1142+ Cat Names Starting With N To Discover Best Picks! (+Generator)

Bienvenido Cat lovers and Cat owners!??

I hope you all are doing well and are excited to discover some amazing cat names for your feline loved ones

If you’re on the lookout for some inspiration while naming your lovely kitties, I’m quite sure that you’re in the right place.

I will help you explore the best available names one could come across and give you enough choices that might drive you insane! In a good way, obviously.

Here are some purrfect cat names starting with N to capture the essence of your beloved furry companion. ?

Male Cat Names Starting With N

Hey there, readers, are you here for some male cat names that start with the letter N??

Let me take you on this whimsical journey wherein we explore some wonderful names together, and help you find out the name that resonates the best with your cat’s nature and personality.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small, a little cat, or a big aggressive one; you’ll get names for every kind and type!?

Without further ado, let’s dive right into some of the best male cat names that start with the letter N.?

Novac“New or newcomer.”
NashvilleBaby boy’s name; capital of Tennessee.
Nirvana“Quenching or blowing out.”
Nash“By the ash tree.”
Nutmeg“Musk nut.”
Nissan“A miracle.”
Nester“A traveler or a voyager.”
Norbert“Northern brightness.”
Nigel“Champion or dark.”
Norm“The Northman.”
Nimbus“A dark cloud.”
Newt“A small-sized salamander.”

? Napalm

? Nemesis

? North

? Norman

? Nukem

? Nimble

? Nuri

? Nunchuck

? Nebuchadnezzar

? Nickelback

? Nantucket

? Nacho

? Nemo

? Napoleon

? Nadja

? Neeson

? Nick Fury

? Norska

? Newton

? Neptune

? Neanderthal

? Nightwatch

? Niko

? Nibs

? Nae-eun

? Nitya

? Nan-woo

? Na-yun

? Nirel

? Nam-soon

? Noh-ae

? Nuri-ya

? Nitisha

? Nayoung

? Naman

? Nandanee

? Noh-ri

? Naina

? Navin

? Naveena

? Nae-yun

? Na-ri-seu

? Naeun

? Nayun

? Nandakishore

? Nureyev

? Narco

? Nibbler

? Nathaniel

? Nate

? Nevada

? Naoto

? Norton

? Navaho

? Nautilus

? Neville

? Naveed

? Neo

? Nam

? Norwell

? Navada

? Nero

? Nixon

? Nicholas

? Ned

? Niles

? Nom

? Neko

? Nobby

? Nicolas Cage

? Nelson

? Noble

? Nick

? Nym

? Nudge

Female Cat Names Starting With N

Now that we have covered male cat names with the letter N let’s show some love to their female counterparts!

I am more inclined toward female cats and their loving and motherly nature, and that’s why their names come quite naturally to me.

Remember, dear cat enthusiasts and owners, opting for the right name is nothing short of an artful endeavor!

This article is here to help sparkle your imagination and clarify your thought process so that you come up with the best name possible.

Let’s dive right into some female cat names that start with the letter N.

NuggetA small lump of valuable metal, especially gold.
NukaRice bran; younger brother or sister.
NicolaPeople of victory.
NailaThe achiever or the successful one.
NymphadoraThe beloved young girl.
NadineHope; showering of blessings.
NatashaBorn on the day of Christmas.
NunA lady who belongs to a religious order.
NatalieThe birth of the Lord.
NemesiaOne who administers justice.
NanetteGrace; favor; God has shown mercy on me.

? Nutella

? Nijinsky

? Nashala

? Nimi

? Nicomedes

? Nakshatra

? Nae-ha

? Nae-un

? Nyun

? Nupur

? Neela

? Nae-ri

? Nakul

? Nan-Yong

? Na-Yeon

? Nishaan

? Neeharika

? Nitara

? Nirmayi

? Neelam

? Noh-eul

? Neeraj

? Nan-seo

? Nalini

? Nori

? Niral

? Noche

? Nevaeh

? Nisha

? Nyssa

? Nomu

? Nefertiti

? Nightflight

? Norwyn

? Neema

? Nala

? Nyla

? Ninja

? Naomi

? Narnia

? Nairobi

? Nessa

? Nymeria

? Nola

? Nipper

? Nami

? Noodle

? Noli

? Nicole

? Nectar

? Nivah

? Norma

? Ninette

? Natty

? Noel

? Nubbins

? Narcissa

? Nixie

? Nandy

? Nollie

? Nightshade

? Nip

? Nara

Rare and Beautiful Cat Names Starting With N

This article represents the world of marvelous feline companionship, wherein each whiskered and furry friend possesses a name as unique as their character and personality!

I am a huge fan of rare names that are seldom used and, more often than not, never heard of or used before.

Today we do just that and delve into the enchanting realm of cat names that are rare and beautiful, and start with the letter N.?

