1221+ Cat Names Starting with L – Which One is Your Favorite? (+Generator)

Have you figured out the best-sounding name for your furry little angel??

Are you still looking for some inspiration on the internet??

Look no further cuz we have got your back!??

Intensive research for names over all these years has helped me come up with this article that I believe will help every cat owner out there!?

I’m personally in love with all these names, but you being the one searching for that particular catchy name, feel free to try out more than one name!?

Introducing our fantastic Cat Names Starting With L generator.?

Here are some fantastic cat names starting with the letter L.?

Male Cat Names Starting With L

Each cat has a distinct personality and charisma that differs from the rest, and based on that specific trait, I love to name my cats.✨

Cats are these little furballs that bring joy and delight into our lives, and we, being their guardians, must name them in a way that brings joy and delight to them as well.?

I love naming my cats in a way that engages them towards the very name, which makes us both happy!?

Here I present you some adorable male cat names starting with the letter L.?

LindenTree or something made out of Linwood
LouA famous warrior
LawsonSon of Lawrence
LutherSoldier of the common people
LucasBringer of light
Little Boy BluePolice personnel
LeopoldBrave person
LiamGuardian or protector
Long John SilverPirate with a parrot and one leg
LorimerHarness maker
LowmanDear man
LaydenLoved and strong
LippoFriend of horses
LevinDear friend

? Lombardi

? Lurch

? Lenny

? Lionel

? Lowry

? Llewellyn

? Lear

? Lutz

? Lovell

? Lucian

? Ludvik

? Luqman

? Leonidas

? Leary

? Levon

? Lumiere

? Longfellow

? Ledger

? Logan

? Loki

? Leto

? Leonard

? Lochlan

? Lian

? Luce

? Lysander

? Lot

? Leander

? Layton

? Leonardo

? Lucien

? Leviticus

? Levander

? Levi

? Lucius

? Lonzo

? Loic

? Lucio

? Lloyd

? LeVar

? Lazaro

? Lothario

? Lorne

? Lindburg

? Lincoln

? Leroy

? Lucentio

? Legolas

? Leandro

? Ludo

? Lonnie

? Luciano

? Louie

? Lemuel

? Lino

? Lazarus

? Libero

? Lawrence

? Lisandro

? Livingston

? Leo

? Linus

? Locke

? Luigi

? Lyle

? Leighton

? Len

? Ludlow

? Luke

? Lemeny

? Lysandros

? Lucifer

? Louis

? Lindo

? Lornell

Female Cat Names Starting With L

Now that we have covered some male cat names let’s dive into a few female cat names as well.?

The same way I decide the names of my male cats is the exact way I follow while naming my princesses!?

Every cat is a little munchkin of innocence, love, and purity, and depending on their character traits, I like to name them.?

So, let’s hop into some amazing female cat names starting with the letter L.?

LouellaFamous warrior
LoretoPlace of laurels
LudieLoved by the people
LuluPrecious and peaceful
LuisaRenowned warrior
LauraStrength and victory
LemuelaGod’s devotee
LianaGod has answered my prayers
LorellaLittle Laurel
LanaBlessed and precious
LarissaJoyful and cheerful

? Lucille

? Lady

? Leanna

? Lyssi

? Leah

? Lavinia

? Liliuokalani

? Lady Bird

? Luana

? Lilybell

? Lara

? Lani

? Lulubelle

? Lucetta

? Lottie

? Lorena

? Linda

? Lorraine

? Letty

? Lois

? Laelia

? Liv

? Lucinda

? Lunetta

? Levita

? Lorelai

? Lidwina

? Lori

? Lucy

? Lumina

? Lwaxana

? Lupita

? LeDonna

? Leelee

? Liesel

? Lady Luck

? Lynne

? Lauren

? Luli

? Lenice

? Lyla

? Livia

? Linnea

? Lamis

? Luciana

? Linley

? Lady Gaga

? Liddy

? Lissandra

? Lacey

? Lexi

? Lefa

? Libby

? Lena

? Laverne

? Liz

? Lauralie

? Lizette

? Leticia

? Lovina

? Lilliana

? Lynlee

? Luetta

? Lyrica

? Legra

? Layla

? Lamia

? Linka

? Lindy

Gender-Neutral/Unisex Cat Names Starting With L

Gender-neutral names are the safest bet when you’re puzzled about finding the right name for your pawrrific babies.?

