1205+ Flower Names For Cats From Petals to Paws! (+Generator)

As we all know, flowers are mesmerizing and gorgeous, the plant Kingdom offers names that are nothing short of captivating!?

Plants are known for their strength, resilience, unique charm and poise, and other wonderful characteristics.

Cats are quite similar when it comes to charm, poise, and grace, and naming them after plant and flower names is always a great idea!?

I love naming my cats after plant names, and trust me; my cats enjoy it, too.

Here are some amazing flower names for cats.?

Flower Cat Names for Male Cats

For those seeking the most unique and creative, and exotic names for their purrfect male feline babies, you’re in the right place!?

Flowers are symbols of beauty and glamour, and whatnot, and naming our awesome friends after those names will surely uplift their morale and pride.

I am a big fan of these flower names, and I feel that they go beautifully with cats of every type.?

Let’s dive right into some of the flower cat names for male cats.?

LarkspurA male baby’s name of English origin that means “a delphinium flower bearing blue blossoms.”
CottonA male baby’s name of Anglo-Saxon origin that means “a type of plant quite popularly used in the textile industry.”
SpicebushAn aromatic shrub with greenish-yellow flowers and scarlet berries, popular in the eastern US.
KumquatA small oval-shaped citrus fruit with acidic pulp and sweet rind, popular in China.
LupinesA male baby’s name of Latin origin meaning “wolfish,” associated with a flower from Latin and old French.
OreganoAn American herb with dried leaves used in cuisines worldwide.
CantaloupeA small melon with orangy flesh and netted rind, widely cultivated.
HorseradishA pungent root vegetable known for its strong odor and taste, belonging to the mustard family.
BidensA large genus of herbs with yellowish flowers, native to warmer regions.
OkraA plant with long ridged seed pods, also known as “ladies’ finger,” native to the old world tropics.
LavenderAn aromatic evergreen shrub with purplish-blue flowers, used in perfumes and medicine.
CalamusThe aromatic rhizome of a sweet flag, used in medicine and perfume making.
LungwortEuropean herb with bluish flowers and hispid leaves, once used for treating respiratory disorders.
ChiliA plant bearing extremely hot tapering peppers, scientifically known as Capsicum, often red in color.
QuinoaA tall crop plant with ivory-colored seeds used as a food staple, cultivated mainly in South America.

? Hellebore

? Nosegay

? Carrots

? Pennyroyal

? Honeywort

? Beet

? Larch

? Petunias

? Daffodils

? Turmeric

? Calliopsis

? Hostas

? Aeonium

? Parsnips

? Duckweed

? Boxelder

? Sneezeweed

? Crocus

? Phalaenopsis

? Brussels Sprouts

? Artichokes

? Bottlebrush

? Mayapple

? Dieffenbachia

? Palm

? Weed

? Boxwood

? Leadwort

? Rutabaga

? Elecampane

? Marshmallow

? Hakone

? Croton

Flower Cat Names for female cats

Welcome to this amazing plethora of feline names!

Names that are not only captivating but are also as pretty as the cats themselves and are consequently derived from various flower names.

Female cats are the symbolic representation of beauty and charm, and I love to name them after flowers like Verbena, Azalea, and Rosemary!

Let’s dive right into some amazing flower cat names for female cats.?

AngeloniaSymbolizes unrequited love
AmaranthRepresents a flower that never fades
TeaFragrant white flowers used in perfumery
BergeniaSpring-blooming perennial herb
CorydalisPoppy family plant with spurred flowers
CannaShowy flowers and broad leaves
DracaenaRepresents female dragon and air quality
BrunneraRhizomatous perennial from Asia
BonesetMedicinal plant with white flowers
AroniaNative plant found in swampy lands
NemesiaSymbolizes true friendship
KalanchoeRepresents eternal love and persistence
FreesiaSignifies trust and friendship
JewelweedBalsam family plant with unique seeds
ScallionsOnion-like plants for salads

