1400+ Cat Names Starting with P That’ll Make You Pawsitively Meowvelous! (+Generator)

How long does it usually take for someone to come up with an ideal name for their cat??

Well, I don’t have the answer, but what I do have is an article that will help you overcome this problem!?

I used to face this issue a lot in the past, but intensive research and loads of internet browsing have helped me become a guide for my readers.?

Our name generator is here to save the day! With just a click, you can unleash a plethora of fantastic feline monikers that begin with the majestic letter “P.”?

Cat names should be something that goes perfectly with their nature and behavioral patterns and something both you and your cat can feel attached towards!?

Here I have the best cat names that start with the letter P.?

Male Cat Names Starting With P

I have about 10-15 male cats at home, and all of them have names that go so well with their character, and I’m sure everyone loves those names.??

At least my cats love it, and that’s all that matters!?

If you’re looking for the best male cat names, you’re in the right place at the right time.?

Let’s dive right into some amazing male cat names that start with the letter P.?

PeterStone or Rock
PetrosStone or Rock
PierreStone or Rock
PeteyA rock
PradoA field
PaulHumble and down to Earth
PaoloSmall or humble
PaceyOf Easter
PackerA wool packer
PatchesA noble living being
PunkPetty gangster or hoodlum
PunkyYou can give what your heart desires

? Paco

? Perry

? Paisley

? Panda

? Parth

? Pasqual

? Pasco

? Patrick

? Pat

? Patricio

? Paxon

? Parker

? Parwinder

? Paris

? Peyton

? Patton

? Patterson

? Payne

? Pancho

? Pavel

? Pavlos

? Pearson

? Pepe

? Percival

? Percy

? Pericles

? Pershing

? Phelan

? Phinneas

? Pierro

? Pietro

? Pan

? Philip

? Phillipos

? Pharaoh

? Phoebus

? Philomen

? Pierce

? Pilot

? Pharrell

? Pierluigi

? Peregrine

? Phoenix

? Phil

? Pepito

? Pek

? Pim

? Perez

? Pennington

? Perseus

? Powell

? Poseidon

? Piotr

? Pentrice

? Prince

? Presley

? Ponyboy

? Pollux

? Piper 

? Poe

? Polk

? Pip

? Pirate

? Prospero

? Puck

? Preston

? Princeton

? Potter

? Prescott

? Prometheus

Creative And Unique Cat Names Starting With P

If you have been wondering for a long time as to where you must look to obtain the best cat names, you’re in the best place on the internet!?

I am a sucker for names that are creative and unique and, at the same time, cater to your cats!?

The most important thing is to make your pawsome friends delighted, isn’t it??

I have a great list of creative and unique cat names starting with the letter P.?

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it!?

PramBaby carriage or stroller
PricePrize or reward
PlacidoCalm or serene
PrimusThe first
PittA pit or ditch
PowersPoor or miserly
PrattClever trickster
PJOrigin and popularity
PlutarchThe consolation
PointdexterAcademically intellectual person

? Premie

? Potap

? Potesh

? Prius

? Pratchett

? Pritchett

? Primo

? Praxedes

? Pedro

? Pembroke

? Penn

? Platt

? Pompei

? Pacifico

? Pinkney

? Peterson

? Prophet

? Portland

? Procopio

? Parley

? Piers

? Pawnee

? Pesach

? Parson

? Pernell

? Pendleton

? Philbert

? Phipps

? Philander

? Peregrino

? Penleigh

? Pell

? Pegasus

? Parmenius

? Paquito

? Panchito

? Padhraig

? Pratap

? Pollock

? Pomeroy

? Pamplemousse

? Powhatan

? Printz

? Parnell

? Palmer

? Parthenios

? Pyke

? Popeye

? Popster

? Popper

? Porter

? Ponchik

? Paddy

? Picasso

? Pugsley

? Pixar

Female Cat Names Starting With P

It doesn’t matter whether you have a male cat or a female cat at your house.?

What matters is how loving and affectionate you are towards her and how lovely a name you choose!?

A name that’s not only attractive and soothing but also fitting with your little kitty’s charm.?

I have quite a few female cats as well, and I do know a thing or two about their names.?

Let’s jump right into some female cat names that start with the letter P.?

PamAll sweetness
PenelopeA weaver
PennyA weaver
PrudenceGood judgment
PhoebeBright or shiny
PriscillaAncient or classical
PrincessThe female equivalent of a prince
PreeLives by a meadow
PaulaSmall and bumble
PersephoneBringer of death

? Precious

? Philomena

? Praise

? Pippa

? Phillippa

? Prieta

? Priyanka

? Petra

? Paulette

? Pilar

? Petronilla

? Portia

? Palma

? Palmina

? Pandora

? Phaedra

? Phyllis

? Persia

? Peggy

? Placida

? Patsy

? Pirouette

? Penina

? Panini

? Periwinkle

? Pammy

? Patty

? Perdita

? Providencia

? Paquita

? Perla

? Patrika

? Prissy

Cat Names Starting With P Inspired by Nature 

A great aspect of naming your feline friends is that you can opt for a name that has been inspired for anywhere and everywhere!?

