1150+ Mischievous Cat Names for Your Mischief Ball! (+Generator)

Welcome to the fascinating and enthralling world of Mischievous Cat Names, wherein each feline angel will have an amazing and playful name at its disposal.

I know the amount of mischief my cats do, and going or opting for mischievous and spunky cat names is something I’ve always looked forward to.?

Let’s bring up, for my beloved readers, a plethora of cat names that are not only impressive and captivating but also playful and badass!

Here’s a list of mischievous Cat Names at your kind disposal.?

Male Mischievous Cat Names

I have a lot of male cats of various breeds, and naming them has never been short of something headache-inducing but interesting at the same time.

This article is here to inspire you and enable you to figure out the best name for your male feline companion.

Let’s dive right into some cool, Mischievous Cat names for Spunky and Playful Males.?

VadarTo ford or wade across a river.
BoltLightning or flash.
HermesThe messenger.
BlitzLightning strike.
VikingA pirate or raider.
ViperA type of snake.
CaptainThe one who’s in charge of something.
HadesUnseen; God of the Underworld.
HulkA very large, humongous person.
BuckeyeSomeone having eyes similar to a deer (buck).
HerculesGlory of Hera.
BobcatWild animal with brown hair, short tail, and pointed ears.
TitanDefender of the faith.
SargeAn officer.

? Bane

? Buck

? Blaze

? Tiger

? Bandit

? Goliath

? Beast

? Spike

? King

? Darth

? Magnus

? Bruiser

? Pyro

? Damien

? Czar

? Brutus

? Diesel

? Zeus

? Nitro

? Otis

? Ares

? Judge

? Rocky

? Riptide

? Trapper

? Tank

? Jesse James

? Kane

? Bullet

? Remington

? Dagger

? Rex

? Hunter

? Maximus

? Butch

? Chopper

? Chief

? Rambo

? Ammo

? Kong

? T-Bone

? Ranger

? Axel

? Thor

? Gunner

? Admiral

? Maverick

Unisex Mischievous Cat Names

When it comes to naming cats, going after gender-neutral names, are in my opinion, the safest option.?

These names can be used for almost every cat irrespective of their gender, breed, traits, and so on.

This is what I follow many times while naming my cats, and I swear it works every time.

Let’s dive right into some cool, Mischievous gender-neutral/unisex cat names for Spunky and Playful Cat Names.?

SmudgeA dirty spot, mark, streak, etc.
HavocA situation of confusion or destruction
ViolaViolet; purple
BirdieA bird; bright; famous
ZorroA sly fox
KipA pointed hill
LeopardA large-sized feline with tawny coat and black spots, adept at climbing
MugsyYour destiny; your heart’s desire; your personality
GypsyA wanderer
CheetahA smaller member of the cat family resembling a leopard with dog-like features
FrecklesA small brownish spot on the skin, used particularly for cats with brown spots on coat
LionRoyalty, courage, and strength
PunkyReferring to slow-burning sponge punk or heavy music genre
PeachesParticularly pleasing or admirable individual

? Striker

? Pitty Pat

? Mallory

? Stitches

? Piper

? Spaz

? Reckless

? Dot

? Kix

? Potts

? Rocket

? Yoshi

? Ginny

? Nipper

? Cherry

? Kori

? Kiki

? Zips

? Carmen

? Hailey

? Kai

? Trixie

? Luna

? Mimi

? Frex

? Maxi

? Envy

? Poly or Polly

? Rascal

? Pixel

? Ivy

? Kimmy

? Rox

Female Mischievous Cat Names

When it comes to female companions, we should look for names that are no less good than that of their male counterparts.

I have some female felines, once again of varied breeds, and based on their nature and character, I name them after various mischievous baby names.?

Here’s a list of cool, Mischievous Cat Names for Spunky and Playful Females.?

  • 1 Artemis – It is a name that leans more towards the feminine side of things and is primarily of Greek origin, meaning “The Goddess of Moon, Chastity, and Hunting.” This name also means “twin of Apollo; Butcher.”
  • 2 Starbuck – It is a female baby’s name of predominantly English origin that means “From the river where stakes were received.”
  • 3 Hera – It is a baby girl’s name of Greek origin that means “The Goddess of Marriage.”
  • 4 Sarah Connor – It is a classical female baby’s name of Hebrew origin that means “noblewoman; princess.”
  • 5 Raven – It is a female baby’s name of Old English origin that means “wise or dark-haired.”
  • 6 Katniss – It is a baby girl’s name of Greek origin that means “an aquatic plant.”
  • 7 Queenie – It is a feminine name of British origin that means “The Queen.”
  • 8 Sheba – It is a baby girl’s name of Hebrew origin that means “promise.”
  • 9 Medusa – It is a female baby’s name of Greek origin that means “cunning.”
  • 10 Athena – It is a feminine name of Greek origin that means “The Goddess of courage, wisdom, law and justice, strength, strategy, warfare and civilization, and crafts and skills.”
  • 11 Diva – It is primarily a female baby’s name of Italian origin that means “Gift of God; a divine and beloved lady; a powerful and gorgeous woman.”
  • 12 Cersei – It is a female baby’s name of Greek origin that means “a bird.”
  • 13 Gamora – It is a baby girl’s name of American origin that means “sheaf.”
  • 14 Vixen – It is a baby girl’s name of old English origin that means “a female fox.”

