American Pugabull Dog Breed: Characteristic, Health & Fun Facts!

American pugabulls, also lovingly called Bull Pugs, are one of the breeds that are considered ‘designer.’ They are loving, short, and stocky and are the best pups ever! They are pretty popular in their circles and have very amicably inherited the most lovable features from their parent breeds.

They are very protective dogs and have a predator instinct that they proudly show. They can perceive threats easily and don’t shy away from barking if they feel that you might be under some sort of threat. They are vocal in terms of protection tendencies and with their affection. If they socialize at a young age, they are stimulated and lead a good holistic life. 

American Pugabull Dog Breed

About The Breed

American pugabulls are lovable little gentlemen who are loved by all pet owners alike! These dogs inherit the best genetics of their ancestors and make the perfect mix of their parents. They aren’t purebreds but hold the tenacity of those.

They are non-hypoallergenic dogs that are family-centric, making them very viable for novice owners. These dogs also tend to be obedient and loyal and do not cough up much of a fit when it comes to training.

They are great with children if sociable from a young age and behave well with family members as well. If they are trained efficiently, they make great pets. 

American Pugabull Dog Breed History

The American Pugabull is a true American crossbreed. The parent breeds of this dog are the American Bulldog and the loved Pug. They were in existence a while ago, but as designer breeds, they came to exist in North America in the late 1990s.

Though this breed is rare, it is known for being differentiated from the other breeds that are hybrids. This hybrid is recognized by the Dog Registry of America (DRA) and the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC). 

American Pugabull Dog Breed Job Card/Overview

Breed Name American Pugabull
Other NameBull Pugs
Dog Breed TypeMixed breed dogs 
Parent BreedsAmerican Bulldog and Pug
Height12-20 inches
Weight 25-70 pounds
Life Expectancy12-14 years
Coat TypeShort coats
Common ColorsTan, Cream, Brown, Black, Red
Grooming NeedsRegular maintenance 
HypoallergenicSeasonal shedding 
TemperamentAffectionate, Protective, Loyal
Apartment LivingMay be ideal for apartments
Health ConcernsRespiratory Issues, Hip Dysplasia, Joint Complexities, Demodectic mange, Cataracts, Respiratory Issues
Overall HealthGood
Intelligence LevelVery Intelligent
TrainabilityEasy to train but maybe stubborn
Energy LevelVery energetic and agile 
ActivityModerately energetic thus moderate exercise is required 
Litter Size2-4 puppies
What To Know
• The American Pugabull is a delightful mix of American Pit Bull Terrier and Pug, blending the best of both worlds.

• Known for their lively and affectionate nature, these dogs make great companions for families or individuals seeking an energetic and loving pet.

• American Pugabulls thrive with regular exercise, enjoying walks and playtime. A happy and healthy dog often results from an active lifestyle.

• As with any breed, staying vigilant about their health is important. Regular vet check-ups and a balanced diet contribute to a thriving and happy American Pugabull.

• With the right training and care, these dogs can become cherished family members, bringing joy and affection to the household.



This breed effortlessly fits into different living environments, making it an excellent choice for various households. Whether in a lively family setting or a quieter space, these dogs easily adjust and bring their friendly and adaptable nature wherever they go.


Adaptive to Apartment Living

Suitable for New Owners

Sensitivity Scale

Comfortable Being Alone

Comfortable with Cold Weather

Comfortable with Hot Weather


The American Pugabull is known for its friendly nature, making it a great choice for families and individuals. This breed tends to be sociable and welcoming, showing affection towards both owners and strangers.

With proper training and socialization, the American Pugabull can create a warm and friendly atmosphere in any home, forming positive relationships with people and other pets.

All About Friendliness

Lovable with Family



Frank with strangers


American Pugabulls are very protective and affectionate dogs. They may not be very big in terms of their size, but their energy levels are quite high. These hybrids are dogs that enjoy their activity outdoors.

Their prey drive may cause them to be less sociable than they can be, but occasional training and exposing them to fostering new relationships from a young age can help solve this issue. They are great watchdogs and tend to vocalize any threats.

This makes them great protectors. They are always looking to please their owners most of the time and will go the extra mile to be loyal and trustworthy. They are obedient and listen to commands as well. 


These dogs are known to be lively and loving, making them excellent companions for families or individuals. With a positive and adaptable disposition, they form strong bonds with their owners.

Early socialization and consistent training contribute to their well-behaved nature, creating a delightful addition to any household seeking a friendly and devoted canine companion.

Friendly with kids

The American Pugabull is generally friendly with kids, making it a great choice for families. Their affectionate nature often leads to positive interactions with children, fostering strong bonds. As with any dog, teaching children to treat the dog respectfully is important for a harmonious relationship.

Amicable to other pets

When it comes to other pets, American Pugabulls can be amicable if introduced and socialized early. Proper introductions and positive interactions contribute to a peaceful coexistence in multi-pet households.

Barking tendencies

Barking tendencies vary among individuals, but in general, American Pugabulls are not excessive barkers. Training and consistent reinforcement can help manage their barking behavior, creating a quieter living environment.

Possibilities of Staying Alone

Regarding staying alone, these dogs may experience separation anxiety if left for long periods. Gradual training and providing stimulating activities can help ease this, ensuring a more comfortable experience for the American Pugabull when alone.

