The Pros and Cons of Hedgehog As Pet (Explained)

Hedgehogs or hedgies are cute little creatures, they are naturally found in Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Most of the hedgehogs have their throw spines with the pale types, also they roll into tight balls to defend themselves which causes their quills to extend.

But they are adorable, small, and can be cuddle buddies once they get comfortable. 

However, if you are considering them as pets, it’s important to understand the pros and cons.


  • Need regular care 
  • Specific nutritional diets 
  • Not good for tiny humans 
  • Hard to litter train 
  • Need more time to explore
  • Not social animal 
  • May never be bound with owners 
  • They hate cagemates 
  • They don’t like noisy surroundings 
  • Banned in some countries 

Pros Of Hedgehog As a Pet

They Are Quiet Creatures

Well to those who have had pets like hamsters or guinea pigs in the past, you might have known that they can be loud.

Hedgehogs are different in this manner, you might listen to them making the purring noises when they are looking for something from you.

But these little creatures are not loud and anxious. That’s why a lot of people who live in rented houses prefer to have them.

According to the home & roosts, there are some of the hedgehogs make noises, including :

  • They make grunting and snuffing which is quite gentle when they are looking for food.
  • They do gentle chirping when they are hungry.
  • They scream only when they are in extreme stress or pain.
  • They make the chuffing in mating season.
  • They hiss when they want to warn people to leave them alone.
  • They make clicking sounds if there is any other male for challenging.

Hedgehogs Are Hypoallergenic

There are a lot of people who have allergies and that’s why they don’t get pets such as bunnies, dogs, cats, etc.

However, consider having a hedgehog which makes an ideal pet for such situations.

They aren’t dangerous, and the quills do not contain hair or dust.

Not just that, you don’t need to brush or vacuum wherever they are. You don’t deal with the hair on clothing or other places.

Hedgehogs Are Independent And Need Less Attention

Similar to any other pets, Hedgehogs do need daily interaction in order to make them familiar with you. Also, it will take a few minutes, and you need to do it lovingly and gently.

However, unlike cats or dogs, you don’t have to be in constant contact.

To keep the pet tamed, you are required to spend 60 minutes per day. However, it doesn’t have to be physical as being in the same room is enough.

Hedgehog Are Low Maintenance As Pet

You don’t have to spend a lot of time on your hedge, here you don’t have to walk every day.

They don’t need the specified outdoor activities, scratching posts, or any other activities which need to make them healthy mentally and physically.

Provide the exercise wheel and they will cover all the requirements related to health.

Hedgehogs Are Interactive All Day

Hedgehogs have an unusual set of hours, as they nap day and night in between different periods of their activities.

If you have an alternative shift, you can interact with them whenever you are at home.

Hedgehog Are Tend To Bond Fast

The small creatures tend to be solitary but they have nature which makes them bond with owners fast.

At first, they seem wary when they are handled but once they get comfortable, they bond better.

Also, they enjoy cuddling depending on their personality.

They Keep Garden Safe From Pest And Insects

Hedgehogs are omnivorous and they eat veggies, fruits as well as meats.

They also varied preferences to a diet including invertebrates, insects, and bugs.

So if you are keeping the hedgehog in the garden, they will keep the pests away as well as veggies protected.

They can eat caterpillars, slugs, worms, millipedes, crickets, mealworms, maggots, tiny frogs, carrion, and crunchy beetles.

Not just that, they clear up the fallen fruits, they keep the garden clean but it’s important not to make them eat everything.

They Don’t Have Any Smells

Most people get worried that their pets might bring them into their house.

There are pets such as bunnies, rats, hamsters, cats, and chinchillas that even have their odor which can go unnoticeable.

Hedgehogs don’t have any smells. If there is a bad smell or anything, it means that either your pet is ill or something is not right.

You Don’t Need A lot Of Money For Caring Hedgehog

The healthy hedgehog doesn’t need too much, they are affordable and you get the food for them which costs $9 and it will be enough for months.

Hedgehogs also like to have variety in their food, so you can find them.

If you can’t find the best food for them, you choose the low phosphorus pea-free cat kibble as it’s safe.

Also, they are sensitive to phosphorus and peas contain phosphorus levels.

You Can Easily Travel With Them

When you are traveling with them to the vet or on holidays, it can be relatively easy.

As compared to cats, dogs, and birds, they are quite noisy and hard to carry.

Most holiday establishments have no problem having hedgehogs as pets with their guests.

But if you have a dog or cat, it can be difficult to do that.

The Quills Won’t Hurt If You Do It Well

Well, a lot of people feel that porcupines and quills are the same but they are not. They are different and unlike porcupine quills, they don’t have barbs.

Even though it’s spiky, if they are calm, they will be relaxed and you can’t pick them up as well as pet them without getting hurt.

They Have a Long Lifespan

When you have hedgehogs, especially when they are young, they can live for around 4 or 6 years. Once they receive the care, love, and food along with the physical and mental health maintenance.

You also need a hedgehog to have forage to gain the advantages. They live much longer as compared to the others who are small in size.

Cons Of Having A Hedgehog Pet

Hedgehogs Are Not Social Pets

If you have more than one theme it’s important to keep them separated.

If you keep them in one cage, they will end up fighting especially if they are males.

Sometimes this leads to death and causes harm to each other. 

That’s why you need to keep them in separate cages, which need more space, extra cleaning, and making sure they are going well.

They Need Time To Explore

Hedgehogs are self-reliant and independent pets who are not into getting too much attention.

But you need to get out of their cage to keep their health good.

However, getting an exercise wheel is important to keep them active and this is a good step.

The animals also need to have foraging since it’s their natural activity.

They Don’t Do Well With Litter Training

It’s not unusual that they want to relieve themselves however this can make your apartment messed up.

Their dropping might be small but it can cause stains which can lead to issues.

They Are Not Good For Kids

Hedgehogs are people who like to stay in a quiet environment which means if you have small children and pets, It might not be the right choice.

These animals get easily stressed especially if their surroundings are too noisy.

Hedgies need to be secure and careful while you handle them to protect themselves.

So children might inadvertently injure you if you are not carefully taking care of it.

They Need a Nutritional Plan

Hedgehogs are omnivores when they are in the wild. Also, they might find them eating eggs, snakes, toads, and frogs as well as insects.

They can be hunting mushrooms and melons, and they like the grassroots. Also, they like the berries.

This means that depending on your hedgehog, you need to have a specific diet.

Some stores have the food but it is not available in every area.

Compared to other pets, it’s easy to get the food but for the hedgehog, you need to make sure you have stock ready. 

You can even add the carrots, corn, peas, apples, or beans but make it in small portions.

They Need Regular Care

You can’t leave the hedgehog for a long time without having the interactions. If you are going somewhere for a day or two, you need to make sure to interact as well as play with them for about.

Not just that, the temperature of your house is important too as they don’t do well if the climate is below 70F.

The Self Anointing Behavior Is Kinda Disturbing

Hedheo have the self anoint which makes them scared or unsettled if they encounter with new objects or smell

They take it as a threat and for a spitball, also throw the head back, and cover their spines with frothy saliva which contains the new scent.

With this, they try to make themselves less interesting to the predictors and this can be the gross thing to witness.

Not only do they get easily on defense, but they can hurt you during this. But handling them can get difficult too.

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