Mischievous Black Cat Names

  • Shadow
  • Loki
  • Salem
  • Midnight
  • Spook
  • Mischief
  • Jinx
  • Raven
  • Hex
  • Zorro
  • Morticia
  • Boo
  • Diablo
  • Hocus
  • Puck
  • Sable
  • Gremlin
  • Phantom
  • Greystoke
  • Voodoo
  • Banshee
  • Magic
  • Onyx
  • Pandora
  • Merlin
  • Sneaky
  • Enigma
  • Sabrina
  • Goblin
  • Tempest
  • Eclipse
  • Binx
  • Rascal
  • Nyx
  • Pippin
  • Cinders
  • Trouble
  • Whisk
  • Hexen
  • Zephyr

Mischievous Kitten Names for Male and Female Cats

Playful Kitty Names aren’t something that anyone would reject while naming their cats!?

I have about 5-6 cats that have been named after several gender-neutral names, and I, and they, all love those names.?

Let’s dive right into some of the playful Kitty Names for both male and female cats.?

RuffianA brutal individual; a bully.
TurboA spinning propeller; a type of engine.
FranticSomeone who’s emotionally out of control.
FriskyVery lively and playful; often used for pets.
RocketA jet-propelled tube.
Wild ThingAn untamed individual.
NalaQueen, lion, successful.
MiaBeloved; bright; friendly.
SkittleRefers to a game of ninepins; used as a cat’s name.
JackalType of small omnivorous canid found in Asia, Africa.
SniperA trained marksman.
Zig-zagA path with sharp turns and continuous angles.

? Lkaika

? Callie

? Spirit

? Pounce

? Dancer

? Ninja

? Chloe

? Reebok

? Sophie

? Whiskers

? Kitty

? Skeeter

? Zannie

? Daisy

? Naughty

? Lola

? Stella

? Bella

? Molly

? Radar

? Wiz

? Flash

? Bouncin Beemer

? Tornado

? Catty LaBelle

? Willow Olive

? Chaos

? Kaze

? Zoom

? Nike

? Purr-lina

? Trouble

? Dash

? Nibby Nose

? Hurricane

? Sneakers

? Nibby

? Ramble

? Spunky

? Queen Bey

? Zippy

? Shooter

? Spanky

? Lily

? Harley

? Mischief

? Paint Ball

? Picabu

? Paw-la Abdul

? Thumper

? Scatter

? Speedo

? Cleo

? Lively

? Catti B

? Batman

? Zippity do dah

? Lucy

? Fugazi

? Joker

? Gracie

? Speedy

? Cobra

? Arrow

? Vroom Vroom

? Rumble

? Rufus

? Sticky

? Hypurr

? Skittles

? Pitters

? Scratchy

? Puck

? Penny

? Pogo

? Bizzy

? Lightening

? Taz

? El Nino

Badass Male and Female Cat Names 

There’s nothing better than naming your badass cats with names that are equally badass and persuasive!?

We have personally curated and handpicked a list of various badass cat names that are not only charming but will properly resonate with your cat’s nature.

Here are some badass Male and Female Cat Names for your kind perusal.?

Raylan“Wise; counsel; advice.”
Cheeto“Loving, affectionate, and brave.”
Leonidas“Son of a lion.”
Hans Gruber“Gift from God” (Hans) and “Someone who lives in depression or hollow” (Gruber), popular fictional character.
Buzz“A village in the woods.”
MacheteLarge knife used for cutting sugarcane or as a weapon.
Bentley“A meadow with coarse grass.”
Selina“The moon,” from the moon Goddess Selena.
Leo“A lion.”
Denzel“From the fertile lands; from the high strongholds.”
VoodooA religion based on African ancestor worship, dark spells, and black magic.

? Josey

? Wolf

? Terminator

? Big Papa

? Mrs. Business 

? Smokey

? Pepper

? Phantom

? Steel

? Whiskey

? Tigress

? Rusty

? Momoa

? Boyd

? Boomer

? Rosa

? Stone

? Mr. Business 

? Salem

? Slate

? Kingsolver

? Inferno

? Nacho

? Granite

? Wolverine

? Tash

? Blade

? Maya

? Stormy

? Mercedes

? Optimus

? Rizzo

? Claw

? Scarface

? Shadow

? Razor

? Justice

? Vinny

? Dark Moon

? Megan

? Catwoman

? Cheddar

? Midnight

? Scarlett

? Lioness

? Snake

? Rita

? Corleone

? Hannibal

? Inigo Montoya

? Panther

? Spice

? Diana

? Django

? Don Vito

? Bruce Wayne

? Thackery

? Binks

? Barbra Streisand

? Po

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