1240+ Korean Dog Names That Embody Loyalty and Devotion!

Korean culture has started being famous all around the world. People all around listen to Korean pop, Korean bands, Korean food, drinks, and even name their pet animals. Koreans have quite unique names when it comes to animals. Korean is a very sweet language, and it sounds pleasing to the ears.

Are you looking for some Korean names for your dog? Do you want a sweet and simple Korean name for your dog? Don’t worry. We got you.

Get ready to discover the perfect Korean name for your furry friend with our amazing Korean Dog Names Generator! On this page, we will give you cool, catchy, latest, awesome, best names for your dog. So, scroll down and see which one you like.

Cool Korean Dog Names

Cool names always set things apart. So, a cool name is what you need. A cool name will shape the characteristics of anything. And in this case, a cool name will also reflect the dog’s personality. So, choose a name that is short and cool. Scroll down and see.

BomiSpring or Beautiful
JangguTraditional Korean Drum
ChocoShort for Chocolate
DaejangCommander or General
Hee-wooBeautiful or Graceful
BangwoolProtector or Guardian
MeongnyangPlayful or Mischievous
DalgonaSweet and Fluffy
GamsaThank you
HwaryeongMagnificent or Splendid

? Haeun: “Kindness”

? MiCha: “Beautiful girl”

? Gangdam: “Fortress”

? Namjachingu: “Boyfriend”

? Ji: “Wisdom”

? Aeji: “Affection”

? Malli: “Jasmine”

? Garam: “River”

? Chin: “Precious”

? Yeori: “Elegant”

? Nari: “Lily”

? Hyeri: “Charming”

? Ho: “Goodness”

? Jaechang: “Talent, ability”

? Guseul: “Precious gem”

? Hei: “Wisdom”

? Goun: “Soft”

? Gongjunim: “Princess”

? Gyu-ri: “Star”

? Ryung: “Light”

? Hana: “One”

? Yeojachingu: “Girlfriend”

? Bada: “Ocean”

? AeCha: “Loving daughter”

? Hun: “Merry”

? Bong Cha: “Ultimate girl”

? Mee: “Beauty”

? YuJin: “Precious”

? Bae: “Inspiration”

? Bogyeong: “Father”

? Maehui: “Rose”

? JiHo: “Brave” or “wisdom”

? Bong Cha: “Superior, daughter”

? Heebeom: “Bright”

? Chun: “Spring”

? Dal: “Moon”

? Chunhwa: “Flowery”

? Gi: “Brave”

? Gangaji: “Puppy”

? Hee: “Brightness”

? SoRa: “Conch shell”

? Yuo: “Lotus flower”

? Yeobo: “Honey or Darling”

? Oppa: “Older brother”

? Param: “Blue, green”

? Gayeong: “Beautiful flower”

? Hyun: “Virtuous”

? Aera: “Love”

? Amin: “Lovely”

? Yoonmin: “Soft”

? Geumhee: “Bright”

? Won: “First, origin”

? Yeo: “Mildness”

? Aein: “Sweetheart”

? Namsun: “South”

? ChoonHee: “Spring girl”

? Seok: “Stone”

? Chanho: “To fill”

? Bongju: “Symbol of joy”

? Yon: “Blossom”

? Onyu: “Entire”

? Choa: “Beautiful”

? Okja: “Stone”

? Yuna: “Endure”

? UYeong: “Honor”

? Jarang: “Pride, boast”

? Bomi: “Beautiful”

? Jagiya: “Honey or baby”

? Areum: “Beauty”

? Namu: “Tree”

? Chaeha: “Color”

? Min: “Smart or clever”

? Onnuri: “World”

? JaeHee: “Shining”

? Mijeong: “Pleasing”

? Jangyoung: “Flower decoration”

? Geon: “Strength”

? Yubin: “Young child”

? Hangil: “One way”

? Woojoo: “Universe”

? Ja: “Attractive”

? Ji-Hun: “Intelligence and status”

? Gwiyomi: “Cutie”

? Hea: “Grace”

? Taeha: “Superior”

? Nuri: “World”

? Haru: “Daytime”

? HoSeok: “Strong”

? Honja: “Alone”

? EunJi: “Kindness with intelligence”

? Gaeul: “Autumn”

? YeJin: “Valuable”

? Hye: “Bright” or “intelligent”

? YeJun: “Talented”

? Chanwoo: “Vivid”

? Yungi: “Belief”

? Bora: “Purple”

Korean Dog Names Generator

A Canine Connection to Korea: Generate Heartwarming Korean Dog Names for Your Furry Friend

Catchy Korean Dog Names

Dogs are attractive, and they should have an attractive name too. Korean names are very attractive. While choosing your dog’s name, make sure to choose a name that goes with their personality, like happy, active, lazy, or funny. So scroll down and choose what makes your dog more attractive.