I love gender-neutral names so much because they go with every type of cat out there and are usually more catchy than a regular male or female cat name.?

Here is a list of Gender-Neutral/Unisex Cat names starting with the letter L.?

LimeA round green citrus fruit
LifesaverA person who rescues others from danger
LaramieProtecting hands
LoyalFaithful and unswerving
LangoustineA small lobster or large-sized prawn
LabyrinthA maze or a place full of alleys and blind passageways
LipreaderSomeone who interprets words by watching lip movement
LoofahA fibrous interior of a dishcloth gourd used for scrubbing
LoringRenowned warrior
LostOne who can persuade and captivate others effortlessly
LoomieUnique and visionary
LexiconSomeone with vast knowledge or vocabulary
LaikaLittle barking one

? Limpkin

? Lump

? La Fleur

? Lane

? Ladle

? Launchpad

? Lanky

? Lantern

? Loveday

? Laurie

? Lisbon

? Lotto

? Legend

? Lingo

? Lavish

? Lima Bean

? Loaf

? Landis

? Lackey

? Lore

? Lingcod

? Legume

? Lennox

? Laser

? Lollygag

? Legion

? Locomotion

? Lacrosse

? Lawless

? Lager

? Leslie

? Lieutenant

? Lundie

? Latin

? Linguini

? Lizard

? Linger

? Little

? Limerick

? Lava

? La Fontaine

? Lapp

? Landmark

? Lunchbox

? Lexington

? Libra

? Luau

? Latchhook

? Lindsey

? Luscious

? Lilo

? Leery

? Lefty

? Lovecraft

? Lunch

? Lovie

? Lurk

? Limousine

? Llama

? Leelanau

Creative And Unique Cat Names Starting With L 

If you want your cat to feel the best in the world and want a name that’s not only engaging and adorable but also unique, then being creative is the only way out.?

It does take time for me to come up with these unique and creative cat names, but you don’t need to worry. ?

This article is here to help you! ❤️

Here’s an entire list of creative and unique cat names starting with the letter L.?

LucaA bringer of light
LudwigA famous fighter
LesterA fortified place
LandonA long hill
LentilA cultivated leguminous plant used as fodder
LegoPlay well
LuiA famous warrior
LorenzoStrong and wise
LionCourageous and strong
LydiaThe noble and beautiful one
LovebugA person in love or a sweetheart

? Lillian

? Loretta

? Limbo

? Liza

? Lux

? London

? Loco

? Louisa

? Lenore

? Leche

? Leilani

? Laurence

? Lewis

? Lex

? Levis

? Langolier

? Lairobell

? Landslide

? Lewellyn

? Lovage

? Lipstick

? Litho

? Lickity Split

? Looky

? Little Dipper

? Land

? Lullaby

? Largo

? Link

? Leoni

? Light

? Led Zeppelin

? Lunchmeat

? Lotso

? Litterbug

? Loot

? Louisiana

? Love

? Legs

? Limburger

? Luminary

? Lalo

? Lollapalooza

Cat Names Starting With L Inspired by Food

Food is something you and your kitties both love, and consequently, a name inspired by a particular delicacy will be captivating nevertheless.?

I love to eat, I swear, and I love calling my cats with names of certain food items!?

Let’s dive right into a few cat names starting with the letter L and inspired by food.?