? Gasteria

? Cassia

? Twinleaf

? Verbena

? Knautia

? Azalea

? Moonflower

? Cowpea

? Schefflera

? Rosemary

? Candytuft

? Poinsettia

? Turnip

? Browallia

? Lantana

? Heliconia

? Brahmi

? Ligularia

? Belladonna

? Lilac

? Columbine

? Echeveria

? Orchid

? Valerian

? Lettuce

? Mulberry

? Cherry

? Violas

? Duranta

? Cornelian

? Aloe Vera

? Pilea

? Peonies

? Jasmine

? Daylilies

? Mandevilla

? Rose

? Manuka

? Rockrose

? Peppermint

? Tweedia

? Marigold

? Liatris

? Liriope

? Bougainvillea

? Astilbe

? Catalpa

? Lithodora

? Cauliflower

Unisex Cat Names Inspired by plant names

When looking for names for your feline companions, gender-neutral names are the best bet, as they can be used for cats of every type and gender.?

If you come across gender-neutral cat names that are inspired by flowers, I guess there’s nothing better than that!

Here are some gender-neutral cat names inspired by plant names.?

  • 1 Patchouli – It is a small East Asian shrubby mint, and its fragrant oils are used widely in the perfume industry. It belongs to the family Lamiaceae.
  • 2 Pumpkin – It is a fruit belonging to certain varieties of squash and is characterized by the signature hard orange rind that has distinctive grooves.
  • 3 Pothos – It is a plant native to China, South Asia, Australia, and New Guinea and belongs to the family Araceae. It is also known as a money plant.
  • 4 Thyme – It is a herb with a distinctive smell, and its leaves and flowers are used to flavor foods and as medicines.
  • 5 Switchgrass – It is a warm-season perennial bunchgrass that’s native to North America. It is also known as “tall panic grass.”
  • 6 Lotus – It is one of the two extant species of aquatic plants belonging to the family Nelumboceae. Colloquially it’s called water lily, Laxmi Lotus, and so on.
  • 7 Ginger – It is a flowering plant whose rhizome is widely used as a spice or folk medicine. This plant bears narrow leaf blades.
  • 8 Myrtle – This is a plant belonging to the family Myrtaceae and is an evergreen shrub with glossy and small green leaves and star-shaped white flowers.
  • 9 Liverleaf – It is one of the herbaceous perennials in the buttercup family and is native to Asia, eastern North America, and Central and Northern Europe.
  • 10 Catnip – It is a species of the genus Nepeta, belonging to the family Lamiaceae, and is native to the Middle East, southern and eastern Europe, and Central Asia.
  • 11 Avocado – It is a type of berry that predominantly grows in warmer climates. These have a variety of health benefits and are rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • 12 Firespike – It is an upright and dense plant that bears red-colored tubular flowers from summer to fall and attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, and other insects and birds for its delicious nectar.
  • 13 Firebush – It is a plant belonging to the family Rubiaceae and is a large perennial shrub native to the American subtropical regions and tropics.
  • 14 Hibiscus – It is a plant belonging to the mallow family Malvaceae and is native to the warm temperate, tropical, and subtropical regions all over the world.
  • 15 Forsythia – It is a plant belonging to the olive family Oleaceae and is native to Eastern Asia and Southeastern Europe. These are early spring shrubs with yellow blooms.

? Maple

? Hardneck

? Calibrachoa

? Chaste

? Broccoli

? Bean

? Goldenrod

? Asters

? Fescue

? Cosmos

? Carnations

? Montbretia

? Impatiens

? Tatsoi

? Geranium

? Bonsai

? Mealycup

? Goutweed

? Rhubarb

? Monkshood

? Caladium

? Grass

? Dictamnus

? Hydrangeas

? Catmint

? Hoptree

? Garlic

? Arugula

? Peach

? Peanuts

? Campion

? Berries

? Cyclamen

? Ginseng

? Loquat

? Snapdragons

? Bulrush

? Cassava

? Basil

? Privet

? Nasturtium

? Birch

? Foamflower

? Spiderwort

? Radish

? Herb

? Guava

? Cryptanthus

? Bugleweed

? Estragon

? Potato

? Shamrock

? Broom

? Spinach

Creative and Unique Cat Names inspired by plant names

The names of plants and flowers, or anything that flourishes within nature, are creative and unique in their way, and when we name our perfect little angels after them, it’s nothing short of glorious!

I love researching new names that are creative and unique, and I would go ideally with the names of my cats!?

Here are some personally curated and handpicked names that are creative and unique and inspired by plant names.?

