Do Dogs Get Jealous?

There has always been a question about whether dogs get jealous like humans. Jealousy is generally defined as the desire to possess something of someone else, but it can also be described as the feeling of insecurity, anger, and unhappiness when one tries to obtain what is yours.

Every dog owner doubts if their dogs will get jealous like humans and if they will feel insecure and angry when they spend more time with other pets or humans. Many studies have proven that dogs do get jealous, and there are various reasons to prove why. 

Dogs getting jealous- things you need to know

Are Some Breeds Of Dogs Inherently More Jealous Than The Other Breeds?

According to studies, any breed of dog can feel jealousy. Even though some breeds are more prone to feeling separation anxiety or stress than other breeds, jealousy is common among all dogs. And so, jealousy is not limited to a certain breed.

There is no research supporting the fact that some dog breeds get more jealous than others. 

What Are The Signs Of A Jealous Dog?

There are subtle as well as obvious signs a dog exhibits when he is feeling jealous. Some of the most common signs include them trying to get between you and the other person or pet, starting to whine when you pay more attention to the other dog or person, bumping against your body, or pressing their bodies against you, seeking closeness.

Other signs include growling, barking, performing tricks to catch their owner’s attention, and, last but not least, going to the bathroom indoors. 

Why Do Dogs Get Jealous?

Many reasons ignite a dog’s jealousy, and certain reasons are more compelling than others. Some of the common reasons include introducing a new pet or a stranger into their house, a change in the environment, interacting with other pets and humans closely and not paying attention to them, and much more.

Some dogs even get jealous of other dogs, cats, and other animals too. There are methods to quench their jealousy and help them cope with it.

Do Dogs Get Jealous?

Can Dogs Get Jealous Easily?

  • According to many studies, dogs do get jealous, and their feeling of jealousy is very similar to that of a human.
  • There are many ways to read the body language of your dog and find out if they are mad or not.
  • Jealousy is a very complex feeling, and it has been found that dogs do feel all the same feelings; several studies prove that jealousy can also be a survival trait.
  • Some researchers say that jealousy has been predominant in many dogs since birth. 
  • Some people also think that jealousy can be determined by their environment and the surroundings in which they live. 
  • Even their relationship with their pet parents can foster feelings of jealousy in them. 
  • Jealousy can stem from various reasons and can be managed with certain methods and techniques. 

Changes In The Surrounding And Environment They Live

When your dog experiences a change in the surroundings and environment they live in, they will start feeling anxious after a while, which will make them feel insecure and jealous. When you move to a new place or change something around in your house, it can make your dog jealous since you will be more focused on things than the dog, which will make them jealous. 

Bringing Home A New Pet Can Affect Them

Whenever you bring a new pet home, it will affect your dog because your dog will be under the impression that its relationship with you is threatened. This will make them feel more jealous and less secure of all animals and humans, not just the pet you recently adopted. So, whenever you get a new pet, make sure you pay enough attention to your dog too. 

Do Dogs Get Jealous Of Other Dogs

  • According to certain studies, some dogs become jealous when their pet parents show affection towards other pets, specifically towards other dogs.
  • Once you start getting closer to another dog, it will start breaking and growling.
  • Even when pet parents started cuddling with their stuffed toys shaped like dogs, their pets started coming between the toys and their pet parents. 
  • If they see their pet parents getting closer to another dog, they will start growling and barking at the other dog. 
  • Whenever they see another dog coming near their pet parents, they make sure to come in between them and push against their parents.
  • So, to conclude, dogs do get jealous of other dogs when they get close to their pet parents.
  • So, if you have a jealous dog and adopt a new dog, you will have a jealous dog in the beginning, who you will have to convince. 

Are Dogs Jealous Of Cats?

Since dogs also consider cats as their competition, they also get jealous of cats that their parents might adopt. Some people think that this might be because cats are certainly allowed certain privileges that dogs might never get, like the ability to climb up countertops and on the bed easily. They feel like they will start stealing their parent’s love easily. 

Ways To Handle A Jealous Dog

Jealousy is certainly a problematic behavior, even if it appears cute in the beginning. It is important to manage a jealous dog because it could harm the stranger the child, or the pet, which might be a stimulus to their jealousy. They will also be prone to house soiling, which is highly unsanitary, and once a dog becomes too envious of something, it will certainly try to hurt anything that feels like a threat.

Introducing A New Family Member Or A Pet Can Help You To Deal With Jealousy

  • Always make sure that your dog has a positive association with your other family members and new members of the family. 
  • While some people think that strangers can make a dog feel insecure, some people think that introducing more and more people and pets to your dog can help them deal with jealousy. 
  • Be slow with the introductions and ease them into it. You can start by using a piece of cloth or blanket with the stranger’s or new pet’s smell on it.
  • Slowly increase the amount of time your dog spends with them.
  • There is one thing that every dog owner should keep in mind: never leave your pet alone with the new pet or a stranger in the beginning.
  • Whenever you pet your new pet or pay attention to a new stranger, make sure you also pay attention to your dog. 
  • To summarize, make sure you include your dog in everything so that they don’t feel insecure about the new additions to the family.

Managing Your Dog’s Jealousy On Your Terms:

One thing that a dog parent should never encourage is jealousy in their dogs. Trying to get your dog introduced to dog obedience classes and removing stimuli that make them jealous can help a lot.

Trying to create a good pathway for communication and setting boundaries can also help. Your dog probably gets jealous because it is feeling very insecure, and it is better to remove the source of insecurity. When in doubt, one can also consult their vet for advice.  


To conclude, dogs can be very jealous of many things, and it is the pet parent’s priority to make sure that they don’t harm themselves or others. There are many steps one can follow and techniques one can try to make sure their dog’s jealousy doesn’t get out of hand and harm someone. It is easily manageable with the right prevention and management tricks. 


What are some of the changes that can make a dog jealous?

Some of the common changes include alterations in surroundings and environment, the owner’s behavior, the amount of time the owner spends with the dog, the amount of time the dog is left at home, and many others. 

How does regular training practice help a dog?

Sometimes, twenty-minute regular training sessions can help a lot more than counseling and control. If you are a dog parent, you can always try to establish your leadership and polish up your skills to manage your dog’s jealousy.

How does involving an object of jealousy in their regular training practice help them deal with their jealousy?

If it is a new stranger or a new pet that is making your dog jealous, it is better to let them tag songs in play sessions, walks, and training sessions. This will help them get used to the stranger or pet.

How can I take care of my dog and myself when it is jealous?

There are many ways to deal with your dogs’ jealousy, but they must follow the rules, including dividing and conquering, and managing it like a pro. Always have a cool head and carry on with your deeds like you always do. 

What kind of help can I get to deal with my jealous dog?

Never be afraid to ask for help from a vet or a behavior specialist if you are dealing with a jealous dog, and make sure your dog gets one-on-one quality time with your pet sitter. Try to spend some time with your jealous dog so that it will help them get rid of their insecurities.

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