Lemon MeringueA pie made with lemon custard and topped with meringue.
LicoriceA sweet, aromatic, and chewy substance used in sweets and as a medicine.
LasagnaAn Italian dish, basically pasta, is made in the form of strips or sheets.
LobsterA large marine crustacean with pincers and is often eaten as a seafood delicacy.
Lemon DropA yellow-colored boiled lemon-flavored sweet.
LemonadeA drink made out of water and lemon juice.
LassiA sweet and savory drink made from yogurt, buttermilk, and water.
LamingtonA sponge cake dipped in melted chocolate and topped with grated coconuts.
Lobster BisqueA French soup made with lobsters and other crustaceans.
LeekA vegetable related to the onion family.
Lemon CurdA thick conserve made out of lemons, sugar, butter, and eggs.
LycheeA small round-shaped fruit with a scented white flesh.
LollipopA rounded and boiled sweet on the end of a stick that children love.
LoquatA yellow-colored egg-shaped fruit that is acidic.
LatkeA pancake made out of grated potatoes.

? Lavash

? Linguine

? Lemon Tart

? Latte

? Lemongrass

? Limoncello

? Lava Flow

? Lavender

? Lox

? Ladyfinger

? Lava Cake

? Lime Mojito

? Limeade

? Lemon Pepper

? Lime Sorbet

? Legacy

? Lightfoot

? Latch

? Lettuce

? Lord

? Lapis Lazuli

? Lemur

? Lima

? Lacerta

? Las Vegas

? Loom

? Larkin

? Lookout

? Littleneck

? Lacuna

? La La

? Lochness

? Liberal

? Loophole

? Leviathan

? Lothbrok

? Leopard

? Lolli

? Lamb

? Legato

? Lenin

? Loreal

? Lovely

? Lace

? Limo

? Le Fou

? LaserBeam

? Langley

? Lilliputian

? Laken

? Lumpy

? Lacroix

? Luxury

? Litmus

? Lodge

? Loyalty


? Lancaster

Cat Names Starting With L Inspired by Nature

Like the food names, I like to call some cats or give them nicknames of natural elements, and I noticed that they all love it!?♥️

You can give it a shot, too.?

I promise you won’t be offended!?

Let’s hop into a few cat names starting with the letter L and inspired by nature.?

LilyPure and innocent
LynxMasterful hunter
LightningElectrical charge in the atmosphere
LadybugLove and abundance
LovebirdIntense affection towards mates
LichenEats around itself
LarkspurDelphinium flower with blue blossoms
LarkLighthearted and playful songbird
LakeLarge area of water surrounded by land
LinnetFinch bird with brown, grey, and red colors
LemonLover or sweetheart
LilacPale purple colored shrub
LotusLotus flower

? Laurel

? Lagoon

? Liberty

? Leif

? Luna

? Lyric

? Lucent

? Larch

? Lumen

? Lilith

? Luster

? Lorelei

? Leaf

? Leona

? Laureen

? Lisbeth

? Lula

? Loucette

? Lakshmi

? Lila

? Lolita

? Lilyanne

? Lismary

? Lauretta

? Lass

? Lucretia

? Lovinia

? Laoghaire

? Lola

? Louise

? Lorenza

? Latoya

? Lisa

? Lanette

? Lisbetta

? Lilou

? Landry

? Lagertha

? Lucia

? Lillibet

? Luz

? Lovella

? Laxmi

? Leia

? Leylani

? Lizzie

? Latasha

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What are some popular cat names that start with “L”?

Some popular cat names starting with “L” include Luna, Leo, Lily, Lucy, Loki, Lola, Lucky, Leo, and Lulu.

Are there any famous cats with names starting with “L”?

Yes, there are a few famous cats with names starting with “L.” One example is “Lil Bub,” a cat who gained popularity on social media. Another example is “Larry,” the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office in the United Kingdom.

What are some gender-neutral cat names that start with “L”?

If you’re looking for gender-neutral cat names starting with “L,” you can consider options such as Logan, Lennon, Lark, Liberty, Lex, Lumen, Lyric, and Lane.

Are there any popular cat breeds that often have names starting with “L”?

While cat names can vary across different breeds, there isn’t a specific correlation between popular cat breeds and names starting with a particular letter. However, some breeds, like the Maine Coon or the Siamese, are known for their distinctive characteristics, and you can choose names starting with “L” that suit their unique traits.

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