don’t like squeaky toys, however high or low they sound.

But, according to some veterinarians, the lack of interest in squeaky toys can even be a sign of mental or physical health issues.

Ways To Use Squeaky Toys For Training

Squeaky toys are a sneaky way of reinforcing your dog’s behavior, and it is one of the lesser-known dog trainer’s training secrets.

You can use a squeaky toy to call your dog, hide the toy behind your back, and praise the dog while it obeys your commands.

After that, you can toss the squeaky toy for him to catch and retrieve. The sound from the squeaker can also help the owner distract the dog from unwanted behavior.


Ways To Play With Squeaky Toys:

  • Some people think that dogs play with other dogs and humans intuitively, but there are some tricks and tips to get your dog to play with you. 
  • While some dogs start playing with you once you blatantly shake a toy in front of it, some don’t. 
  • While some dogs like the squeaky toys for their sound, some like them because they mimic the shape of their prey. 
  • If your dog likes the squeaky toy because it is in the shape of its prey, it is better to move the toy in front of the dog slowly and steadily.
  • If you move the toy slowly, it stimulates the dog’s prey drive.
  • Introducing the squeaky toy to your dog at a slow pace is very important. 
  • Also, dangerous factors must be considered while playing with a toy, and safety measures must be followed. 
  • You can use squeaky toys to help your dog physically and mentally exercise.

Dangers of Providing Your Dog With Squeaky Toys

While playing with a squeaky toy can be fun, it can also go sideways if not used properly. If your puppy digests the squeaker or starts tearing up the squeaky toy with its teeth and ingests any of it, it could affect the health of the puppy a lot.

Sometimes, it can come out easily, but sometimes the stuff can get stuck in the intestine and there might be surgical procedures to remove it.

Ways To Choose Squeaky Toys That Are Safe

Squeaky toys are manufactured plenty of times, and there are wide varieties of squeaky toys to choose from.

There are many factors to be considered while selecting a squeaky toy, like the looks of the toy, but the more important thing will be its durability and safety. Always pick more durable toys, not those that can be destroyed quickly. 

When Do The Dogs Need A Break From The Squeaky Toys

Even though dogs love squeaky toys, it is not appreciated if there is an endless loop of playing with squeaky toys.

Some pet owners even hate the sound and get tired of it easily. There are ways to let your dog enjoy his squeaky time without you going mad about it.

Certain models and types of squeaky toys operate in frequencies only dogs can hear, and it is very beneficial for dog owners who hate the noise. 


Safety Tips To Follow While Playing With Squeaky Toys:

  • Squeakers and stuffing of squeaky toys can be very hazardous when ingested. 
  • It is very important to supervise your dog while they are playing with squeaky toys.
  • Toys should be regularly tested and inspected for tears and rips that can break off when chomped on. 
  • When plush toys with stuffing in them get holes, they should be either thrown away, or the toy must be sown to avoid your dog ingesting any stuffing material.
  • Rubber and squeaky plastic toys that are damaged should be disposed of.
  • Toys that are made up of very hard plastic will get round edges when they are chewed up. 
  • These toys with round edges can easily harm your dog, so they must be thrown out as soon as possible. 


Even if your dog loves squeaky toys, there are safety measures you must take before letting them play with the toys.

They might love the way the toys sound, but there is a high possibility that these toys are made up of material that tears up easily, so always keep an eye on your pet while they play. 


Why Do Dogs Tear Up Their Squeaky Toys?

Even the softest puppies have the natural killer instinct of a wild hunter buried deep inside them, so dogs often tear their small animal-shaped squeaky toys apart. 

What Can I Do If My Dog Gets Too Aggressive Or Excited While Squeaky Toys?

Some puppies can get carried away while playing with squeaky toys, some get overexcited, and some get aggressive and try to resource guard.

So, you need to teach your dog that nobody is trying to take their toys and they are just trying to play with them. 

Are Squeaky Toys Good For Dogs?

Squeaky toys can be good for dogs because they like to chomp on the toys. But, it can also be hazardous when the plastic or rubber material gets into their body.

What Are The Main Reasons Why Dogs Love Squeaky Toys?

Dogs like to play with their squeaky toys because they like to hunt small animals; normally, toys are animal-shaped. They also like the sound they make. 

Why Are Some Dogs Afraid Of Squeaky Toys?

Not every dog likes the sound of squeaky toys. Some are even afraid of them. If your dog is constantly afraid of toys, it is better to get them checked by a certified dog behavior consultant. 

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