That’s the sole beauty of cat names, and in that case, the beauty of any pet name.?

I love to name my kittens after various natural elements that we see around us, and I find that very flattering and cute!?

Here I have presented you with a list of awesome cat names that start with the letter P and are Inspired by Nature.?

PumpkinA melon
PansyFlowering plant with velvety petals
PeonyPraise giving
PrimroseThe first rose of the season
PoinsettiaStar of Bethlehem
PalmettoFan-leaved, low-growing plants
PineconeThe hard part of a pine tree
PlantainBanana tree
PoplarTall thin tree with rough bark
Powder PuffPad for applying cosmetic powder
PineSomeone who lives by a pine tree or pine forest
PeakThe highest point of a mountain
PeppermintAromatic and spicy mint with dark green leaves

? Pineapple

? Petunia

? Pepper

? Poppy

? Passionfruit

? Plum

? Pearl

? Pinky

? Pixie

? Pebbles

? Pallas

? Primavera

? Providence

? Paz

? Polly

? Petula

? Polaris

? Prairie

? Praveena

? Paradisa

? Pooja

? Pristina

? Perfecta

? Pretta

? Pretty

? Prose

? Papyrus

? Puddle

? Preen

? Preeny

? Prune

? Punny

? Peik Lin

? Poesie

Cat Names Starting With P Inspired by Food

The same way I used to get inspired by the names of natural elements is the very way I get inspired by foods!?

I am a foodie, and l love to explore the different delicacies all over the world, and so do my cats when they travel with me!?

I have named some of my cats after food names, and I feel hungry at times when I call them. How funny!?

Here’s a list of the ultimate cat names that start with the letter P and are Inspired by Food.?

Let’s dive right into them!?

PomegranateA spherical fruit with red gelatinous flesh and a tough golden-orange or red outer skin.
PitaA flat and thin bread that can be easily separated into two layers to form a pocket.
Puff pastryA light and flaky pastry used for making sweet pastries and pie crusts.
PoppyseedThe small black seeds of poppy plants are used in baked foods.
PaprikaAn orange-red colored powdered spice with a mildly spicy flavor.
PepperoniPork and beef sausages that have been seasoned with pepper.
PestoA sauce made out of crushed basil leaves and typically served with pasta.
ParmesanA hard, dry cheese that is usually grated and used in Italian cuisines.
PepperjackA cheese that is derived from Monterey Jack cheese with the extra addition of spicy hot peppers.
Pink lemonadeA normal lemonade colored with the juice of fruits like cherries or raspberries.
PecanA pinkish-brown nut that is quite similar to walnut and has an edible kernel.
PeanutThe oval-shaped seed of a South American plant is often roasted or salted and eaten as a snack.
PringleAn American brand that makes stackable potato chips.
PumpernickelA dense and dark German bread made out of coarsely ground wholemeal rye.
PistachioThe edible green-colored seed of an Asian plant.

? Pudding

? Popsicle

? Pancake

? Pretzel

? Pickles

? Peaches

? Praline

? Peach

? Persimmon

? Popcorn

? Pollyanna

? Posey

? Pannacotta

? Palmira

? Pasquala

? Paulita

? Paraskevi

? Pocahontas

? Pellegrina

? Principessa

? Ping

? Philly

? Philiberta

? Philadelphia

? Phoenicia

? Paloma

? Phyllisha

? Pernelle

? Permenia

? Pepa

? Penelopa

? Palladia

? Paavani

? Peachy

? Psyche

? Pomona

? Phyllida

? Pacifica

? Padme

? Padmila

? Pancha

? Panisha

? Pasha

? Pimento

? Proper

? Proserpina

? Padmini

? Prunella

? Priska

? Promise

? Pink

Cat Name Generator

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What are some popular cat names starting with P?

Popular cat names starting with P include “Penny,” “Piper,” “Princess,” “Pumpkin,” “Peanut,” “Pablo,” “Phoebe,” “Patches,” “Precious,” and “Pippin.”

What are some cute male cat names beginning with P?

Cute male cat names starting with P include “Patches,” “Pumpkin,” “Percy,” “Pepper,” “Prince,” “Pablo,” “Pippin,” “Peanut,” “Pierre,” and “Puck.”

Can you suggest some elegant female cat names starting with P?

Certainly! Here are some elegant female cat names beginning with P: “Penelope,” “Priscilla,” “Pearl,” “Primrose,” “Patricia,” “Paloma,” “Persephone,” “Portia,” “Pandora,” and “Prudence.”

Are there any famous cats from history with names starting with P?

While not from history, “Puss in Boots” is a famous fictional cat character from various tales and adaptations, known for his cunning and charm.

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