1350+ Lovebird Names That Capture their Whimsical Spirit! (+Generator)

Lovebirds are a species of parrot native to the African continent. They are small in size, with a relatively large beak and a round head.

Lovebirds make excellent pets due to their feisty nature, active mind, and playful soul. Love birds, by nature, are highly social, which is why they are swift to get familiar with their human owners. 

Quite often, love birds form a close-knit bond with their human owner. They are also incredibly cuddly. Due to their social nature, it is always best to adopt lovebirds in pairs.

Cool Lovebird Names

Lovebirds make lovely pets. They are chirpy, full of life, and always up to something. Love birds tend to sing a lot when they are happy. They are also very emotionally expressiveβ€”cool names for lovebirds given in the list below. 

πŸ’— Azalea – A type of flowering shrub.

πŸ’— Belle – A term meaning beautiful or attractive.

πŸ’— Jordan – A name derived from the Jordan River or the country Jordan.

πŸ’— Jazz – A genre of music characterized by improvisation and syncopation.

πŸ’— Maia – A name of Greek origin meaning “great” or “mother.”

πŸ’— Lyric – Referring to the words of a song or a poetic expression.

πŸ’— Bama – A nickname for Alabama, a state in the United States.

πŸ’— Belle Star – A reference to Belle Starr, a notorious American outlaw.

πŸ’— Alessandra – A name of Italian origin meaning “defender of mankind.”

πŸ’— Cassie – A diminutive of Cassandra, meaning “shining upon men” in Greek.

πŸ’— Amirah – A variant of the name Amira, meaning “princess” in Arabic.

πŸ’— Sugar – A sweet crystalline substance.

πŸ’— Kathryn – A variant of the name Katherine, meaning “pure” in Greek.

πŸ’— Amalia – A name of Germanic origin meaning “work” or “industrious.”

πŸ’— Mickey – A diminutive of the name Michael or Michelle.

πŸ’— Legacy – Referring to something passed down from previous generations.

πŸ’— Shelby – A name of English origin meaning “willow farm.”

πŸ’— Salem – A city in Massachusetts, USA, known for the Salem witch trials.

πŸ’— Hedwig – A name of Germanic origin meaning “battle” or “war.”

πŸ’— Makenzie – A variant of the name McKenzie, meaning “son of Coinneach” in Gaelic.

πŸ’— Jennifer – A name of Welsh origin meaning “fair” or “white.”

πŸ’— Barrett – A surname of English origin.

πŸ’— Chico – A Spanish word meaning “boy” or “lad.”

πŸ’— Chick Jagger – A playful combination of “chick” (slang for a young woman) and the surname “Jagger.”

πŸ’— Opal – A precious gemstone often associated with the color spectrum.

πŸ’— Maize – Another term for corn.

πŸ’— Helena – A name of Greek origin meaning “bright” or “shining.”

πŸ’— Rio – A Spanish and Portuguese word meaning “river.”

πŸ’— Maryam – The Arabic form of the name Mary, meaning “bitter” or “wished-for child.”

πŸ’— Scruffy – Referring to something untidy or unkempt.

πŸ’— Kasey – A gender-neutral variant of the name Casey.

πŸ’— Cackle – The sound made by a hen or a witch’s laugh.

πŸ’— Benny – A diminutive of the name Benjamin.

πŸ’— Lennox – A Scottish surname derived from a place name meaning “elm field.”

πŸ’— Aleena – A variant of the name Alina, meaning “bright” or “beautiful” in Arabic.

πŸ’— Clementine – A name of Latin origin meaning “merciful” or “gentle.”

πŸ’— Lark – A type of songbird known for its melodious song.

πŸ’— Fred

πŸ’— Chickie

πŸ’— Woody

πŸ’— Bowser

πŸ’— Azul

πŸ’— Lillith

πŸ’— Angel

πŸ’— Griffin

πŸ’— Hootie

πŸ’— Blue

πŸ’— Charlie

πŸ’— Kody

πŸ’— Mama

πŸ’— Nutella

πŸ’— Celeste

πŸ’— Casper

πŸ’— Lexi

πŸ’— Sylvie

πŸ’— Ivory

πŸ’— Alison

πŸ’— Kate

πŸ’— Aylin

πŸ’— Gale

πŸ’— Daniella

πŸ’— Lorenzo

πŸ’— Alexa

πŸ’— Myra

πŸ’— Goose Springsteen

πŸ’— Maisie

πŸ’— Luciana

πŸ’— Bangles

πŸ’— Veronica

πŸ’— Dorothy

πŸ’— Oliver

πŸ’— Paulie

πŸ’— Skittles

πŸ’— Homer

πŸ’— Ozzy

πŸ’— JosΓ© Carioca

πŸ’— Ulysses

πŸ’— Feathers

πŸ’— Lexey

πŸ’— Zephir

πŸ’— Hermione

πŸ’— Holly

Lovebird Names Generator

Whispering Sweet Nothings: Find the Perfect Names for Your Lovebirds with Our Generator

