Animal Group Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

If we look around the surroundings, we will find out that there are a million animals. Besides the discovery of different animals, some traits still have a common link between humans and animals. 

We see a variety of animals around us in our daily life. From dog to tiger and mouse to donkey, all are considered the animal group. They also vary from each other in terms of shape, size, color, and Nature.

Even the eating habits of these animals differ from each other. It is a lot of fun to keep an animal as a pet in your home, and giving that animal a good name is even more exciting. 

So here you are provided with some animal group names.

Cool Animal Group Names

It is not necessary to have a single pet. We can have different types of pets to love and take care of. The variety of these can include livestock, insects, reptiles, etc. If you also have a large group of pets at home, want to name it? Then here are some cool animal group names for you guys.

Swish Kebabs

The Talksters

Scrambled Legs

Tenacious Turtles

Back That Pass Up

Ball Stealers

Freakin’ Awesomes

Your Worst Nightmare



Hanging Cannonballs

Insurance Mafia

Sons of Preacher Men

Farting Ferrets

Screw Balls

Hungry Hippos


Mostly Harmless

Farting Anteaters

Mullet Mafia

Mean Green

We Got the Runs

Ice Cold Pitchers

Lilly Livered Leopards

Hot Shots

The Real Patriots


The Untouchables


Doomsday Bunnies

Boys That Cried Wolf

Inward Demons

Psychodelic Hurricanes

Kamikaze Geckos

Special K’s

Free Wi-Fi


The Tater Tots

Court of Kangaroos

I’ll Take That Quarterback

Hit and Run

Zany Zebras

We Don’t Lose

Deviled Eggs

Spaghetti Legs

Who In This Room Farted?

Anemic Bruisers

The Sluggers

Savage and Average

Wanna Pizza Us?

The Renaissance

Straight off the couch

Here Come the Runs

End Zone Chasers


Mess of Iguanas

Raging Bulls

Not Last Place

Stone Crushers

Phantom Strikers

Animal Light

Flower Power

Daring Dinosaurs


Hopping Hippos


Moose Knuckles

3rd Base Bullies

Space Monkey Mafia

0% Risk

Cubicle Gigglers


Bloody-Minded Tigers

Fabulous Fairies

Purple Power

Running On Empty

The Chunky Monkeys

Hip Hop Bunnyz

Landon healed

Limping Gravediggers

Lord of the Rims

Drake Animal

Goal Diggers

Hustlin’ Owls

Fluffy White Bunnies

The Prosperous Ones

Urban Kings

Basic Pitches

Crocodile Dundees

Crashing Crusaders

The Kickapoos

The Dino-Sores

Rainbow Unicorns

All Pain, No Gain

Thunder Wolves

Dead Daredevils

Ketchup If You Can

Mediocrity At Its Best

Toxic Smokin Monkeys

Won Direction

Bird Brains

The Godfathers

Rainbow Butt Monkeys

Catchy Animal Group Names

Animals are one of the best friends of human beings. Nowadays, people like to spend some time with their pets, and even pets feel the same ways which can be seen in their behavior. If you have such a beautiful group of pets or animals with you, here are some catchy animal group names.


