Azawakh Dog Breed: Characteristic, Health & Fun Facts!

The Azawakh is probably one of the unique breeds when it comes to our furry friends. These dogs, who are from the hot temperatures of South Africa, namely the Sahara, are indigenous natives of the region.

They are elegant dogs who stand tall and express great loyalty to their families and lineage. These dogs are known for their short and shiny coat and their tolerance towards extreme heat.

They are hound dogs who majorly behave as companion dogs, especially to those in the Sahara region. Want to know more about them? Keep reading. 

Azawakh Dog Breed

About The Breed

The Azawakh is a breed that is most well known to be a companion hound in the sandy regions of the Sahara. These dogs are tall and proud and are known for their fine and brindle coats, apart from their origins in regions in Africa like Burkina Faso.

These dogs hold great pride in the way they carry themselves and lead their lifestyle. They are built to get into great shape and work very well with owners who are a bit agile and active themselves. 

Azawakh Dog Breed History

The Azawakh Cattle Dog is a dog that is from the region of Sahel in the Sahara Desert. Countries where this breed can be found, are Mali and Niger, amongst others. The breed is named after the Azawakh Valley in the Sahara region itself, and this alone makes this breed extremely rich heritage-wise.

They have a great history and attachment to where they come from. These dogs were initially sighthounds and companion dogs to those who would traverse the deserts. Because of this, they are great guides and companions even currently!

Azawakh Cattle Dog Breed Job Card/Overview

Breed Name Azawakh 
Other NameTuareg Sloughi
Dog Breed TypeHound Dogs 
OriginSahara, Africa
Parent BreedsSighthound family of dogs
Height25-29 inches
Weight 44-55 pounds
Life Expectancy12-15 years
Coat TypeShort smooth coat in tan brindle dark red white black colors
Common ColorsRed, White, Black, Blue, Grey, Brindle
Grooming NeedsModerate grooming needs
HypoallergenicLow level shedding 
TemperamentElegant, Energetic, Agile, Quick
Apartment LivingMay be Ideal for apartments
Health ConcernsHypothyroidism, Cataracts, Cardiac Arrests, Seizures, Auto-immune problems
Overall HealthGood
Intelligence LevelHighly Intelligent
Energy LevelHigh energy and agility
ActivityRegular exercise 
Litter Size4-6 puppies
What To Know
• Azawakhs are a high-energy breed, requiring regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. Plan for daily walks and playtime to meet their activity needs.

• With their short coat, Azawakhs have minimal grooming needs. Regular brushing helps keep their coat in good condition and reduces shedding.

• Early socialization is crucial for Azawakhs to ensure they grow into well-behaved adults. Expose them to various people, environments, and situations to build their confidence.

• Azawakhs are intelligent but can be independent. Consistent and positive training methods work best to reinforce good behavior and prevent stubbornness.

• Stay informed about potential breed-specific health concerns. Regular vet check-ups and a balanced diet contribute to their overall well-being.
Azawakh Dog Breed



The Azawakh Cattle Dog displays impressive adaptability, making it well-suited to different environments and lifestyles. Whether in urban settings or rural landscapes, this breed effortlessly adjusts to its surroundings.

Owners can expect a versatile companion that easily adapts to varying living conditions, showcasing the breed’s resilience and flexibility.


Adaptive to Apartment Living

Suitable for New Owners

Sensitivity Scale

Comfortable Being Alone

Comfortable with Cold Weather

Comfortable with Hot Weather


Azawakh Cattle Dogs are known for their friendly and loyal nature. These dogs form strong bonds with their families, displaying affection and protective instincts.

While they may be reserved around strangers initially, their friendliness becomes evident once trust is established. Early socialization is key to ensuring they grow into well-behaved and sociable companions.

All About Friendliness

Lovable with Family



Frank with strangers


The Azawakh dog is known for its pride and elegance. These dogs are most well known for how prideful they are and how tall and elegantly they stand. They are described as having a great temperament with families.

They are openly affectionate and tend to be protective and loving toward their owners. Even with kids, these dogs do not have many behavioral issues. They are gentle and may dislike being approached by a stranger. They are sociable but not extroverted. They have a great sense and can perceive threats as well. 


The Azawakh Cattle Dog is recognized for its loyal and protective temperament. This breed is known for its intelligence and devotion to its family, making it an excellent guardian.

While reserved with strangers, these dogs display affectionate and gentle behavior towards their loved ones. Early socialization is key for a well-balanced demeanor.

Friendly with kids

Azawakh dogs make wonderful companions for families with kids due to their friendly and gentle nature. They exhibit patience and a protective instinct, fostering a harmonious relationship with children when introduced early.

Amicable to other pets

These dogs also tend to be amicable towards other pets when introduced gradually. With proper socialization, Azawakhs can coexist peacefully with other animals in the household, creating a friendly and cohesive living environment.

Barking tendencies

Azawakhs are generally not excessive barkers. Their reserved nature and protective instincts mean they are less likely to bark unnecessarily, making them suitable for households where constant barking may be a concern.

Possibilities of Staying Alone

While Azawakhs enjoy social interactions, they also have an independent streak. With proper training and acclimatization, they can adapt to short periods of alone time.

However, it’s important to ensure they receive adequate mental stimulation and exercise to keep them content when left alone.

