American Foxeagle Dog Breed: Characteristic, Health & Fun Facts!

The American Foxeagle, a more modern crossbreed made up of two more established and well-liked breeds, was produced by mating the vivacious yet well-behaved American Foxhound with the strong, affectionate American classic Beagle.

This breed will undoubtedly keep attracting loyal lovers who are seasoned, confident dog owners. This breed could make a wonderful companion for people who have substantial past dog experience, especially prior contact with hounds.

American Foxeagle Dog Breed

About The Breed

The American Foxeagle is a boisterous puppy who enjoys running or attempting out more difficult exercises like dog agility. With the strong vitality of the Beagle and the unending drive of the American Foxhound, this breed is capable of almost anything.

It’s not always simple to train the American Foxeagle breed. 

Hounds are renowned for their rigidity, even though both parent breeds are clever and have been utilized as working dogs. When training this breed, consistency and a refusal to give in to your dog’s propensity for undesirable habits are essential.

American Foxeagle Dog Breed History

Due to their mixed heritage, the American Foxeagle lacks a history as a distinct breed. However, both parent breeds are well-known and adored. The English hunting hounds that were introduced to the Americas in the 1700s were used to establish the American Foxhound.

At a very early stage in the breed’s history, Beagles gained popularity in England. Glove Beagles, an extremely little kind of Beagle, were well-liked between the 1300s and 1500s. According to reports, they were tiny enough to fit in a gloved hand.

In 1884, the first Beagle Specialty Club, as well as the American Kennel Club, were both established. The AKC started registering Beagles the same year. Their reputation in hunting increased as a result.

American Foxeagle Dog Breed Job Card/Overview

Breed Name American Foxeagle 
Dog Breed TypeMixed Breed Dogs
Parent Breedswell-behaved American Foxhound and the sturdy, lovable American classic Beagle
Height17 to 23 inches.
Weight 30 to 50 lbs.
Life Expectancy10 – 14 years.
Coat TypeShort, Double coat.
Common ColorsWhite base coat with brown and black patched patterns.
Grooming NeedsModerate Grooming Needs
TemperamentKind, Caring, intelligent, fastidious dogs
Apartment LivingNot ideal for Apartment living
Pet FriendlyYes
Exercise RequirementsAverage
Tendency to Droolslight tendency 
Intelligence LevelQuite Intelligent
Energy LevelHigh
What To Know
• The American Foxeagle is a mix of the American Eskimo Dog and Beagle, bringing together traits from both breeds.

• Typically medium-sized, these dogs have a muscular build and a coat that varies in color and texture.

• Known for being friendly and sociable, Foxeagles make great family pets and usually get along well with kids and other animals.

• Regular exercise is key for these energetic dogs. Daily walks and playtime help keep them happy and prevent boredom.

• While intelligent, Foxeagles can be a bit stubborn. Consistent and positive reinforcement training works best for these independent-minded pups.



The American Foxeagle is an adaptable dog that can fit well in different homes. Whether you have a big yard or a small apartment, this friendly breed adjusts easily. They get along with families and other pets, making them a versatile choice for various living situations.


Adaptive to Apartment Living

Suitable for New Owners

Sensitivity Scale

Comfortable Being Alone

Comfortable with Cold Weather

Comfortable with Hot Weather


The American Foxeagle is known for its friendly nature. These dogs are affectionate and enjoy spending time with their human family. They are good with kids and get along well with other pets, making them a great choice for families. The Foxeagle’s natural friendliness adds a cheerful vibe to any home environment.

All About Friendliness

Lovable with Family



Frank with strangers


It’s easy to assume that, like its parents, the American Foxeagle is an inquisitive and energetic dog. This hybrid breed will enthusiastically take part in all household activities. The American Foxeagle takes pleasure in many activities, including picnics and movie nights with popcorn.

The American Foxeagle was born with a natural hunting instinct. The Walkeagle should never be with any other non-canine animals, so exercise additional caution. 


These dogs usually get along well with kids and other pets. While they can be a bit stubborn, patient training helps bring out their intelligence, ensuring they become well-behaved and affectionate companions. Early socialization is important for shaping their positive behavior.

Friendly with kids

The American Foxeagle is a kid-friendly dog, known for its gentle nature. They often enjoy playing with children and can be a great addition to family life, forming strong bonds with kids.

Amicable to other pets

These dogs generally get along well with other pets. With proper introduction and socialization, the American Foxeagle can be a harmonious companion to other animals in the household.

Barking tendencies

While not overly vocal, Foxeagles may bark occasionally. Training and positive reinforcement can help manage their barking habits, ensuring a peaceful living environment.

Possibilities of Staying Alone

While they prefer company, American Foxeagles can adapt to being alone for moderate periods, especially if introduced to solitude gradually. Providing toys and a comfortable environment can help them cope with short periods of alone time.

Pros and Cons of the American Foxeagle Dog Breed


  • Friendly and sociable, making them great family pets.
  • Adaptable and generally amicable towards kids and other pets.
  • Energetic and active, thriving on regular exercise and play.


  • May exhibit occasional barking tendencies.
  • Training can be challenging due to their independent streak.
  • Prefers companionship, and may experience separation anxiety if left alone for extended periods.

Male vs Female Attitude

Male American Foxeagles may display a bit more assertiveness and territorial behavior, while females often exhibit nurturing traits. However, individual personalities vary, and proper training is key for both genders. Socialization and positive reinforcement contribute to a well-behaved and affectionate Foxeagle, regardless of whether they’re male or female.