  • Yedasom: “Lovely”
  • Jageun: “Small”
  • Aesook: “Love”
  • Daehee: “Vast”
  • MinJun: “Clever and talented”
  • Jin: “Jewel”
  • Seongmi: “Beautiful”
  • Jakada: “Little”
  • Gyuseok: “Sky”
  • Jwi: “Mouse”
  • Doja: “Peach”
  • Dambi: “Deep pool”

? Sinjeong: “Spirit”

? Ji-a: “Wisdom and knowledge”

? Eun-jae: “Mercy”

? Saem: “Fountain”

? Eun-bi: “Kindness”

? Danchu: “Button”

? Kkossaem: “Cold, windy”

? Sakula: “Cherry blossom”

? Myung: “Brightness”

? Dae: “Greatness”

? Shin: “Belief”

? Geomeun: “Black”

? Changbok: “Light of sun”

? Gae: “Dog”

? Woong: “Magnificence”

? Sunja: “Meek”

? Wangjanim: “Prince”

? Iseul: “Dew”

? Inho: “Humaneness, benevolence, kindness”

? Mingi: “People”

? Ahnjong: “Tranquility”

? SoHui: “Splendid”

? Dasom: “Love”

? Moon: “Learned”

? Jong-Seok: “Great”

? Sandeul: “Gentle wind”

? Duri: “Two”

? Eui: “Righteousness:

? Jangmi: “Rose”

? Byeol: “Star”

? Seukja: “Great”

? Siwoo: “Protector”

? Ideun: “Beautiful”

? Kyong: “Brightness”

? Sagwa: “Apple”

? Bobae: “Treasure”

? Jae: “Talent”

? Haenguni: “Lucky”

? Ajun: “Beautiful”

? Eunchang: “Charity”

? Sori: “Sound”

? Jeongseul: “Virtuous”

? Wonsoong: “Monkey”

? Miyun: “Clouds”

? Junsu: “Talented”

? Soo: “Excellence”

? Binna: “Shine”

? Nabi: “Butterfly”

? Saja: “Lion”

? Moonik: “Letters”

? Seulgi : “Wisdom”

? Kwang: “Light”

? Kokum: “Dream”

? HoSeok : “Strong”

? BonHwa:  “Splendour”

? TaeHui: “Great”

? Hyun : “Intelligent”

? Jungsik: “Virtuous”

? Seung: “Winning”

? Nun: “Snow”

? Incheon : “Kind river”

? ChunSoon : “Wise and genuine”

? Sang: “Forever”

? Horang-i – Tiger

? Gi – Brave

? Hyuk – Glow

? Haneul – Divine

? ChungAe – Noble and love

? MinJun – Clever and handsome

? Jung – Justice

? SeoJin – Omen

? Deokman: “Worthy”

? Baram: “Wind”

? Iseul – Dew

? Saerok: “New”

? Sieun: “Excellent”

? Seung – “Victory”

? In Na: “Delicate”

? Jintae: “Gold”

? DaeHo : “Great personality”

? Joon : “Great talent”

? Juah: “Jewel”

? Jeju : “Name of an Island”

? Sado: “Think”

? Baek : “Brother”

? Joonsu : “Handsome and auspicious”

? Soha: “Small”

? Kwan: “Strong”

? ManYoung :”Ten thousand years of prosperit”y

? Seowoo: “Divine intervention”

? TaeHui : “Great”

? In-jeong: “Benevolence”

? So – Smile

? Busan – A large city in Korea

? JeongEun – Upright and mercy

? Yeong: “Flower or hero”

? NamSun: “Pure and honest”

? DakHo: “Deep lake”

? Min: “Clever”

? Laon: “Joyful”

? Jeong: “Quiet”

? Beodeul: “Willow”

? Ryung – Light

? Kanghyun: “River”

? Bitnara: “Light”

? Seoul – Capital city of South Korea

? MinHo – Heroic and brave

? Joeun:“Good”

? HakKun – Scholar

? InSu – Preserving wisdom

? Geon – Strength

? Minho: “Brave”

? Podo: “Grape”

Male Korean Dog Names

As we mentioned before, Korean names sound very beautiful. They are awesome. So if you want a Korean name for your dog, choose an awesome name.

It will make your dog seem prettier. People will want to play more as they will intrigue them. Here are some awesome Korean dog names.

? Ji: “Smart”

? Cho – Handsome

? Seon: “Nice”

? Jakda: “Little”

? Gojo – Refers to “Gojoseon, the first Kingdom of Korea”

? Unmeong: “Destiny”

? Jihui: “Wisdom”

? JongSeok – Great and eminent

? Daechu: “Date”

? Sung: “Successor”

? Gyeoul: “Winter”

? Jum – Ruler

? SuWon – To defend or protect

? Saehae: “New year”

? Bom: “Springtime”

? Bokshiri: “Fluffy”

? Daeshim – Greatest mind

? Seoli: “Frost”

? Jashik – Child

? Haneul: “Sky or heaven”

? Miso: “Smile”

? Gyeong: “Respect”

? Hwan – Shining

? Hudu:“Walnut”

? Jee – Knowledge

? DuHu – Goodness

? Geon – Power

? JungHwa – Wealthy and righteous

? Jung:“Righteous”

? Dae : “Greatness”

? Joon – Skilled

? Jinji: “Valuable”

? Hae: “Ocean”

? Joeun: “Good”

? Hayan: “White”

Female Korean Dog Names

The name is the pivotal and most important factor that differentiates a dog from others. Yes, names are common sometimes, but here is a list of some best Korean dog names for you. Check the list and choose the one that best fits your dog. I am sure you will like one of them.