Pros and Cons of the American Pugabull Dog Breed


  • Affectionate Companionship: American Pugabulls are known for their friendly and loving nature.
  • Family-Friendly: They often get along well with children and can make excellent family pets.
  • Playful Energy: These dogs bring a playful and energetic spirit, ideal for active households.


  • Potential Separation Anxiety: American Pugabulls may experience anxiety when left alone.
  • Training Needs: Consistent training is crucial to manage their energy and maintain good behavior.
  • Health Concerns: As with any breed, there may be specific health considerations, necessitating regular veterinary check-ups.

Male vs Female Attitude

There is no difference between the male and female American Pugabull. Both dogs are extremely loyal and affectionate!

American Pugabull Dog Breed


American Pugabulls are adorable and beloved companions, cherished by pet owners. With a mix of the best traits from their ancestors, these non-hypoallergenic dogs are perfect for families and novice owners.

Their obedient and loyal nature, coupled with ease of training, makes them an ideal choice. Sociable from a young age, they’re great with children and family members, proving to be excellent pets when trained effectively.

Coat Color And Grooming

American Pugabull has a short coat that comes in different colors of tan, cream, black, red, etc.; from their parents, they get a hued coat that isn’t a single block color but rather textured. Their short and coarse coat makes it easy to groom them.

They do not shed much and are not hypoallergenic. Their rather short coats could make them sensitive to conditions like extreme weather. In the winter, they could feel chilly. Make sure you groom these dogs’ nails and keep them short to avoid clicking as well. 

Oral hygiene is an important part of the American Pugabull’s routine, as Pugs tend to have some oral hygiene issues. As these pups grow into adults, they may also experience some changes in diet requirements and lifestyle. Consult your veterinarian on the best way to keep your dogs healthy. 


The American Pugabullsheds do not shed a lot since their coats aren’t very long. Coat brushing twice or thrice a week keeps shedding at bay and keeps them hygienic. 


The American Pugabull is a medium-sized dog. Their parent breeds are not very large dogs; thus, even these dogs are not very massive in size.

They are about 25-70 pounds heavy and can grow up to 20 inches to the shoulder standing tall. Each dog is different, and they may be larger or smaller depending on their breeding and lifestyle, however.


The American Pugabull is a healthy dog. However, there are some predisposing genetic conditions and health risks they may be exposed to since they are a crossbreed. They may get these sensitivities from their parent breeds’ health risks.

Some of the issues to look out for are Respiratory Issues, Hip Dysplasia, Joint Complexities, Demodectic mange, Cataracts, and Respiratory Issues. To keep these in check, make sure that you are visiting your doctor regularly and not shying away from regular checkups. 

Health and Grooming Requirements

Shedding Quantity

Drooling Capability

Effortless to Groom

Overall Health

Capable of Gaining Weight


Maintenance and Care

The American Pugabull has very high energy levels, and this is to be taken care of to keep them happy mentally and physically. At least an hour or two of walking and running as well as games which keep them interested and act as an outlet to exhaust their energy is important.

Pugabulls are dogs that tend to get obese or gain weight; thus, ensuring they get good amounts of physical exercise giving them just enough nutrition, and not overfeeding is important. 

Hygiene is important as well. Give regular baths to your dog and maintain their health through regular visits to the doctor. This will keep them in optimal shape. 

Food and Nutrition

Active dogs need constant nutrition and energy-supplemented diets. For your American Pugabull as well, ensure you include food that is energy-rich and complements your exercise needs.

Stick to a regular feeding schedule that does not lead to overfeeding since they do tend to become obese or retain weight. Try to include feeding games into their habits to keep them stimulated.

Exercise and Activity Level

The American Pugabull’s parents are breeds that do not engage in very strenuous exercise. However, they do enjoy their moderate exercise, and that is what the derivative of this crossbreed is. These dogs are high-energy dogs that take pride in their agility.

It is important to engage them in the exercise for at least an hour or two so that they are stimulated and content both mentally and physically. 

If the American Bulldog genetics are stronger, the Pugabull pup might need some rigorous exercise, as opposed to the pug being a dog that is not so active. If you don’t give them enough exercise, Pugabulls might get isolated and standoffish. Engage them in moderate exercise to keep them content!

Physical Requirements

Energy range


Exercise Requirements

Capable for Playfulness


American Pugabulls exhibit moderate trainability, responding well to positive reinforcement and consistency. Early socialization helps them adapt to various situations, and basic obedience training establishes a well-behaved foundation.

Patience, treats, and praise are effective tools in shaping their behavior, making the training process enjoyable for both the owner and the dog.


Effortless to Train


Capable for Mouthiness

Tendency to Attack Prey

Urge to Howl or Bark

Wanderlust Ability


The American Pugabullis a very understanding and obedient dog. They are loving and intelligent and also learn very quickly as compared to other dogs and hybrids. 

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FAQs On The American Pugabull Dog Breed

Where does the American Pugabull come from?

These dogs have a heritage of mainly America. Hailing from North America, they are a mix between the American Bull Dog Terrier and the loved Pug. 

What is the best diet routine for an American Pugabull?

A diet that keeps these dogs healthy and doesn’t cause them to retain weight and become overweight is essential. Apart from this, ensure their energy requirements are also met by planning a nutritious diet. 

How much exercise is required for an American Pugabull?

At least an hour of walking, running, or playing games outdoors that keep your dog engaged and active is important to keep them from becoming standoffish or less sociable. 

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