American Foxeagle Dog Breed


The American Foxeagle has a charming look, blending traits from the American Eskimo Dog and Beagle. These medium-sized dogs sport a mix of colors and textures in their coat. With friendly eyes and a lovable vibe, their appearance perfectly matches their amiable nature.

Coat Color And Grooming

The American Foxeagle has a coat that is simple to care for. Brushing is generally done to get rid of dirt and lessen shedding, and it can be done as little as once per week.

Simply use a firm-bristled brush to brush the short coat, and wash as necessary. It is a good idea to inspect the dog’s body for wounds, lumps, or parasites like fleas or ticks while you are brushing him.


The American Foxeagle tends to shed moderately due to its double coat, especially during spring and fall. Regular brushing helps control loose hair and keeps the coat healthy. Simple grooming, like weekly brushing and occasional baths, reduces shedding and keeps your Foxeagle comfortable.


The American Foxeagle is a mixed breed of medium size. Since there is no breed standard for them, any parent’s color preferences can be detected in their coats.

Almost typically, this hybrid breed will have the classic “hound” coloration that both breeds contributed to a white base coat with brown and black patched patterns.


The American Foxeagle won’t have any serious illnesses or health issues if you take proper care of it. However, the American Foxeagle is also prone to obesity, much like its parent breeds. You must carefully plan their meals and provide them with lots of physical activity to prevent obesity.

Additionally, the Walkeagle may experience issues with its spine and eyes. Heart conditions in American Foxeagle s are possible, albeit they are uncommon. It is essential to check into the health history of the child’s parents to estimate the risk of illnesses.

Health and Grooming Requirements

Shedding Quantity

Drooling Capability

Effortless to Groom

Overall Health

Capable of Gaining Weight


Maintenance and Care

The number one item on your list of things to do for your American Foxeagle should be making sure they get frequent vet checkups. In addition, you need to establish a regular grooming schedule for this dog. Periodic washing, brushing, nail-clipping, ear-cleaning, etc., should be included in grooming sessions.

The essential thing is to spend a lot of time with your dog since separation anxiety might affect them. It is strongly advised to indulge your dog in entertainment activities and make them frequently exercise each day. Don’t forget to provide them a nutritious and healthy food as well.

Food and Nutrition

The American Foxeagle should consume a diet similar to that of a medium-sized breed with a lot of energy. This breed’s active intellect may be stimulated by food-motivated activities like snuffle mats or filled toys; they are frequently motivated by harder puzzle toys as well.

When working on trick training or simply rewarding excellent behavior, choose low-calorie snacks like sweet potatoes, as obesity is typical in most hound breeds.

It’s advisable to see your veterinarian to find out the finest food to feed your dog because every dog has different dietary needs.

Exercise and Activity Level

American Foxeagles are active dogs that need regular exercise. Daily walks, playtime, and activities help keep them happy and healthy. Their playful nature makes interactive games a good fit. Owners should ensure they get enough physical and mental stimulation to prevent boredom and promote well-being.

Physical Requirements

Energy range


Exercise Requirements

Capable for Playfulness


American Foxeagles are moderately trainable. Their intelligence is balanced with a touch of independence, sometimes making training a bit of a challenge. Patience and consistency are key. Positive reinforcement, like treats and praise, works well. Early socialization helps them get along with others.


Effortless to Train


Capable for Mouthiness

Tendency to Attack Prey

Urge to Howl or Bark

Wanderlust Ability

Children And Other Pets

Dogs like the American Foxeagle are excellent family pets. This breed takes pleasure in being with kids. Genuinely devoted, friendly, caring, and attentive toward their masters are American Foxeagle dogs.

Despite the activity, they like spending time with their owners and are regarded as excellent therapy dogs for people in need. Due to their deep bonds, this breed reacts intensely to their handler’s emotions. Your pleasure depends on their happiness.

The American Foxeagle might be a fantastic option if you want to add extra dogs to your home or participate in dog gatherings.

Rescue Groups

Due to the mixed-breed nature of the American Foxeagle, there are no specialized rescue organizations for them. But comparable Beagle or American Foxhound crossbreeds are frequently available for adoption.

Additionally, nearby shelters may have a larger selection of comparable breeds like the English Foxhound or Blue-ticked Coonhound. Try welcoming a rescue dog into your house, whatever the situation. There is no reason to choose to shop when millions of animals are looking for forever homes.

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FAQs On The American foxeagle Dog Breed

Are American foxeagles suitable as family pets?

Because of their sociable and outgoing personality, American Foxeagle s are excellent family pets, but because they may be rowdy, it’s best to keep an eye on them around young children, as with any dog. Foxeagles are incredibly bright and eager to please, so they will enjoy lots of training and mental stimulation.

Is it possible to leave the American Fox Eagle alone?

American Foxeagles shouldn’t be left alone for longer than four to five hours per day, like the majority of dogs. Longer periods of being left alone might cause separation anxiety in certain people. Destructive activity, such as gnawing or digging, is one of the symptoms.

Can American Foxeagle defend its owner?

American Foxeagle s don’t have the temperament or alertness needed to be security dogs. However, their keen senses and outspoken personalities make them effective watchdogs. You can count on your Foxeagle to warn you when anything is wrong, but most of the time, it will back away to defend itself, as a little dog should.

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