1055+ Anime Dog Names that Capture Essence of Japanese Animation!

Anime is a form of computer-originated and Hand-Drawn Animation which originated in Japan

Anime is known for showcasing different forms of characters, settings, and themes. It is also one of the most established forms of animation in Japan.

It has been able to maintain its popularity due to its diversity in storylines. Starting from romance and comedy to horrors, murder mysteries, and thrillers, anime has explored everything. 

But in this particular article, we have a unique motive. We have gathered some anime-themed names for our cute canine buddies! Check out the lists and find the best one for your dog! 

Cool Anime Dog Names 

Anime is super cool, and so are our dogs! So why not merge the two and pick out some awesome anime names for our dogs? No matter if your four-footer is a male or a Female, we have arranged just the perfect ones for you here. 

Quit the basic boring ones like ‘Tommy’ and go for a funkier one! 

โ—    Tomo: “Wisdom” or “Friendship.”

โ—    Hisako: “Long-lived child.”

โ—    Yasu: “Peace” or “Calm.”

โ—    Hoshi: “Star” or “Astronomical.”

โ—    Natsuko: “Summer child.”

โ—    Hidemi: “Splendid beauty.”

โ—    Kuri: “Chestnut.”

โ—    Yataro: A common male given name in Japan.

โ—    Mizuki: “Beautiful moon.”

โ—    Harumi: “Spring beauty.”

โ—    Nanami: “Seven seas.”

โ—    Michi: “Path” or “Way.”

โ—    Yuri: “Lily” or “Innocent.”

โ—    Junji: “Pure and truthful.”

โ—    Asa: “Morning” or “Born in the morning.”

โ—    Nori: “Law” or “Rule.”

โ—    Isami: “Courageous” or “Brave.”

โ—    Yoko: “Positive child.”

โ—    Bunta: “Brave warrior.”

โ—    Keomi: “Blessed beauty.”

โ—    Kayo: “Beautiful generation.”

โ—    Masa: “True” or “Righteous.”

โ—    Toshiko: “Clever” or “Intelligent.”

โ—    Hanami: “Flower viewing.”

โ—    Oshin: “Bright” or “Shining.”

โ—    Nobu: “Faith” or “Trust.”

โ—    Yoshy: A variation of the name Yoshi, which means “Good luck” or “Respectful.”

โ—    Minorioi: “Harbor of fruit.”

โ—    Gin: “Silver.”

โ—    Tomohito: “Rich friend.”

โ—    Mura: “Village” or “Hamlet.”

โ—    Asuka: “Fragrance” or “Perfume.”

โ—    Hiroaki: “Vast brightness.”

โ—    Benjiro: “Enjoys peace.”

โ—    Daizo: “Great leader” or “Great ruler.”

โ—    Hiromitsu: “Vast light” or “Abundance.”

โ—    Yujiro: “Second son” or “Righteous son.”

โ—    Enmei: “Long life” or “Eternal life.”

โ—    Minato: “Harbor” or “Port.”

โ—    Joben: “Long-lasting study.”

โ—    Gaku: “Learn” or “Study.”

โ—    Hanaeye: “Blossom” or “Flower reflection.”

โ—    Ko: “Child” or “Love.”

โ—    Hoshiko: “Star child.”

โ—    Ginjorj: A variation of the name George, meaning “Farmer” or “Earth worker.”

โ—    Namio: “Waves” or “Surf.”

โ—    Fumito: “Beautiful person.”

โ—    Fumio: “Scholar” or “Intellectual.”

โ—    Hideyo: “Excellent” or “Superior generation.”

โ—    Kuma: “Bear.”

โ—    Yutaka: “Abundance” or “Prosperity.”

โ—    Kamin: “Spirit” or “Deity.”

โ—    Miwa: “Beautiful harmony.”

โ—    Katsu

โ—    Maki

โ—    Utano

โ—    Masaru

โ—    Emica

โ—    Chimon

โ—    Hisoki

โ—    Arata

โ—    Kaori

โ—    Ismu

โ—    Genko

โ—    Kayda

Anime Dog Names Generator

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Catchy Anime Dog Names

Whether we are talking about real-life names or anime names, a catchy one stands out. Quit calling your furry buddy boring names and give them catchy ones, which will go a long way. What’s wrong with a little ‘Akame’ and ‘Armin’ here and there for your dog? 

Here are some catchy nicknames which you will like! 