Catchy Lovebird Names

Lovebirds are highly social, so if you’re planning to adopt a lovebird, it’s always advisable to adopt them in pairs. Otherwise, an owner must spend a lot of time with the bird to provide company. Are you looking for lovebird names? We have some suggestions!

πŸ’— Pegasus

πŸ’— Joey

πŸ’— Edith

πŸ’— Wing Man

πŸ’— Addilyn

πŸ’— Ellis

πŸ’— Orville

πŸ’— Elaine

πŸ’— Aphrodite

πŸ’— Houdini

πŸ’— Sylvia

πŸ’— Antonella

πŸ’— Aurelia

πŸ’— Danielle

πŸ’— Maddison

πŸ’— Nell

πŸ’— Archimedes

πŸ’— Brittany

πŸ’— Lorelai

πŸ’— Stephanie

πŸ’— Esmeralda

πŸ’— Poppy

πŸ’— Rico

πŸ’— Maci

πŸ’— Godfeather

πŸ’— Pedro

πŸ’— Kensley

πŸ’— Gabrielle

πŸ’— Cleo

πŸ’— Freddy

πŸ’— Bougie

πŸ’— Phoenix

πŸ’— Lyra

πŸ’— Woodstock

πŸ’— Bianca

πŸ’— Ryan

πŸ’— Jerry

πŸ’— Guinevere

πŸ’— Nancy

πŸ’— Homero

πŸ’— Chip

πŸ’— Raven

πŸ’— Louie

πŸ’— Capri

πŸ’— Boris

πŸ’— Bella

πŸ’— Gunther

πŸ’— Ada

πŸ’— Kayleigh

πŸ’— Averie

πŸ’— Meredith

πŸ’— Emelia

πŸ’— Wrenley

πŸ’— Mckinley

πŸ’— Snow

πŸ’— Dylan

πŸ’— Hawk

πŸ’— Anne

πŸ’— Adrien

πŸ’— Mojo

πŸ’— Quackers

πŸ’— Indigo

πŸ’— Kanye Nest

πŸ’— Hewey

πŸ’— Amanda

πŸ’— Chive

πŸ’— Maizie Bird

πŸ’— Gabby

πŸ’— Cynthia

πŸ’— Frida

πŸ’— Snowball

πŸ’— Mumbles

πŸ’— Meadow

πŸ’— Kowalski

πŸ’— Katalina

πŸ’— Mae

πŸ’— Bonnie

Best Lovebird Names

Do you know why lovebirds are called that? It is said that lovebirds mate for life! That means they form monogamous relationships and remain with their partner for the rest of their life. Isn’t that sweet? Best names for Lovebirds in the list below. 