Goofy Geese

Win or Booze

Hemorrhoid Explosion

Premature Torpedoes

The Hitmen

Funky Monkeys


Strategic Nightmare

Air Ballers

Orange Crushers

Talking Geckos

Dak to the Future


Cheeky Cheetahs

Predatory Lendors

Jabbering Jaquars

The Slam Dunks

Flying Pigs

Crotch Bats

White Sharks

Fielder of Dreams

Got The Runs

Game of Throw-ins

Cow Tipping Dwarfs

Kamikaze Kangaroos

The Cheeky Monkeys

Sky’s The Limit

Homerun Hitters

Awesome Tofu Eaters

Snakes On A Field


Deal Makers

Your Goalie’s Nightmare

I’d Hit That

Mustang Sallies

Ripe Mature Cows



Too Much Mustard

Keep It 100

Gossip Geese

Slam Dunkers

Hippie Chicks

Flying Mortal Penguins

Beer Makes Smart

Shrewd Owls

The Blazers

The Diplomatically Immune

Icky Anacondas

Magnificent Manatees

Say That Again

Over Achievers



The Violent Storms


Fighting Monkeys

Legacy Leavers

Geeky Cabin

Scared Shotless


Balls of Fire

Guns N’ Poses

Pride of Lions


Honey Bees

Electric Elephants


Earth period

Pitch Please

Men of Steel

Blood Bath and Beyond

The Audacious Alpacas

Dusty Monkeys

Daring Ducks

Disruptive Donkeys

The Teenie Weenies

The Mighty Penguins

The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse


Mean Machine

Master Batters

The Fat Pirates

Master Batting Skeletons

Desert Storm

Justice Bringers

Wasted Potential

Piero della Animal

Money Makers

Staff Infection

Fire Breathing Cobras

Flamin ballers


Stinky Cheese

Men of Genius

Remote Control Alligators

Cranium Krusherz

The Barbarians

The Weed Whackers!

Club Foot


The Storm Bringers

Ball Breakers

The Lone Wolves

Best Animal Group Names

Being best requires a hell lot of tasks. People are looking for pets which are also best as they are easy to train and manage. But if you think you have many animals or pets like that who are trained at their very best. So, you will need the best animal group name from them. Let’s check out some.

Do or Die on the Bench

Power House

Dyslexia United

Spicy Mustard

Sleep Apneas

Look Ma No Hands

Stahlbaum Animal


Venomous Snakes

Yipping Yaks

Own Goal

No Fear

Fever of Stingrays

Couch Potatoes

Timid Typhoons


Lazy Lobsters

The Chicken Nuggets

Flatulent Monkeys

Salty Scorpions

Can’t Cutch This

Cross Dressing Monkeys

We Talk A Lot

Wisdom of Owls


Brokebat Mountain


Gray Panthers

Waiting For Naptime

Tiger Commando Squad

Thunder Chickens

Purple Pandas

Shady Dunkers


Abusement Park

Smells Like Team Spirit

Alabaster Alligators

The Killer Bees

Polar Bears

Karate Kicking Kangaroos

Monkey Space Invaders

Fast Talkers

Tasseled Wobbegon

Panda Express

The Scuba Squad

Jet Engine Firebirds

Sky’s the Limit

One Hit Wonders

Not Fast, Just Furious

Mandatory Fun

The Plastered Penguins

Swamp Donkeys

Galaxy Space Cadets

Snack Shell

The Smartest Guys in The Room

Illusion of Greatness

Chunky Monkeys

Crash of Rhinos

The Silly Squids

Gone With the Win

The Powerpuff Girls


The Master Batters

Kung Fu Pandas

The Hit List


Shiver of Sharks

Canniball Shooters

Lil’ Angels

Screaming Eagles

Here Comes the Run

Prairie Wolves

Estrogen Express

Men on a Mission

Chicken Hawks

99 Problems But a Swish Ain’t One

5 for Fighting



The Singles

Your Pace or Mine?


99 Red Balloons

Burgundy Bullets

Only Here to Establish an Alibi

The Untouchaballs

Teriyaki Tarantulas


Savage Joes

Still Trying To Decide

Keys to Ignition

Eleven Wise Monkeys

Drunken Scorpions

May Animal

Delta Ducks

Ridiculous Reindeer

Kicking You

The Hot Shots

Honey Badgers

Bad Hair Day

Fighting Camels

Touchy Ball Handlers

The Buffalo Wings

Mudder Runners

litchi Geeky

Amazing Animal Group Names

Animals are very amazing creatures. If they are cared for and pampered very well, then they will be your loyalist friends. Nowadays, people have many pets, and it’s amazing to see how well they are mixed with each other. If you also have such a good group of animals, then here are some amazing animal group names.

