The Pros and Cons of Having a Dog (Explained)

The saying that a dog is a man’s best friend has been in use for plenty of years. This saying often reflects the nature of the human being with the dog.

It keeps with the understanding that the dog is the man’s best friend because over the years in various examples it has been found that the dog is indeed the man’s best friend, simply because the dog is very loyal and always joyous and excited to see its human.

This is the primary reason why all human beings should consider getting a dog which will keep them company, although getting a dog is not enough, one must also take good care of it.


  • Unlimited Company
  • Helps in Times of Mourning
  • Helps to Deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Cure for Loneliness
  • Train your Dog
  • Great Childhood for Kids
  • Dogs are Important for Security as well


  • Expensive Maintenance
  • Extra Amount of Chores
  • The First Few Months are Difficult
  • Litters the House
  • House has to be Very Well Administered
  • Takes up Lots of Time
  • Dogs Do Not Take Well to Loneliness

advantages of Having a Dog

  • Unlimited Company:

Pets of any kind can keep people company and keep them ready for anything. The dogs are even friendlier and help the humans keep themselves occupied in taking care of the dogs. The dogs give unlimited company as they are always ready to do anything for fun.

  • Helps in Times of Mourning:

Doctors of various fields have researched that people who are suffering from mourning and other such problems get rapidly better when they are in the company of pets, especially dogs. Research shows that the overall dopamine release in a human being increases by 70% around a dog.

  • Helps to Deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:

The people who are very stressed in life. Those with recent deaths or tragic experiences can always count on a pet to help them recover. This is more in key with the idea of dogs who share unlimited love with their humans during their sadness.

does a dog help in managing ones stress level
  • Cure for Loneliness:

The cure for loneliness is something that almost all humans in the world try to seek. This is because they are always looking for newer friends and newer activities, but with the company of dogs, loneliness can be bid goodbye. This is a great advantage of having dogs.

can having dog cure loneliness
  • Train your Dog:

The dogs which are kept as pets are often kept only for domestic purposes. This can be altered by training your dog as well, and training in itself extends beyond the scope of the basic training that dogs are provided. They can also be trained for competition.

  • Great Childhood for Kids:

The childhood of the kids in the house immediately becomes brighter after the inclusion of a dog. This keeps the children happy and also keeps them quite content. The dogs immediately lighten the mood of the house. This is one of the biggest advantages of dogs.

  • Dogs are Important for Security as well:

The dogs are important for security purposes as well. This is especially applicable to the dogs which are ferocious and bred in this manner as well. Dogs like Rottweillers are great as pets for security purposes. This is another great pro of keeping dogs.

  • Help for Those Who Live Alone:

The aged couples or old men and women who live alone are often told to keep dogs with them for company and security purposes. Old people who live alone are usually quite sad and lonely and a dog helps them in maintaining a decent life.

  • Lifts Your Mood:

The greatest reason for the keeping of dogs is the upliftment of mood and general atmosphere. Everyone in the family loves to play with dogs and keep them company as well as enjoy time around each other. The dog is truly the man’s best friend for this reason.

Disadvantages of Having a Dog

  • Expensive Maintenance:

The expensive maintenance of dogs is a big problem for families that have low income and are not very well off. The maintenance of pets in general is something that requires some economic stability, but with dogs, the maintenance is even more due to meat and other such expenses.

is a dog high maintenance
  • Extra Amount of Chores:

The amount of chores required to keep the pets happy, especially dogs is not a joke. The dogs cannot be left on their own in the beginning, as you will have to constantly train it and teach it how to function in your household. If this is not done, then chaos will persist.

  • The First Few Months are Difficult:

The first few months of having a dog are incredibly difficult for people who have not trained and groomed pets before. The dogs are often not well disposed to new surroundings and act out in various ways. This may mean the dog will not listen to you.

  • Litters the House:

The dogs have a habit of littering the house with their excreta. Irrespective of potty training and other forms of grooming, dogs will tend to keep with their instincts and find spaces to litter. They also break several props and very valuable showpieces.

  • House has to be Very Well Administered:

The house in itself has to be very well administered for training and administering the dog. This means that the important things have to be kept far from the dog’s reach and several means have to be established to clean dog hair.

  • Take Up Lots of Time:

The grooming and training of dogs have to be done very carefully without inflicting any pain upon the dog and without inflicting any trauma. The dog has to be cared for very gently and this can take a lot of effort and valuable time.

is it true that having a dog takes up a lot of your time
  • Dogs Do Not Take Well to Loneliness:

The dog always has to be kept company. If kept alone for too long the dog tends to grow sad and have several emotional issues. This makes the dog ill and it is quite negligent to see an animal lose its life in this manner. 


The truth of keeping a dog is unlimited enjoyment along with hard work as well. A dog has to be taken care of, as without care a dog will not grow and negligence is considered to be animal cruelty. This is one of the prime reasons you should think about the decision to get a dog.

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