โ—     Fujio

โ—    Minori

โ—    Noa

โ—    Hedeki

โ—    Cho

โ—    Naoshi

โ—    Hayato

โ—    Kimiko

โ—    Kasumi

โ—    Hiroki

โ—    Ima

โ—    Manjiro

โ—    Hinatall

โ—    Hachio

โ—    Miki

โ—    Toshio

โ—    Minoru

โ—    Hisato

โ—    Misaki

โ—    Harulp

โ—    Jinichi

โ—    Kaede

โ—    Miyoko

โ—    Chika

โ—    Eri

โ—    Haruto

โ—    Yoshiro

โ—    Kiku

โ—    Hideto

โ—    Masaji

โ—    Kaemon

โ—    Yozo

โ—    Raden

โ—    Emika

โ—    Miyo

โ—    Etsuji

โ—    Hiroko

โ—    Junto

โ—    Kimika

โ—    Yuko

โ—    Hatsu

โ—    Nara

โ—    Azumi

โ—    Jurou

โ—    Toya

โ—    Etsu

โ—    Daichi

โ—    Fuji

โ—    Ikko

โ—    Toshihi

โ—    Mio

โ—    Toshiji

โ—    Kimi

โ—    Ginjoro

โ—    Rai

โ—    Banri

โ—    Iwa

โ—    Kiwa

โ—    Notin

โ—    Hiromi

โ—    Hinata

โ—    Hitomi

โ—    Akiara

โ—    Natsu

male anime dog names

Remember the feeling you used to have back in school when no one in your class or the entire school had the same name as you?

Not many dogs are happy with their boring names. I hope your dog isn’t one of them too. What if your dog had the best name too?

โ—     Kaede

โ—    Yoshi

โ—    Usagi

โ—    Aika

โ—    Denji

โ—    Hana

โ—    Toshi

โ—    Osamu

โ—    Nanako

โ—    Hideo

โ—    Hozumi

โ—    Kage

โ—    Genkei

โ—    Mitsuru

โ—    Hikaru

โ—    Morie

โ—    Masaki

โ—    Juro

โ—    Kioka

โ—    Hibikio

โ—    Wakumi

โ—    Misako

โ—    Mitsu

โ—    Daigo

โ—    Bashira

โ—    Kazue

โ—    Nobuko

โ—    Haruko

โ—    Juw

โ—    Yung

โ—    Momoka

โ—    Hisoka

โ—    Hatsuko

โ—    Hitoshi

โ—    Akio

โ—    Keiko

โ—    Chie

โ—    Ayano

โ—    Yahiro

โ—    Atsuji

โ—    Hiroto

โ—    Haruki

โ—    Hayate

โ—    Mitsuko

โ—    Genzo

โ—    Yumi

โ—    Tomio

โ—    Isamu

โ—    Moriko

โ—    Umi

โ—    Jin

โ—    Toru

โ—    Amaya

โ—    Momo

โ—    Hachile

โ—    Ume

โ—    Akitore

โ—    Aki

โ—    Chibi

โ—    Masao

โ—    Naokitte

โ—    Fumihiro

Female Anime Dog Names

Ever wondered what the dogs must talk about within their clan? Do they sometimes discuss and brag about their names?

Does the dog who’s called Tommy get bullied for his boring name? Don’t make your dog go through that.

Use some creativity and give your dog a good name. The list given below will help your dog stand out!

โ—    Eiji

โ—    Hiraku

โ—    Noriew

โ—    Aito

โ—    Hibiki

โ—    Yoriwe

โ—    Hayata

โ—    Eizo

โ—    Chiko

โ—    Etsuko

โ—    Chizue

โ—    Aiko

โ—    Daido

โ—    Tomiko

โ—    Miyuki

โ—    Hanakoe

โ—    Kohana

โ—    Hirowe

โ—    Nana

โ—    Kazuko

โ—    Noboru

โ—    Yori

โ—    Chiaki

โ—    Jiro

โ—    Genzoe

โ—    Hiro

โ—    Wakana

โ—    Tetsuro

โ—    Kaichi

โ—    Danuja

โ—    Eiko

โ—    Hikari

โ—    Hachiro

โ—    Toshiro

โ—    Naozumi

โ—    Nishi

โ—    Ichiro

โ—    Dai

โ—    Yuna

โ—    Narumi

โ—    Airi

โ—    Kaiyo

โ—    Akemi

โ—    Naoki

โ—    Asas

โ—    Manabu

โ—    Yoshiko

โ—    Kairi

โ—    Nakano

โ—    Genjiro

โ—    Hachi

โ—    Haku

โ—    Norita

โ—    Naoji

โ—    Daiw

โ—    Namika

โ—    Tokuro

โ—    Haya

โ—    Itsuki

โ—    Koto

โ—    Makoto

โ—    Yuji

โ—    Hanmi

Funny Anime Dog Names

Do you want to call your little furball something that turns heads when walking down the aisle? ”What did they call the dog?” 

