1254+ Cat Names Starting With M That Define Feline Greatness! (+Generator)

Hey there, fellow readers and cat enthusiasts!?

Let me introduce you all to the captivating world of Feline companions, wherein whimsical charm, angelic furs, and adorable little paws intertwine.

Allow me to be your guide on this enigmatic adventure where we are going to discover persuasive and attractive cat names, their meanings, and the energy they reciprocate!

I am a cat dad and an ardent cat lover, and being a fatherly figure to so many pawsome angels, I know a thing or two about cat names and their origins.

Let’s dive right into the wonderful Odyssey of Cat Names Starting With M.

Male Cat Names Starting With M

Talking about enchanting male cat names, with their mystical aura and alluring charm, you will never be short of perfect cat names when you’re here with me.

I have an equal amount of affection for both male and female cats, and I explore and research cat names that are attractive not only to me but also to others.

Let me take you on this journey to embrace the essence of your beloved whiskered companion and find out the best cat names.

Here’s a list of some attractive male cat names starting with the letter M.?

Mega It is a male baby’s name of primarily Indonesian origin that means “the clouds.” Another meaning of this name is “grand.”
Moco It is a cute male baby’s name of Japanese origin, and it means “a pioneering spirit or something fluffy.”
Mappy It is a male baby’s name of Japanese origin and has been derived from the word “Mappo,” which means a policeman.
MemoIt is a masculine name of Latin origin, and it means “Note to remember.”
MaximoIt is a male baby’s name of Italian origin, and it means “the greatest.”
MorlyIt is a baby boy’s name of old English origin that means “meadow on a moor.”
MontyIt is a masculine name of French origin, meaning “the mountains.”
Marlon It is a predominantly masculine baby’s name of American origin, and it means “a little hawk.”
Mino It is a male baby’s name of Italian origin, and it means “son of the right hand.”
Marvin It is a baby boy’s name of Welsh origin that means “a sea friend.”
Malcolm It is a masculine baby’s name of Scottish origin that means “The devotee of Saint Columba.”
MatthewIt is a classic baby boy’s name of Hebrew origin that means “Gift of the God or gift of Yahweh.”
Maico It is a male baby’s name of Japanese origin that means “the one who is strong; a boy having wonderful strength.”
MarcoIt is a masculine name of Italian origin that means “The Roman God of War.”
MorrisIt is a male baby’s name of Latin origin that means “dark-skinned or Moorish.”

? Michu

? Michelin

? Mico

? Megas

? Mimo

? Mapple

? Milu

? Mao

? Monito

? Matty

? Marfil

? Machine

? Morty

? Manto

? Man

? Mailo

? Mammoth

? Mordor

? Mauro

? Max

? Monkey

? Musician

? Matrix

? Mousse 

? Mau

? Marty

? Mimu

? Marley

? Miau

? Master

? Mikey

? Miu

? Marcos

Female Cat Names Starting With M

It’s time we do justice to our female counterparts as well!

As I already mentioned before, I have an equal amount of attraction for both male and female cats, and I love researching new names and finding their origins and meanings.

This article deals with just that and is designed to enhance your experience while finding the ideal name that resonates with your feline friends and leads to a long-lasting bond between you both!

Let’s hop right into some extravagant female cat names starting with the letter M.?

MerryLight-hearted or joyful.
MystiqueHaving an air of mystery.
MisaBlooming or beautiful.
MercyKind and compassionate.
MontanaA mountain.
MadonnaMy Lady.
MoonFrom the moon.
MulanWood orchid or Magnolia blossom.
MuskyHaving an odor of musk or resembling it.
MercedesMercies (plural of mercy).
MedusaCunning and clever.
MaseyA weapon.
MerciaCompassion and forbearance.
MollyThe star of the seas.
MirtaThe crown of thorns, or an evergreen shrub.

? Misaya

? Mistery

? Mysti

? Maddy

? Mystic

? Mirula

? Mota

? Munch

? Miu-Miu

? Michaela

? Matata

? Munchi

? Musa

? Maiden

? Misty

? Mora

? Motita

? Mindy

? Mademoiselle

? Mica

? Mariposa

? Manila

? Mishy

? Megan

? Macey

? Maruka

? Marguerita

? Morta

? Mandarine

? Murphy

? Moose

? Morgan

? Mimia

? Mushu

? Marie

? Mini

? Meadow

? Madison

? Meow

? Momo

? Midnight

? Mattie

? Macy

? Maisy

? Manny

Cute Cat Names Starting With M

As we venture further into this realm of cat names and their meanings and origin, we need to take a halt and explore some cute names as well, because for one main reason- cats are the cutest!

Your cat might possess a daring and adventurous spirit or be an enchanting and beautiful ragdoll!?

Whatever your requirement, you’ll get an adorable name to support your cause and feel blessed to be a part of this whimsical journey!

All these cat names ought to stand as a testament to their abilities and captivate everyone’s hearts effortlessly.?

Here are some cute cat names that start with the letter M.