πŸ’— Butterbean

πŸ’— Nicky

πŸ’— Plucky

πŸ’— Paislee

πŸ’— Shiloh

πŸ’— Flossie

πŸ’— Barry

πŸ’— Loquita

πŸ’— Manu

πŸ’— Cecelia

πŸ’— Kinley

πŸ’— Barbie

πŸ’— Peggy

πŸ’— Oaklee

πŸ’— Chantey

πŸ’— Analia

πŸ’— Koshi

πŸ’— Tabasco

πŸ’— Alma

πŸ’— Ted

πŸ’— Bee Bop

πŸ’— Regina

πŸ’— Amber

πŸ’— Chipper

πŸ’— Duke

πŸ’— Leona

πŸ’— Monroe

πŸ’— Jinzo

πŸ’— Jinn

πŸ’— Skye

πŸ’— Marie

πŸ’— Birdie

πŸ’— Coco

πŸ’— Calliope

πŸ’— Nylah

πŸ’— Casey

πŸ’— Miranda

πŸ’— Alora

πŸ’— Rascal

πŸ’— Madelynn

πŸ’— Ivanna

πŸ’— Lark

πŸ’— Mercedes

πŸ’— Jemma

πŸ’— Kamryn

πŸ’— Beatrice

πŸ’— Viviana

πŸ’— Astrid

πŸ’— Tookie

πŸ’— Alicia

πŸ’— Donut

πŸ’— Zippy

πŸ’— JoJo

πŸ’— Daffy

πŸ’— Digger

πŸ’— Dior

πŸ’— Alcatraz

πŸ’— Jaliyah

πŸ’— Pretzel

πŸ’— Wasabi

πŸ’— Zariah

πŸ’— Hanna

πŸ’— Darwin

πŸ’— Helen

πŸ’— Lorelei

πŸ’— Pidgeotto

πŸ’— Itzel

πŸ’— Oakleigh

πŸ’— Anya

πŸ’— Kora

πŸ’— Bobbit

πŸ’— Amora

πŸ’— Michaela

πŸ’— Jambo

πŸ’— Cassidy

πŸ’— Jazlyn

πŸ’— Dexter

πŸ’— Hippo

πŸ’— Kiwi

πŸ’— Screech

πŸ’— Marlee

πŸ’— LeMans

πŸ’— Erin

πŸ’— Lylah

Awesome Lovebird Names

In the wild, lovebirds live in groups or flocks. They eat fruits and vegetables. Some subspecies eat insects and figs as well. Home-bred lovebirds and wild lovebirds are very different. We have a collection of names for lovebirds in the list below. 

πŸ’— Kennedi

πŸ’— Pepe

πŸ’— Elvis

πŸ’— Feathers

πŸ’— Dundee

πŸ’— Davina

πŸ’— Konga

πŸ’— Alfie

πŸ’— Liana

πŸ’— Lucky

πŸ’— Clyde

πŸ’— Dayana

πŸ’— Skyler

πŸ’— Katana

πŸ’— Hyacinth

πŸ’— Pax

πŸ’— Breezy

πŸ’— Hootie

πŸ’— Oaklyn

πŸ’— Ailani

πŸ’— Chicklet

πŸ’— Reyna

πŸ’— Abby

πŸ’— Lewis

πŸ’— Nia

πŸ’— Clown

πŸ’— Elisa

πŸ’— Lonny

πŸ’— Kaitlyn

πŸ’— Roo

πŸ’— Jingles

πŸ’— Malani

πŸ’— Rosie

πŸ’— Laila

πŸ’— Fiddle

πŸ’— Cameo

πŸ’— Candy

πŸ’— Macie

πŸ’— Merlin

πŸ’— Elora

πŸ’— Jesse James

πŸ’— Mallory

πŸ’— Kila

πŸ’— Bertram

πŸ’— Sarai

πŸ’— Judah

πŸ’— Madilynn

πŸ’— Andre

πŸ’— Velvet

πŸ’— Kellogg

πŸ’— Alia

πŸ’— Quacker

πŸ’— Kipu

πŸ’— Goober

πŸ’— Kaliyah

πŸ’— Maynard

πŸ’— Hannibal

πŸ’— Poppy

πŸ’— Bolo

πŸ’— Remy

πŸ’— Nevermore

πŸ’— Canouah (pronounced ka-no-ah)

πŸ’— Yaretzi

πŸ’— BB

πŸ’— Keira

πŸ’— Cheeko

πŸ’— Jade

πŸ’— Emberly

πŸ’— Chanco

πŸ’— Connie

πŸ’— Dotty

πŸ’— Chives

πŸ’— Sunshine

πŸ’— Cornelius

πŸ’— Huey

πŸ’— Goldenia

πŸ’— Jaden (nickname “Jay Jay”)

πŸ’— Cassandra

πŸ’— Soren

πŸ’— Cher

πŸ’— Excalibird

πŸ’— Lucy

πŸ’— Kiki

πŸ’— LT

πŸ’— Kenzie

πŸ’— Chloe

πŸ’— Smokey

πŸ’— Carmen

πŸ’— Paris

πŸ’— Norman

πŸ’— Mylah

πŸ’— Zazu

πŸ’— Fernanda

πŸ’— Karsyn

πŸ’— Alanna

Amazing Lovebird Names

There are nine species of lovebirds, amongst which only two can be domesticated. They require lots of space, plenty of toys, and well-balanced nutrition. They call to live up to 12-15 years under proper care. Let us explore some fantastic names for lovebirds.