Just imagine the thrill of it. You, my love, would instantly become a trendsetter. Name him/her something catchy, something extraordinary! Please take a look at the names we got here for you!

โ—    Liko

โ—    Tohru

โ—    Misa

โ—    Kaito

โ—    Iniga

โ—    Calzone

โ—    Ziti

โ—    Yuriko

โ—    Atomu

โ—    Junpei

โ—    Kokoro

โ—    Romeo

โ—    Arturo

โ—    Kei

โ—    Pebble

โ—    Hideaki

โ—    Mako

โ—    Masato

โ—    Kiyomi

โ—    Jona

โ—    Katashi

โ—    Farinata

โ—    Natsuki

โ—    Katsumi

โ—    Mikio

โ—    Kamiko

โ—    Keanu

โ—    Luana

โ—    Yuka

โ—    Botan

โ—    Fausto

โ—    Kahili

โ—    Crostini

โ—    Goro

โ—    Madoka

โ—    Noriko

โ—    Akito

โ—    Yasuko

โ—    Chuya

โ—    Yasuri

โ—    Frube

โ—    Awapuhi

โ—    Kichi

โ—    Pesto

โ—    Eito

โ—    Venice

โ—    Tomoya

โ—    giphy embed

โ—    Yamato

โ—    Izumi

โ—    Junichi

โ—    Futoshi

โ—    Hanako

โ—    Chiyo

โ—    Chujiro

Amazing Anime Dog Names

Dogs are awesome. Come on. There is no doubt. They are sassy, they are faithful, and they are wonderful. Dogs are amazing animals, and you are one of the luckiest beings on planet earth if you have a dog.

In this list, we have arranged some amazing dog names for you which have some anime touch to them. 

โ—    Cora

โ—    Ahino

โ—    Denjar

โ—    Padraic

โ—    Patushca

โ—    Haruka

โ—    Ditalini

โ—    Marion

โ—    Sebastian

โ—    Namie

โ—    Patrece

โ—    Amerrr

โ—    Arisu

โ—    Yoru

โ—    Emilia

โ—    Emma

โ—    Junko

โ—    Carlo

โ—    Habiki

โ—    Pattie

โ—    Natsumi

โ—    Patrizia

โ—    Adeline

โ—    Ginoside

โ—    Padraig

โ—    Casey bear

โ—    Hideji

โ—    Raiden

โ—    Yoshito

โ—    Matilda

โ—    Petrea

โ—    Trixie

โ—    Anzu

โ—    Aniho

โ—    Pietra

โ—    Kamohoali

โ—    Yuki

โ—    Maryanna

โ—    Patrisia

โ—    Patricio

โ—    Asiago

โ—    Umeji

โ—    Oliver

โ—    Maury

โ—    Meriam

โ—    Arthur

โ—    Marianthi

โ—    Hiroshi

โ—    Patrica

โ—    Mirannda

โ—    Giggles

โ—    Dearie

โ—    Cutie Pie

โ—    Devil

โ—    Digger

โ—    Buck

โ—    Goofy

โ—    Rogue

โ—    Poppet

โ—    Jocko

โ—    Bearie

โ—    Storm

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What are some popular anime dog names?

Popular anime dog names include Akamaru, Ein, Tetsuya, Koro, Black Hayate, Menchi, and Maromi.

Can you suggest some unique anime dog names?

Certainly! Unique anime dog names can include Chomusuke, Inuyasha, Toto, Koromaru, Chopper, Pochi, and Kyubey.

Are there gender-specific anime dog names?

Yes, there are gender-specific anime dog names. For males, options like Hachi, Guts, Jiji, or Shiro are popular. For females, names like Yuki, Nana, Chi, or Luna are commonly chosen.

Where can I find more anime dog names?

You can find more anime dog names by browsing online pet name directories, exploring anime-themed forums or communities, or even consulting anime fan websites. Additionally, you can get creative and modify existing anime character names to suit your dog’s style and personality.

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