  • 1 May – It is a female baby’s name of English origin that means “the month number five.” This name comes from the Roman Earth Goddess’s name Maia.
  • 2 Moses – This is a masculine name of Egyptian origin, and it means “delivered from the water; savior.”
  • 3 Murray – It is a unisex name of Scottish origin that means “settlement by the waters.”
  • 4 Millie – It is a female baby’s name of German and English origins, and it means “strong in work; gentle strength.”
  • 5 Mama – It is a feminine name of Ghanaian origin, and it means “wife or woman.”
  • 6 Miley – It is a feminine name of American origin that means “smiley.”
  • 7 Mia – It is a female baby’s name of Spanish and Italian origin, and it means “friendly, bright, and loved.”
  • 8 Mew – It is a common nickname of Chinese origin that means “a free-spirited individual or someone who loves freedom.”
  • 9 Milo – It is primarily a baby boy’s name of Slavic origin, meaning “merciful and beloved.”
  • 10 Milton – It is a male baby’s name of British origin that means “mill town.”
  • 11 Mufasa – It is a masculine name of African origin that means “King or ruler” and has Swahili roots.
  • 12 Miko – It is a female baby’s name of Japanese origin, and it means “a beautiful and blessed child.”
  • 13 Maya – It is a feminine name of primarily Sanskrit origin that means “illusion or magic.”
  • 14 Margot – It is a female baby’s name of French origin that means “a pearl.”

Creative and Unique Cat Names Starting With M

Names that are usually out of the box and seldom heard of are the ones that reach out to a greater mass and allure cat lovers from all across the globe.?

Creative and unique cat names have always been my forte and something that I ardently love and find happiness in.

This article will help you, rather than inspire you, to come up with creative and unique cat names of your own.

These cat names are not only charming and adorable but will also make sure your purrfect kitty stands out from the rest.

Here’s a collection of some handpicked creative and unique cat names for your kind perusal.?

MoliereNamed after the famous French comedian Molière.
Macbeth“The son of life.”
MuppetDimwitted or incapable of independent thinking.
Moody“Proud, haughty, or angry person.”
MinionSomeone who serves and follows orders of higher rank.
Mark“God of War; God Mars.”
Marmaduke“Mighty noble being.”
Macintosh“Son of the thane(leader).”
Moe“God’s helmet or savior.”
Monica“Advisor; truth.”
Mario“Manly; Mars.”

? Marbles

? Missy

? Mabel

? Moxie

? Maximus

? Mako

? Minnie

? Mika

? Mason

? Marcel

? Matilda

? Maddie

? Marshall

? Mollie

? Merlin

? Mojo

? Mickey

? Maleficent

? Mittens

? Morpheus

? Mandy

? Matthias

? Marge

? Molt

? Moana

? Marshmellow

? Mork

? Mirage

? Mole

? Mandalorian

? Mary Jane

? Megatron

? Mona

? Mater

? Mister

? Madeline

? Magic Mike

? Monk

? Moriarty

? Mack

? Maude

? Morgana

? Miranda

? Miss Marple

? Mad Hatter

Cat Names With M Inspired by Food

As we venture towards the end of this article, one thing that you must keep in mind is that naming your cats is an entirely personal choice, and you should always stick to your taste!

Choose a name that resonates with your cat’s abilities, nature, and entire persona as a whole!?

I have always loved naming my kitties after foods and delicacies from all over the world, as it is not unique, but I’m a foodie, after all.

Here’s a beautifully curated list of cat names with M, that are inspired by food.?

MignonetteA herbaceous plant with spikes of fragrant small greenish flowers.
MarshmallowA soft and chewy confectionery made from gelatin and sugar.
Mille-feuilleA pastry with thin layers filled with cream and jam, often referred to as a “napoleon.”
MatzoCrispy unleavened bread biscuit, traditionally eaten by Jews during Passover.
MochiJapanese delicacy made from pounded and cooked glutinous rice dough, used in pastries.
MacaronSmall round cake with meringue-like consistency, made from egg whites, almonds, and sugar.
MacaroonLight biscuit-like treat made from sugar, egg whites, and coconut or almonds.
MilkshakeCold, frothy drink made from milk, ice cream, fruits, and flavorings like chocolate.
MorcillaSpanish blood sausage often served with rice and onions.
MontepulcianoPopular red wine produced in Montepulciano, Tuscany, Italy.
MatzahCrispy unleavened bread biscuit, eaten during Jewish Passover.
MungbeanSmall green bean from the pea family, also known as “green gram.”
MarmaladeSweet preserve made from citrus fruits and sugar, boiled to a thick consistency.
MortadellaSmooth Italian sausage with fat pieces, often served in slices.
MapleTree or shrub grown for syrupy sap or timber, with lobed leaves and winged fruits.

? Macho

? Matooke

? Mimosa

? Montadito

? Molasses

? Madeleine

? Manchego

? Mace

? Millet

? Miso

? Melon

? Medlar

? Muffuletta

? Macadamia

? Mungo

? Mofongo

? Macaque

? Murtabak

? Mustard

? Marzipan

? Mincemeat

? Meringue

? Muffin

? Maracuja

? Marmite

? Melody

? Miso Soup

? Madeira

? Meatball

? Mocha

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