Pros and Cons of the Azawakh Dog Breed


  • Azawakhs are fiercely loyal and make devoted family companions.
  • With a short coat, grooming needs are minimal.
  • They are intelligent and trainable, responding well to positive reinforcement.


  • Azawakhs can be independent, requiring consistent training.
  • Their high energy levels necessitate regular exercise.
  • They may be reserved with strangers, requiring early socialization for better adaptability.

Male vs Female Attitude

The male and female Azawakh dogs are the same in terms of attitude; they do not have any differentiating factors except maybe their sizes. This is due to the genetic dispositions of all dogs. Both are loyal, agile, and loving. 

Azawakh Dog Breed


The Azawakh, a renowned companion hound, thrives in the sandy Sahara regions. Tall and proud, they boast fine brindle coats, originating from places like Burkina Faso in Africa.

These dogs take pride in their demeanor and lifestyle, staying in excellent shape. They mesh well with active owners, showcasing their agility in a harmonious partnership.

Coat Color And Grooming

The Azawakh has a short coat that isn’t very difficult to maintain. Their coat is shiny tends to glimmer at times, and has a smooth finish. It comes in the colors: black, red, brindle, tan, grey dark red, etc., to name a few amongst a larger pool of colors.

Grooming them is easy as well. There is no pungent body odor or other hygiene issues, so frequent bathing is not something you will have to worry about. Ensure you regularly clip your dog’s nails, however, to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear and also to click. This keeps them well-groomed in general. 


Azawakh dogs do not shed at very high levels. They hardly do shed, and even if so, it’s not seasonal. Brushing their coat regularly but not frequently can keep the slight shedding they are accustomed to even controlled. Shampooing their coat to keep them groomed, hygienic, and excellent is also something that will help their overall health. 


The Azawakh Cattle Dog is 23-27 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs about 33-55 pounds. These numbers may vary with the lifestyle and genetics of each dog, but they largely lie in this spectrum.

Female dogs may be a tad bit shorter, and their weights may fluctuate as well. But then again, this is subject to each dog’s lifestyle. 


Generally, the health of this breed is not a complication you need to worry about. They do not have an affliction towards a lot of diseases or issues; however, keeping an eye out for some common problems is important. As they say, prevention is better than cure. 

Some typical issues you can look out for are– Hypothyroidism, Cataracts, Cardiac Arrests, Seizures, and Auto-immune problems. Keeping an eye out for these issues can help control and maintain the good health of your dog.

Ensure you visit your veterinarian regularly so that you can see these issues or any other complications approaching to hinder the health of your dog. This will help you stay prepared and combat any health complications. 

Health and Grooming Requirements

Shedding Quantity

Drooling Capability

Effortless to Groom

Overall Health

Capable of Gaining Weight


Maintenance and Care

The Azawakh dog requires daily exercise to stay stimulated both mentally and physically. These dogs require at least an hour or half-hour walk or play session. This keeps them active, and they can quickly burn off any latent energy that they might be housing in their bodies.

These dogs do tend to be sociable; the presence of another dog or owner can give them company and also increase their interest and involvement in engaging in exercise. 

Food and Nutrition

The Azawakh is not very large; thus, very large portions of food in terms of diet are not required. However, a moderate-sized serving and regular diet schedule will help these dogs stay fit and active.

Since they are companion dogs and they like to explore, they tend to be active and agile. An active breed must have a diet that will keep them nutritionally fulfilled. Activity can only be most effective if it is complemented by a diet. 

Another pillar that feeding and diet support is health. Good health can be maintained with a great diet. Some dogs are also vulnerable to obesity or weight retention. A regular and controlled diet schedule can stop this from happening. 

Exercise and Activity Level

This dog requires at least half an hour of games and an hour of physical activity to stimulate both its mental and physical wellness. These dogs do not independently exercise but appreciate being led into physical activities.

Ensure during games, you are stimulating them by playing catch or chase since they are dogs of that temperament, and while running, their quick pace matches yours since they are agile and fast. These dogs are very keen to exercise with their owners!

Physical Requirements

Energy range


Exercise Requirements

Capable for Playfulness


The Azawakh Cattle Dog displays a moderate level of trainability. Patience and consistency are key when working with this independent breed. Early socialization is crucial for positive behavior development.

While intelligent, these dogs may have a stubborn side, so positive reinforcement techniques work best. Building a strong bond, incorporating mental stimulation, and ensuring positive experiences contribute to successful training outcomes for Azawakh Cattle Dogs.


Effortless to Train


Capable for Mouthiness

Tendency to Attack Prey

Urge to Howl or Bark

Wanderlust Ability


The Azawakh Cattle Dog is a hound that has the most amazing amount of dignity and elegance. This breed is even known for its polished socialization and elegance in the dignity area. They are obedient and sociable and also hold a lot of pride. 

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FAQs On The Azawakh Dog Breed

Where do the Azawakh Dog breeds come from?

The Azawakh Dog is a dog that comes from the Sahara region of Africa with companion and hound dog lineage. 

What is the best diet routine for an Azawakh Dog dog?

A diet that supplements the dog’s active and agile lifestyle while keeping them fit is what is best for an Azawakh dog. To come up with the most tailored diet and schedule, consult your veterinarian.

How much exercise is required for an Azawakh Cattle Dog?

At least 2 hours of exercise is what is required for this breed. Half an hour of games and at least an hour of walking is the rigorous amount that you should spend. 

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