25+ Pros And Cons Of Having A Cat (Explained)

Cats are adorable, affectionate, comforting, and playful, also one of the famous choices when it comes to pets. 

Sharing your home with these furry felines can make your life wonderful. However, they both have their advantages and disadvantages. 

While low maintenance, they can scratch up your expensive couch, shed hair, and cause more work in handling them.

Having a cat as a pet has some ups and downs; however, to understand if you should consider them your ideal pet. It’s vital that you know all the pros and cons first. 

Here is the list of detailed advantages and distances of having a pet. 

Advantages Of Having A Cat Disadvantages Of Having A Cat 
They are low maintenance They are low shed 
They are affectionate They damage the furniture 
Cats are entertaining The litter box can be smelly 
Help in controlling pestsYou might be allergic 
They don’t need much space Some people are cat phobic 
You don’t have to take them for a walk Veterinary care might be expensive 
You can cuddle them They kill small animals 
They are cute They are strong-willed 
They are good for kids Cats can be moody 
They keep themselves busy They bite and scratch 
They make you feel calm They can be noisy 
With them, mental health can get better They do things on their own term 
You become more responsible They can disturb others 

Advantages Of Having A Cat 

Adopting a cat can be a great choice if you are comfortable with taking responsibility and understanding how to handle them. Then they are one of the ideal pets that you should consider. 

Here is the list of the advantages that you should know. 

Cats Give You Company 

One advantage that you get from having a cat as a pet is that they are giving you company. 

Especially when you don’t have a partner and are living alone, cats are one of those great companions. They are also great for cuddling and feel like you have some amazing company to be with. 

In fact, there are people who have been alone, but having a cat in their home makes them feel much better. 

They Are Cute 

Cats are cute pets; there are a lot of people who find them the cutest. 

This means you can enjoy their cuteness and share their pictures with family and friends 

They Are Mostly Low Maintenance 

As long as you are making sure that little boxes are cleaned on a daily basis and giving them water and food. They will do fine. 

Well, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to spend quality time, but they are independent by nature. Also, they don’t need your constant supervision. You can take some time off during the weekend without hiring anyone or considering a pet sitter.

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Cats Are Affectionate 

However, they do it when they are in the mood. They can be loving, but they do it on their terms. 

Stroking a cat is shown to have a calm effect. Not just that, it can help in reducing stress. 

Having a purring cat on your lap, all curled up, can make you feel good when things get stressed for you. 

They Are Quite Entertaining 

Watching your cat do all the funny things can help you in making you feel relaxed. 

They are entertaining, and also keep your mood uplifted with the positions they adopt for making themselves strange. 

Also, they are extremely playful. They chase almost everything which moves. You can get the catnip for extra fun. 

They Help In Managing The Pest

One of the reasons that people consider domesticated cats is to help control the population of pests. 

There are many domestic cats who enjoy the thrill of hunting insects, killing rodents, and helping in keeping the small animals far from your home. 

They Are Adorable When They Are Kittens 

They are cute and adorable when they are kittens. Having wide eyes, soft furry bellies, and cute mews that can melt anyone’s heart. 

They won’t be that kitten forever, however you can enjoy their kitten phase till it lasts. 

Cats Don’t Need Much Space 

As compared to other pets, they are much happier even when someone has a small house or apartment. However, make sure you are keeping a source of warmth and a window from which they can watch the outside world. 

Most of the cases enjoy exploring the outdoors. There are individuals who reside in the smaller dwelling and keep the cats from venturing outside where they need to be cooped up. 

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You Don’t Have To Take Them For Walks 

Unlike dogs, cats don’t need to go for regular walks. Most cats exercise themselves for entertainment. They are much more active and manage to engage themselves. So you don’t need to take them for a walk. 

There Are Different Cat Breeds To Choose From

You get a huge variety of cat breeds that you can choose from. There will be more options depending on what you feel comfortable with. 

This means that you have much more freedom of choosing and picking what you like. 

There are different colors and choose the color, also you can get information about the theme online. 

Cats Are Small In Siz

Another benefit of owning a cat is that they are small in size.  It helps if you can’t handle the bigger ones. 

For example, most dogs get bigger than a cat, which means you have to take more care of and maintain them. 

Also, you need to have much more space to keep them active. As compared to the cats,  you are going to have small cats, and they don’t get much bigger. 

They Are Good For Your Children 

Not only do you get good appreciation and company, but children also love cats. 

Cats are good for cuddles, and chances that your children will like to play with them. 

This also means that you are getting the children to do something else instead of spending too much time on the computer and tv. 

They Are Great Supporter When You Are Feeling Depressed 

Having a cat at home can help you in supporting yourself when life gets difficult for you. 

In fact, they are good when you are feeling depressed. They help in the understanding of having someone in your company. 

Cat Can Help In Mental Issues 

Another benefit you get as they can be your little friends when you are going through mental issues. 

There have been many studies that show that having them has positive effects on your mental health. 

Cats Are The Popular In Pets 

If you are getting cats, they are one of the recommended pets as they are famous. 

Also, there is a huge community that loves cats, and you can get the owners that would love to be friends with you and talk about them.

You can engage in forums and share ideas. 

Also, there is a whole community that helps you in understanding how you can take care of your cats. 

Disadvantages Of Having A Cat 

Many first-time owners don’t know how to deal with cats. It can be tough, and there are some significant downsides that you should be considering. 

Cats Do A Lot Of Shedding 

Well if you are choosing the cats at your home, it’s important that you need to understand how much they shed. 

Also, they do it everywhere, it’s not just limited to the furniture, clothes, carpet, tables as well as countertops. 

Once they adopt a cat, this can help in understanding how many times you need to clean those sheds. 

You Need Clean Their Litter Boxes 

Cats’ urine and excrement are stinky, and you need to clean their litter boxes. You can’t even flush things. If you want to have a cat, then you also need to understand that cleaning litter boxes is almost daily. 

It’s one of their basic requirements that you need to do.  

They Might Claw Your Expensive Furniture 

There are a lot of cat scratches when you have cats as pets. However, you can train them, and it helps in controlling the chances of your expenses turning into shreds. 

But still, there are always chances that they can damage your furniture. 

Some People Are Allergic 

There is a large number of people who are allergic to cats, and some people are even catted phobic. 

So there are chances that some people might not visit your house, also it can be your family members, friends or romantic partner. 

Sometimes there is a chance that you are allergic too. So you need to make sure that everyone, including you, is comfortable with having a cat. 

They Are The Killers By Nature

Cats are natural-born killers. So they might bring dead lizards and mice to your home.  You need to understand if you are ready to deal with that.

Also, they bring those things as gifts to their owners. 

They Don’t Obey Command That Easily 

Since cats are strong-willed, unlike dogs, they are not easy to train. Also, they need time and patience.  Cats take things on their own terms, and if they are not in the mood, they will do nothing no matter what you ask.

They Do Occasional Vomiting 

Cats get sick sometimes, and it’s on you to clean up. Cats also vomit; however, there are different reasons. 

Most of the time, it’s related to hairball. Sometimes they taste something non-toxic or ingested.  So they vomit it, and it’s on you to clean it up. 

They Are Extremely Vocal 

When your cat is inside the house, they will do a lot of meowing, so you get them outside. When they are outside, they will meow to come back. 

You have to be ready to do it when they ask, otherwise, they will create a lot of noise which is not comfortable for a lot of owners. 

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