Miracle Mile


Midget Slayers

Sore for Days

Diarrhea Volcanoes

Omniscient Octopi

Mission Unblockable

Loose Ends

Braindead Zombies

Rule Breakers

The Walkie Talkies

Devil Ducks

The Rowdy Roosters

The Only Contenders

The Pro Kritters

Sissy Dragons

Don’t Stop Ballieving

Court Rulers

Dunk After Dunk


Loan Sharks

Danger Ducks

The Chicken Turtles


Rattle Pants

Scouting For Goals

No Chance

The Intentional Foulers

Make Teams Great Again

The Mean Ones


The Bearistas

Top of The Game

Prickle of Porcupines


Collision Course

Monsoon Buffoons

Winking Weasels

Snapping Turtles

Team Moose Nuck

Movers and Shakers

Basket Brawlers

Endzone Maniacs

Thunder Ducks


Look Ma, No Hands

Farri Landon

Black Panthers



Quicksilver Kickers


Justice League

The Showrunners


The Ones To Impress

Irrational Ibex

The Three-Pointers

Raped By Dolphins

Animal Brenda

Power Brokers

Jesus Lizard


Udder Chaos

Win Diesel

Lucky Charms

Tiger Commandos

One Pitch Nightmares

The Tired Turtles

Hoop Breakers

Team Chickens



Full Court Pressure


Easier Said Than Run

Lightning Tigers

The Tyrants

Animal Tay

The Doomsday Bunnies

Swift Kick in the Grass


The Fixers

Shooting Stars

Drunken Sea Monkeys

Tireless Runners

Will Run For Beer

Sons of Pitches

The Killer Monkeys


Between a Walk and Hard Place

Ball of Duty

Leaders in Commerce

Pippen Ain’t Easy

Egg-cellent Team

We Showed Up

Fast but Not Furious

Belly Bombers

Tie of the Tiger

99 Problems But a Pitch Ain’t One

Sucking Sparks

Monkey Spankers

Awesome Animal Group Names

It’s a tremendous thing to have many pets or animals at home. Why it’s tremendous because they will be your friends as well as they will become part of your family.

Moreover, it is important to have a name for your family group, and in the same way, it’s important to have a name for your animal group as well. Check out some awesome animal group names.

Flying Squirrels

Policy Makers

Shoes or Lose

Mad Men

Batting Divas

Canni-ball Shooters

Slamming Balls Deep

Southern Discomfort

No Hit Sherlock

Sausage Factory

Crack-Smoking Bears

Murder of Crows

No Shame

Big Net Worth

Best of the Best

Run Like the Winded

Rough Necks

Smack My Pitch Up

Swamp Boys

High Voltage

Prawn Stars

Dream Crushers

Multiple Scorgasms

Landon Adalie


Radioactive Nipples

Minimum Wagers

Johnny Cougars

Sharks in Suits

Ball Busters

Demolition Crew

Purple Monkeys

Maldives Earth

Mandatory Attendance

Horde of Hamsters

Crass Interference



Shaolin Monkeys

Scarlet Raptors

Dribbling Me Softly

Kung Fu Panda Coco Pops

Heart Warmers

The Puppet Masters

Crazed Wombats

Lovable and Lazy

Sabre-Tooth Tigers

Game of Cones


Backstreet Girls

The Tigers


Squabbling Divas

Baby Got Dak

Ball Burners

Rooster Riders

Kick in a Box

Periodic Farters

Deadly Scorpions


Stormy Petrels

Agony of De Feet

Stable Geniuses

The Teddy Bears

Man-Eating Squirrels

We Tried

Hoops I Did It Again

We Who Shall Not Be Named

Thundering Herd

Speed Demons

Shadow of Jaguars

Jumping Jellyfish

Fire Breathing Penguins

Blue Balls of Destiny

Tried and true

Wind Ducks

Bat Attitudes

Peak Performers

Fire Starters

The Sons of Pitches


The Husky Hedgehogs

Pink Boas

The Desert Roses

Ladies in Scarlet

Wild Kratts

The Doves of Justice

Monkeys Big Band

Case of the Runs

iPod Chargers

Recycle Bin

Landon period

Block It Like It’s Hot

Pigs Can Fly

Goat in a Boat

Supersonic Tortoises

Nursery of Raccoons

Whimpering Wizards

Free Foulin’

The Ponies

The Chia Pets

Sneezing Cobras

Tax Cheetahs

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