CardamomA spice derived from the seeds of plants in the Zingiberaceae family, native to Indonesia and other Asian countries.
CypressAn evergreen tree with bluish-green or dark leaves, characterized by needle-like foliage and coniferous nature.
HarebellsA flowering plant found in temperate regions, belonging to the Campanulaceae family and characterized by bell-shaped flowers.
LeeksA green leafy vegetable belonging to the Allium genus, used in cooking.
OleanderA flowering plant cultivated as an ornamental, with toxic properties, belonging to the Nerium genus in the Apocynaceae family.
PyrethrumA plant used for pest control and ornamental purposes, known for its showy flower heads.
BambooA group of perennial, evergreen plants in the Poaceae family, often used for construction and various other purposes.
SoapwortA herbaceous perennial plant native to Asia and Europe, belonging to the Caryophyllaceae family.
MasterwortA plant native to Europe, belonging to the Apiaceae family.
BorageA plant with edible flowers, leaves, and seed oil used for treating skin disorders, belonging to the Boraginaceae family.
BromeliadsMonocot flowering plants from the Bromeliaceae family, often used as indoor decorations due to low maintenance.
AsparagusA tall herbaceous plant with edible shoots, commonly eaten as a vegetable and belonging to the Asparagaceae family.
LentilAn edible legume with lens-shaped seeds, belonging to the Fabaceae family.
ShallotA small bulb similar to an onion, used as a substitute for onions or for making pickles.
ColeusOrnamental plants from the Lamiaceae family, known for their colorful and uniquely shaped leaves.

? Halcyon

? Bok choy

? Yarrow

? Tupelo

? Clove

? Yaupon

? Chives

? Magnolia

? Medinilla

? Viburnum

? Philodendron

? Foxtail

? Pistachio

? Cilantro

? Heliotropes

? Wasabi

? Twinspur

? Philodendrons

? Cucamelon

? Cabbage

? Horsetail

? Lemon

? Ramps

? Lisianthus

? Pine

? Flax

? Cactus

? Dianthus

? Strawberry

? Sesame

? Brugmansia

? Comfrey

? Cinnamon

? Spruce

? Kale

? Cucumbers

Cute Cat Names inspired by Flowers

Don’t you find flowers adorable? Oh, come on, we all do!

Flowers are probably the most beautiful and charming element of nature, and being able to find the right flower name that suits your cat is nothing short of a blessing.

I enjoy spending time looking for such names and have figured out a lot of names to share with you all as well.?

Let’s hop into some adorable cat names that are inspired by the names of plants!?

FuchsiaGenus of flowering plants, mainly small trees and shrubs in Myrtales order.
CordylineGenus of 24 flowering plants used in traditional medicine and dye making.
LilyGenus of flowering plants from bulbs with prominent flowers; culturally important.
CrossandraGenus of 54 African flowering plants with brightly colored flowers.
TulipGenus of bulbous herbs, around 100 species, native to central Asia and Turkey.
DahliasGenus of tuberous plants in Asteraceae family; suitable for gardens and cut flowers.
FennelPerennial herb with yellow flowers, belonging to the carrot family (Apiaceae).
CalendulaPlant in Asteraceae family, used in Ayurvedic medicine; native to Asia and Europe.
CamelliaGenus of flowering plants found in Asia, with tropical and subtropical distribution.
AnemonePlant in buttercup family, known for bright flowers and divided leaves.
MintAromatic plant from temperate regions, used as culinary herb.
GardeniaGenus of flowering plants in Rubiaceae family, native to Asia, Africa, Australia.
AlocasiaGenus of broad-leaved flowering plants with tubers or rhizomes in Araceae family.
PansyCultivated variety of Viola known for brightly colored flowers.
LobeliaGenus of around 415 violet-flowered plants in Campanulaceae family.

? Gerbera

? Aubrieta

? Artemisia

? Spirea

? Agave

? Eucalyptus

? Daphne

? Daisy

? Euphorbia

? Peperomia

? Viscaria

? Alyssum

? Pineapple

? Luffa

? Clivia

? Lychee

? Cineraria

? Hyacinth

? Chia

? Stella

Flower Cat Names Generator

Flower Cat Names Generator

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