πŸ’— Carter

πŸ’— Couscous

πŸ’— Haisley

πŸ’— Adley

πŸ’— Goldie

πŸ’— Francesca

πŸ’— Adelina

πŸ’— Angelica

πŸ’— Captain Flint

πŸ’— Renata

πŸ’— Noah

πŸ’— Speckles

πŸ’— Emmy

πŸ’— Kevin

πŸ’— Tweety

πŸ’— Fawkes

πŸ’— Bristol

πŸ’— Floyd

πŸ’— Aubrey

πŸ’— Maren

πŸ’— Clive

πŸ’— Harley

πŸ’— Sierra

πŸ’— Navy

πŸ’— Midnight

πŸ’— Dusty

πŸ’— Aisha

πŸ’— Squawk

πŸ’— Alondra

πŸ’— Kyla

πŸ’— Flit

πŸ’— Nalani

πŸ’— Hula

πŸ’— Nadia

πŸ’— Carolina

πŸ’— Saffron

πŸ’— Calypso

πŸ’— Spike

πŸ’— Clever

πŸ’— Sloan

πŸ’— Matilda

πŸ’— Xiomara

πŸ’— Jimena

πŸ’— Bluebell

πŸ’— Jasper

πŸ’— Bugs

πŸ’— Misty

πŸ’— Allie

πŸ’— Kira

πŸ’— Banjo

πŸ’— Cameron

πŸ’— Iris

πŸ’— Einstein

πŸ’— Fina

πŸ’— Saige

πŸ’— Wilbur

πŸ’— Daisy

πŸ’— Lyoco

πŸ’— Loki

πŸ’— Imani

πŸ’— Florence

πŸ’— Emely

πŸ’— Maliyah

πŸ’— Skipper

πŸ’— Jolene

πŸ’— Ava

πŸ’— Nola

πŸ’— Wyatt

πŸ’— Daleyza

πŸ’— Buzby

πŸ’— Sirocco

πŸ’— Faye

πŸ’— Emory

πŸ’— Charleigh

πŸ’— Aviana

πŸ’— Meryl Cheep

πŸ’— Zelda

πŸ’— Adrianna

πŸ’— Hannibird

πŸ’— Macguyver

πŸ’— Colette

πŸ’— Flossy

πŸ’— Stella

πŸ’— Nigel

πŸ’— Max Sterling

πŸ’— Dilly

πŸ’— Armani

πŸ’— Alessia

πŸ’— Baldy

πŸ’— Bijou

πŸ’— Homa

πŸ’— Anaya

πŸ’— Indira

πŸ’— Frankie

πŸ’— Gloria

πŸ’— Ariah

πŸ’— Eve

πŸ’— Yakky

πŸ’— Briar

πŸ’— Jenna

πŸ’— Haley

πŸ’— Braelynn

πŸ’— Mira

πŸ’— Stephen Sqauwking

πŸ’— Elliott

πŸ’— Heaven

πŸ’— Felicity

πŸ’— Frodo

πŸ’— Tango

πŸ’— Edgar-Allen

πŸ’— Dewey

πŸ’— Ari

πŸ’— Itsy

πŸ’— Ethel

πŸ’— Jonah

πŸ’— Tequila

πŸ’— Larry

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What are some popular Lovebird names?

Popular Lovebird names can vary, but some common choices include Sunny, Kiwi, Charlie, Coco, Bella, Lola, Pepe, Rio, and Rosie.

Are there any specific considerations when choosing a Lovebird name?

Think about the bird’s personality, looks, and other distinguishing characteristics before settling on a name for it. Additionally, bear in mind that Lovebirds are sociable animals, so think about choosing a name that is simple to say and call out.

Should I choose a gender-specific name for my Lovebird?

You must decide! Many individuals use gender-neutral names because lovebirds lack recognizable physical traits that would indicate their gender. However, if you are aware of your lovebird’s gender, you might favor a name that is more appropriate for that gender.

Where can I find more Lovebird names?

1. Online resources: Search for “Lovebird names” or “bird names” on websites dedicated to pet names or bird names.
2. Pet forums and communities: Join online forums or communities for Lovebird owners to exchange name ideas and suggestions.
3. Social media groups: Look for Lovebird-specific groups on platforms like Facebook or Instagram to access a wide range of name ideas shared by experienced owners.
4. Personal creativity: Don’t hesitate to brainstorm with friends and family or consider your Lovebird’s appearance, behavior, and personal connections to inspire unique and personalized name choices.

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