? Haewon: “Beautiful garden”

? Suk: “Rock”

? Haengbogi: “Happy”

? Eun: “Kindness, or silver”

? Mir: “Dragon”

? Naekkeo: “My sweetheart”

? Nae Sarang: “My love”

? Inna: “Graceful and delicate”

? Jiho: “Wisdom, intelligence”

? Kyungri: “Respect”

? Saebyeok: “Dawn”

? Seulgi: “Wisdom”

? Baekhyeon: “Older brother”

? Jwi: “Mouse”

? Hyeon: “Clever or shining”

? Danbi: “Welcome rain”

? Maeum:“Heart”

? Seongbin: “Planet”

? Deokha: “Virtue”

? SeokYeong: “Flower”

? Minseong: “Jade”

? Dong: “East”

? Miho: “Beauty”

? Suwon: “Defend”

? Sagwa: “Friend”

? Iseul: “Dew”

? Sanyanggae: “Hound”

? Dan: “Sweet”

? Noran: “Yellow”

? Chawoong: “Hero”

? Yeppeun: “Pretty”

? Eun: “Silver”

? Keun: “Near”

? Noonsol: “Pine tree”

? Aegiya: “Baby”

? Hwan: “Shine or happiness”

? Kyu: “Standard”

? Daseul: “Care”

? Minha: “Fast”

Cute Korean Dog Names

? Coco

? Mochi

? Bomi

? Dambi

? Bumki

? Kkami

? Hana

? Meeka

? Jindo

? Sora

? Choco

? Kuma

? Tofu

? Miso

? Bori

? Bingsoo

? Dalki

? Kkotbom

? Kkangpae

? Dori

? Soju

? Nabi

? Yumi

? Sushi

? Chingu

? Sooki

? Mungyeong

? Miju

? Dakkochi

? Gangnam

? Hwajeong

? Nongshim

? Daegu

? Samgyeopsal

? Gyeongju

? Busan

? Dakgalbi

? Gwangju

? Jeju

? Bibimbap

? Tteokbokki

? Seoul

? Daejeon

? Incheon

? Jeonju

? Pajeon

Korean Dog Breed Names

  • Jindo: The Jindo is a medium-sized Korean dog breed known for its loyalty and bravery. It is an excellent hunter and guard dog.
  • Pungsan: The Pungsan is a large and powerful Korean breed with a thick white coat. It is renowned for its strength, endurance, and intelligence.
  • Korean Mastiff (Dosa): The Korean Mastiff, also known as Dosa, is a massive and imposing dog breed. It is highly protective of its family and has a calm and gentle temperament.
  • Sapsali: The Sapsali is a medium-sized Korean breed with a long, thick, and shaggy coat. It is known for its friendly and playful nature, making it a great companion.
  • Poongsan: The Poongsan is a medium to large-sized breed originating from Korea. It is an alert and agile dog, often used as a guard and military working dog.
  • Donggyeongi: The Donggyeongi is a small-sized Korean breed characterized by its fox-like appearance. It is an intelligent and lively dog that makes an excellent family pet.
  • Pungsan Dog (Northeast Asian Native Dog): The Pungsan Dog, also known as the Northeast Asian Native Dog, is a versatile and adaptable breed. It is known for its loyalty, agility, and protective nature.
  • Korean Jindo Dog: The Korean Jindo Dog is a medium-sized and highly intelligent breed. It is renowned for its loyalty, independence, and strong hunting instincts.
  • Dosa Mastiff: The Dosa Mastiff is a large and powerful Korean breed. It is known for its calm and gentle nature, making it a great family pet and guardian.
  • Jeju Dog: The Jeju Dog is a small to medium-sized Korean breed native to Jeju Island. It is intelligent, loyal, and agile, making it suitable for various roles, including hunting and herding.

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What are Korean dog names?

Korean dog names are names that originate from the Korean language and are commonly given to dogs in Korean-speaking countries or by individuals who appreciate Korean culture.

Are Korean dog names suitable for all dog breeds?

Yes, Korean dog names can be used for all dog breeds. The choice of a name is not limited by the breed or origin of the dog.

Are there specific Korean dog names for male and female dogs?

Yes, in Korean culture, there are names that are commonly associated with male or female gender. However, it’s not mandatory to adhere to these gender-specific names, and you can choose any name that you like for your dog, regardless of their gender.

Where can I find more Korean dog names?

You can find more Korean dog names by researching online resources, Korean culture websites, or by consulting Korean language experts. There are also numerous Korean name generators available that can provide you with suggestions based on your preferences.

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