Why Do Cats Get Stuck In Trees? Know Why

It might be pointless to consider a cat’s motivations for climbing a tree in great detail. Cats are renowned for their grace, agility, and athleticism as a species.

However, getting down from a tree after climbing is a physical accomplishment that many cats have had trouble mastering. Because cats can both prey on and are prey to larger animals, they are an intriguing species from the perspective of behavior.

There are a variety of reasons why cats might climb up on trees and never get down. 

Cat Stuck On A Tree? Know Why

Why Do Cats Get Stuck In Trees?

Getting Stuck In Trees

When a cat in a tree tries to come down, it could have problems coordinating its front and rear feet. Cats simply don’t make that move frequently.

Cat claws are the perfect instruments for helping them ascend. Thus, it’s incredibly simple for them to climb trees.

But once they’re in the air, they’ll discover that going back down is considerably harder than going up.

Why Do Cats Start Climbing Trees In The First Place?

Cats may chase their prey up a tree while being skilled hunters without recognizing what they are doing. On the other hand, when they sense danger, cats often become hyperactive.

Therefore, according to experts, if a cat senses danger to his life, he will probably run up a tree, which provides shelter and a vantage point. Cats may also climb trees if they can and find it enjoyable.


Although the adage “curiosity killed the cat” is well-known, we could equally remark that it causes the cat to become entangled in a tree.

Cats are intrepid creatures. Cats who are allowed to roam freely outside, whether they are indoor cats or outdoor cats, might find themselves in precarious situations. Simply because they can, they might climb the tree before realizing they can’t come down.

What Do I Do If My Cat Gets Stuck In A Tree?

  • Don’t put food out because normally cats climb up trees to escape from some predatory animals like raccoons and dogs. Putting out food can attract these animals again. 
  • Cats get afraid to climb down because they often climb up too high until they feel they are stopped, and when they stop, they realize they are stuck. 
  • It is safe for them to get down without any help, but they don’t do that often. 
  • Never call the fire department and call appropriate help to assist you in getting your cat down. 
  • Never think that your cat will come down when it is ready, and let them be. Staying up on a tree for a long can leave them dehydrated, which could lead to kidney failure in cats.
  • Try neutering or spaying and microchipping your cat.
  • If you have noticed that your cat has a serial problem with trees, it is better to treat your cat like a dog and put them on a leash. 
  • You can try rescuing your cat using a tall ladder. 


Cats enjoy a good chase and are skilled hunters. When they have their eyes set on a piece of prey, they might do whatever it takes to acquire it.

The likelihood is high that a cat would pursue its prey if it ran up a tree while being pursued, such as a squirrel. As a result, their hunter instincts cause them to climb the tree whenever they spot a target perched high up.


Although they are carnivorous predators, cats are also extremely small and frequently become prey. Dogs are probably most likely to chase a cat into a tree, but coyotes, bobcats, and other large predators may do the same, depending on where you live.

Additionally, a cat can be attempting to flee from its owner. Some indoor cats enjoy sneaking away to go exploring.

Luring Them Down With Food

Some cats that are “stuck” are only making the decision not to descend due to fear or other feline-related factors. It is advised to leave some of your cat’s favorite meals out in case he decides to leave his perch.

In most circumstances, warming up some wet food will make it smell better and encourage cats to come down from the tree more quickly.

Calling For Help

If none of the aforementioned solutions work for a cat that is caught in a tree, it is best to call for help.

For instance, you’ll need expert assistance if the cat is anxious and agitated or is perched quite high in the tree.

It’s a good idea to ask your neighborhood rescue organizations or your local animal shelter for help.

Why Do Cats Get Stuck In Trees?

Start Calling For Sooner Than Later If:

  • Kittens lack the weight and strength necessary to hang on. It lives inside. 
  • She has no climbing skills and is not accustomed to being outside. 
  • She was declawed. A cat with declawed claws has almost little chance of descending without assistance. 
  • More than two days have passed since the cat was up there. 
  • After that, she has a much lower likelihood of going down by herself, especially given her deteriorating health. 
  • There is a chance of rain, cold weather, or wind. A storm with electricity is expected. 
  • If you do decide to call someone, he might decide not to attend since he is worried about his safety.
  • She is hurt or, worse, impaled. She is lodged.
  • The stranded kitty’s plight is causing stress to you or another family member.
  • There’s a reasonable fear of attack by wild animals.
  • Her meowing is bothering someone. You don’t want a grouchy, cat-hating neighbor to shoot your cat down.

Climbing Up The Tree After Them

You may try climbing up after your cat. Without question, choosing this is the riskiest course for you. Going after a cat that does not know or trust you probably won’t turn out well.

The cat may behave out of fear even though it knows and trusts you because they are in a stressful circumstance. Make sure the cat is at a level of calmness where it can be handled.

Creating A Ramp

Making a temporary ramp to help a cat descend from a tree is the simplest and least dangerous solution. You can use a board or anything else you can find so the cat can simply climb up and down.

Keep in mind that they are terrified to descend the vertical tree and drop from the height. They can descend more readily at an angle, thanks to the ramp.

Methods To Keep Your Cat Out Of Trees:

  • It’s never fun for a cat or a human to have their cat become stuck in a tree, so it’s preferable to prevent it from happening in the first place so that everyone can stay safe on the ground.
  •  If you take your pet cat outside, it’s preferable to do so under close supervision.
  • You might also want to think about getting a cat harness or leash. 
  • Naturally, you should also ensure that your cat is microchipped and wearing ID tags. 
  • That way, if she scampers up a strange tree and someone else saves her, you can get her back. 
  • Despite having the appearance of loving the outdoors, cats often find it to be a frightening place.
  • Try purchasing a cat tree, offering them places to hide, offering them enrichment toys, and you can also try installing a window perch. 


Consider limiting your cat’s time outdoors to walks on a leash or harness if you’re concerned about them escaping and climbing a tree. This can be a terrific way to provide your cat with a safe, secure time outdoors and lots of exercise.


Why does my cat keep climbing trees?

There are several causes for a cat to climb a tree. In the beginning, they might chase their victim up a tree in their role as hunters without considering what might happen when the pursuit is over.

They could climb too high if they sense danger from strangers, other animals, or loud machinery.

Why don’t cats climb down on their own often?

Cats naturally scale furniture, trees, and other objects, but they typically jump down from them after they reach the top.

If they become stuck, it is likely because they are afraid to descend from where they are by climbing or jumping.

What should I do if my cat gets stuck in a tree?

Don’t worry first. This won’t help your cat feel less stressed and may make it difficult for you to think clearly.

Next, use food or treats with a strong aroma to persuade the cat to come down. Have a watcher nearby at all times in case you need assistance.

What can I do to keep my cat out of trees for good?

You can give your cats access to a “catio,” which is essentially an outdoor enclosure (typically a screened-in patio) that allows them to enjoy outdoor enrichment while remaining safe inside the house.

Can cats get injured by being stuck in trees?

Trees can be dangerous for cats. During the excitement of a chase, they could become impaled or become stuck on a limb. They might get worn out. Hence, don’t put off helping her too long.

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