  • 1 Nyong – It is a gender-neutral name of Nigerian origin that means “A wanderer.”
  • 2 Na-young – It is a feminine name of Korean origin, and it means “beautifully young.”
  • 3 Nam-sun – It is a gender-neutral name of Korean origin in which Nam means “southern or south,” and Sun/Soon means “pure, genuine, and honest.”
  • 4 Nan-hee – It is a gender-neutral name of Korean origin, and it means “gracefully bright and shiny.”
  • 5 Niveda – It is a female baby’s name of Sanskrit origin, and it means “creative.”
  • 6 Nae-hyun – It is a gender-neutral name of Korean origin, meaning “worthy and virtuous.”
  • 7 Nauka – It is primarily a baby girl’s name of Sanskrit origin that means “a boat.”
  • 8 Nirmit – It is a masculine name of Sanskrit origin, meaning “Something that has been created.”
  • 9 Na-ri – It is a female baby’s name of Korean origin, and it means “A lily.”

Cute Cat Names Starting With N

What’s better than coming up with an adorable name for the adorable little furry angels?

It’s very important to observe your cat’s unique traits and quirks, and the letter ‘N’ will help you unlock a world of naming possibilities that align ideally with your Kitty’s persona and charm!

Whether you are looking for a name that resonates purrfectly with your cat’s noble demeanor, or a name that reflects its elegance and poise, we have it all.

I am presenting you with a list of such cute cat names that start with the letter N and have been handpicked by our professional curators.?

Nolan“The champion” (Irish origin).
Nintendo“Leave luck to heaven” – type of gambling/card game in Japan.
Nicolo“People of victory” (Greek origin).
Neil“The champion” (Irish origin).
Newport“New port” (Old English origin).
Nano“Dwarf” (Italian origin).
Newell“New hall or new town” (Old English origin).
Nico“Victory of the people” (Italian origin).
Naga“A snake” (Sanskrit origin).
NicknackRefers to a small trivial ornament.
Navarro“The one who came from Navarro, a plain among the hills” (Spanish origin).
Nomiki“Of the law” (Greek origin).
Norris“A northerner, or a person from Norway, Scotland, or northern England” (Old English origin).
NeedlesGiven to someone who makes needles, coined by Anglo-Saxons in Britain.
Natsu“Born in summer” (Japanese origin).

? Na-ri-eul

? Nyeong

? Noh

? Nandan

? Nagesh

? Nipun

? Noh-hyun

? Nae-il

? Nischay

? Nivedita

? Navita

? Noodles

? Nikolai

? Nauticus

? Nicholson

? Naxle

? Nadia

? Namco

? Nimue

? Nyx

? Nebula

? Nell

? Nelly

? Nubile

? Nellie

? Napster

? Nibbles

? Nessie

? Nanna

? Nile

? Nora

? Nephrite

? Nips

? Nymph

? Nagini

? Nilla

? Nougat 

Creative And Unique Cat Names Starting With N

If you’re looking for a name that embodies the powerful nature and strength of your cat, then considering the regal name Napoleon won’t be a bad option!

If your cat possesses a mischievous aura, Nico might be the better alternative as it captures your cat’s playful spirit besides sounding sophisticated.

I love selecting weird and strange names that not only sound unique and never heard of but at the same time feel creative and out of the box.

Let’s jump right into some creative and unique cat names that start with the letter N.?

NuoAn oath that binds utterance, or exorcism.
NaAn elegant or smooth person.
NayaFresh or renewed.
NadyaHope or faith.
NikaPure crystal water, or someone very good.
NongA farmer.
NuoyiSomeone having the ability to persuade others.
NianThe one who knows.
NizaYoung and beautiful.
NaniBeauty; splendor.
NikolinaPeople of Victory.
NidaCall to prayer.
A girl.

? Nianwen

? Nianyou

? Nattie

? Nekolia

? Natalina

? Nartana

? Nilka

? Nadina

? Nanfu

? Naifu

? Niao

? Niuniu

? Neva

? Nuoyan

? Nikolay

? Nanzhu

? Nikandr

? Nianqi

? Niaolin

? Nianfang

? Nianxin

? Nanfang

? Nei

? Nastasia

? Nanyu

? Natalya

? Nianzi

? Nanyuan

? Nannan

? Naling

? Nantian

? Nadege

? Narkissa

? Nasi

? Nikolaj

? Nelia

? Nanami

? Natasa

? Nalan

? Natalja

? Nawei

? Nanshan

? Ningning

? Nastassia

? Ning

? Nadezdha

? Nelli

? Nalani

? Naoki

? Nüwa

? Nianzu

? Nairong

? Nanzhao

? Nanyi

? Nastya

? Natan

? Nekane

? Naihua

? Nacola

? Nadira

? Nanhua

? Nikaella

? Nataliia

? Naveen

? Nyeon

? Namrata

? Na-hyun

? Navya

? Nuri-ae

? No-won

? Noh-yun

? Niu

? Nydia

? Natascha

? Nikaia

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