The Pros and Cons of Hamsters As Pets (Explained)

Hamsters are cute, they are small, and no doubt they attract a lot of attention.

If you are considering getting a pet and a hamster is on your consideration list, then it’s important to know what are the pros and cons of owning such a pet.

Here is what can help in knowing how to make the final decisions.

Pros Of Hamster As a Pet

Hamster Are Affordable Pet

If you are considering having a pet, the budget is limited. You might consider the hamster. A lot of pet shops rarely pay more than $20.

So, you can buy it. Most of your money might be spent on the cage but it will be no more and it will be a one-time cost.

Hamsters are inexpensive as compared to other options that you might have on your list.

You Don’t Have Spend A lot Of Food

Hamsters are small creatures, and they don’t need a lot of food like cats and dogs.

Also, they are good with a cheap diet which includes pellets, grains, and seeds.

You can get one bag of food for the hamster, and it will last for a long time.

However, make sure you don’t feed them something for people’s food.

Habitat Needs Are Inexpensive And Simple

One of the reasons why hamsters are not expensive, they don’t need a lot of things to live comfortably. And their bedding and cage include food dishes, tubes, water bottles, etc. And none of these things are expensive.

But make sure you have something that gives the hamster to explore and climb.

Hamster Doesn’t Require A lot Of Space

Hamster cages come in sizes and shapes, and they allow you to pick the space and make the home for your hamster.

The cage also doesn’t need a lot of space, this can easily be put on a side table, desk, shelf, or anywhere you like.

Just make sure it has plenty of comfortable areas which makes your hamster explore and move around.

They Don’t Need A lot Of Social Interaction

There are a lot of animals who are considered pets such as birds, dogs, and cats which need a lot of your attention and affection.

Considering hamsters, they are playful and friendly which makes them more handled. But they don’t need the attention as much as others might need.

They can be perfect on their own and need a little bit of check-up from time to time.

Hamster Doesn’t Need For Special Grooming

Hamsters also love to groom anyone who has them as pets. They need a little bit of time to go  out without starting the clean it,

Not only that,  you don’t have to bathe them daily, And you just need to wash them when there is something you are required to clean.

When you are cleaning them, make sure you use a small amount of water,  rub gently, and be careful.

Hamster Are Easy To Clean After

Some pets need a lot of attention and are a complete nightmare to clean after.

Hamsters don’t need a lot, and they are quite simple.

You can just take out the oiled parts of their bedding once a day and replace the behind, and you can do this at least once a week.

For cleaning the cage, this needs you to clean down the cage along with cleaning the accessories and food dishes.

You Don’t Have To Train Them

A lot of pets are required to train them, including puppies who need to learn not to pee on carpet and cats to use the litter box. Whereas birds need the training to come and sit on their fingers.

However, hamsters don’t need anything, even though you have to help in training to be friendly toward them, and apart from this, you don’t need anything else to teach.

They Are Great Pet For Kids

Hamsters are adorable, but it’s great if you are looking for kids to have their pets.

They are easy to care for and gentle along with being hairless towards the kid.

So you can get a hamster for your kid and teach them to learn more about responsibility.

Hamsters Are Fun And Interesting 

Hamsters are cute, adorable, and tiny creatures. But they are also fun and love to explore where they are.

They are not scared if you want to hold them, and love to entertain.

Not just that, they love to be their companion, and you can enjoy your time with them.

Hamsters Are Cute And Entertaining

Hamsters are fuzzy and adorable, they are little cute joys who love to play and clean themselves

They are running in the wheel to exercising in a ball, hamsters have their personality, but they are fun.

Hamsters Don’t Need Your Attention 24×7

Hamsters enjoy the playtime spent with their owners and also love to explore as well as have fun on their own.

But they can also be okay if you leave them alone in a cage as they are fully content.

If you want your hamster to be happy, you don’t have time for training, long grooming, or daily walks.

They don’t need the attention as much as dogs and cats do. You just need to socialize with them, because if you fail to do so it will make them feel shy or hesitant.

Perfect For Night Owls

If you are someone who doesn’t wake up or prefers to be a night owl, having a hamster as a pet is best for you.

They are nocturnal which means they are most active at night. This can be a negative aspect for moaning people. but for night owls, this can help you in getting a companion for late-night movies. Or a perfect friend for nights to focus better.

Cons Of Hamster As a Pet 

They Bite Painful

Well, hamsters bite, and they tend to do more as compared to other options.

The main reason is that they have poor eyesight. Because of this, they tend to rely more on their senses such as taste, sound, and smell.

If you stick your finger in their café, they will often bite as your hamster wants to know what that thing is and if they can eat it or not.

Once they bite, it can hurt and even cause bleeding. That’s why it’s important not to just go for it, but consider using more interactions and proper ways of handling them.

They Tend To Have Nocturnal behavior

Is important to consider the lifestyle of the animals that you consider taking as pets.

The hamsters tend to have a nocturnal lifestyle, which makes them more curled up asleep during the day. And if you disturb them, they can be aggressive and they bite.

And they get more active during the night when most of the people sleep.

Also, they can be aloud as they run around their wheel or scratch in their cage.

So they are not good for the kids as they will disturb their night. And if you don’t want to ruin the night or you work a lot during the day and want a good sleep, hamsters might be a hassle.

They Contain Bacteria And Diseases

Hamsters are also prone to different viruses and diseases, they can prevent parents from keeping away if you are considering children.

Even though they are rare, small children might be at risk of catching such conditions.

However, you can provide them with care and make sure they don’t have any behavior which is not hygienic.

They Have The Short Lifespan

Hamsters have a life of two or three years. This means you might have to say goodbye to your little friend in a short period.

It can be hard, especially for the kids who need to cope with such traumas.

It needs Adult Supervision

While the hamster needs low maintenance compared to other pets, they need adult supervision especially if the hamster is for kids.

They are sentient and if you handle them, they will bite you.

You need to know about the right way of feeding them, cleaning them, etc.

They Have Bad Eyesight

There are some downsides of having a hamster, they have bad eyesight and they are heavily aware of their senses.

So If you are introducing them to new people,  it’s better to be careful.

Hamsters have problems in differentiating who is who, and they can end up biting them.

Hamster Need To Stay Active

Since hamsters require an active lifestyle, this is important for them in order to play a lot and have tons of exercise.

If they are not having such a lifestyle, it will shorten their life. This means that you also have to get the toys and wheels around them, but these things are in their cage so they can play and have exercise. 

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