American Bull Staffy Dog: Characteristic, Health & Fun Facts!

As a dog lover, one of my favorite breeds is the American Bull Staffy.

The American Bull Staffy is a super energetic dog and is loved by those individuals who have an active lifestyle.

They are a playful, strong, and energetic crossbreed between the playful American Staffordshire Terrier and the hardworking and energetic American Bulldog. 

Parents who love to exercise, spend time with their dogs, and maintain a healthy lifestyle might find this breed a perfect companion for themselves. 

To know more about this super exciting breed, hold on to your breath and continue reading.

About the breed

Don’t judge a dog by its size. It’s not a saying, but it comes true when the discussion is about the American Bull Staffy breed. This new breed looks medium-sized, but it’s astonishingly powerful.

In addition, this mixed breed is very loving and loyal, which makes him a great fit as a pet. It’s said that most of this breed’s nature is derived from the Staffy breed, but it can vary, too. 

Let’s see some interesting facts about this breed.

American Bull Staffy Dog Breed History

The American Bull Staffy has very little history made about them. This mixed breed was originally bred to become a guard dog, but now it’s a working-class dog.

Apart from their guarding nature, they are very loving creatures. This breed is a mix of the American Bulldog and the American Staffordshire Terrier. 

It’s said that most of this hybrid’s traits are derived from the Terrier, but their guarding dog nature has come from the Bulldog.

Both the parent breeds have a loyal personality because of their history as fighters. 

The American Bull Staffy name comes from the names of both parent breeds. Staffy is short for the Staffordshire breed. The Staffordshire is also called Am staff. 

This hybrid bloodline can be a little confusing to determine as both parents had similar English cousins with the same names, but their breeds are different.

The American breeds are much heavier and taller than the English breeds. 

American Bull Staffy Dog Breed Job Card/Overview

Name of the BreedAmerican Bull Staffy 
Other Names of the BreedAmerican Staffy Bull
Type of dog breedMixed/Hybrid/Designer Breed
Born ofAmerican Bulldog, American Staffordshire Terrier
Height17 – 19 inches
Weight 50 – 70 pounds
Expectancy of Life12 – 14 years
Type of CoatGlossy and Short
Colors mostly commonGrey, White, Blue, Brown, Black
Level of groomingOccasional grooming
Level of sheddingNo 
PersonaProtective, Strong, Loyal, Intelligent
Living in an apartmentSuitable for apartment living
Friendly with other petsCan become friendly
Health issues/DiseasesLuxating patella, Hip dysplasia, Hypothyroidism
Health in generalHealthy 
Level of reasoningQuite intelligent
Easy to trainEasy to train
Level of energyPacked with energy
Activity interestsVery active
Number of Puppies5-10 puppies
What to know
• The American Bull Staffy breed can make a very good companion because of its loyal and friendly vibe with humans. 
• This breed is capable of bonding with other dogs and animals, especially when they are taught socialization from their puppyhood. If you don’t do that, you will see signs of an aggressive nature, as these are protective breeds. 
• You can’t fool your pet by just taking him out on a walk. 
• This breed is packed with energy, and they never seem to get tired, so you need to fuel yourself up.
• Their size makes them perfect for apartment living, but their energy levels require outdoor exercise. 



These dogs are not too friendly and adjustable with first-time dog owners. For experienced dog parents, they will be a perfect match. They need a lot of playtime since they need constant mental stimulation to keep their mind cheerful.

They require some running space too. So owners with a small house, if considering adopting this happy breed, need to ensure to have a secure yard or a lawn to provide space for their playing time.

They hate being left alone without any company and are sensitive dogs. They adjust themselves to the hot weather more easily.


Adaptive to Apartment Living

Suitable for New Owners

Sensitivity Range

Comfortable Being Alone

Comfortable in Hot Weather

Comfortable in Cold Weather


These breeds are super friendly with their family owners. They like to spend some good quality time with owners, love to play with them, and are quite social.

They are also playful with kids, but small kids need to be supervised by their parents. 

The American Bull Staffy is a dog-friendly breed, but still, they need to be trained on how to behave with small animals.

They form super strong bonds with everyone and are devoted to their owners. They are amicable towards strangers, too.

All About Friendliness

Lovable with Family



Frank with Strangers


Staffordshire and Bulldog have some similar characteristics and some different characteristics.

Depending on which characteristics are more dominant in the mixed breeds, you can see different personalities of the American Bull Staffy.

It’s said for sure that this hybrid could make a very loyal companion, but it’s very strong. Due to a lack of socialization and their parent’s history as fighters, this breed can act aggressively around strangers and other animals. 

They’ll act protective of their family. So you need to socialize your pet from when they are puppies to make them comfortable with others.

There’s a crackhead personality side of them that gets revealed when they feel sudden bursts of energy. They will act recklessly, so it’s better to have a yard for this side of personality. 


Friendly with Kids

This breed is a good fit for families with kids in some areas. As this breed is very attentive to its surroundings, it can protect your children from any danger. They love to play with them because of their high energy levels. 

However, they can hit boredom if not enough mental stimulation is provided, which can lead to some unlikeable behaviors like digging holes in the ground.

But you can’t forget the fact that this breed is hugely powerful, and it can be a little risky for them to play with your small children.

Amicable to Other Pets,

Every American Bull Staffy is unique, but they have some common features, too. When they are introduced to some other pets, they can be seen to bond well with them with prior proper training sessions. 

However, if you are trying to find some similar dogs to give your dog company, find one with the same energy levels that will keep your dog engaged and motivated.

Talking about their bonding with other pets, it all depends on how much you socialize with them. The more they socialize, the more friendly they are, and vice versa. 

Barking Tendencies

They don’t bark a lot unnecessarily. However, if they get bored if kept alone for a long time or kept devoid of any mental stimulation, they might bark a lot.

A good company will help them to ease their anger and calm their minds down.

Possibilities of Staying Alone

Dogs 🐕 are social. They hate to be kept alone for a long time and love to play and roam around and spend their time with good company.

Keeping them separated can develop some separation anxiety in them. Try to keep them surrounded by people they love to be with. 

Pros and Cons of the American Bull Staffy Dog Breed 


  • They are packed with high energy levels and are active breeds
  • They love to be around their family and enjoys spending time with them
  • They are friendly with kids and are quite frank toward strangers


  • They are not suitable for apartment living
  • Not a perfect match for new owners
  • Can’t be kept alone for a longer time

Male vs. Female Attitude

Adult males of this breed might gain a little more weight than females. Also, the male American Bull Staffy has a more dominant personality.

This can be a bit problematic when they deal with other male dogs. Keeping this aside, both breeds have the same attitude and personality. 


General Appearance

Though this is a hybrid of two strong parent breeds, they inherit maximum appearance from the American Bull Staffy.

This is a medium-sized dog with a muscular, stocky body and a broad head. They have a medium-length muzzle and are rounded on the upper sides right below the eyes. 

Their eyes are small, round, and dark colored that are far apart.

The American Bull Staffy’s ears are set high and are cropped to prick up sometimes. Their deep chest and strong, straight forelegs will catch your attention.

They get their great propulsion power from their heavy muscled thighs and hind legs. Their tail is short and set low.

Coat color

You will see American Bull Staffy in a variety of colors. They have a glossy and short-length coat. The coat color varies from blue, black, grey, and brown.


This breed sheds moderately throughout the season as they have short coat lengths. During shedding, brush their coats to remove dead skin.

Brushing also helps to improve the flow of natural hair oils. 

When it comes to shedding, the American Bull Staffy has its fair share of shedding. They can shed, so don’t get confused by their short coat length.

A soft bristle brush will be good for them.


You’ll notice that the appearance of the American Bull Staffy is more like the parent Staffordshire breed.

It’s a medium-sized breed that has a broad head and muscular build. Because of its energetic nature and muscular build, there are many chances of a collision, especially within the apartment.

So let your dog out in the yard so that he can show his crackhead personality and then return back to normal. 

Weight50-70 lbs50-70 lbs


The American Bull Staffy is an offspring of a healthy group of ancestor breeds, and their health is not a great arena of concern for owners.

Hybrid or mixed breeds are said to have good health compared to purebreds. But you need to be aware of the general health issues that these mixed breeds can face.

The health issues that you should be concerned about are:

Health Problems
Luxating Patella
Hip Dysplasia
Health Test
Thyroid testing
Blood tests
Full body physical examination

Grooming and Health Needs

Shedding Amount

Drooling Capacity

Effortless to Groom

Overall Health

Capable of Gaining Weight


Maintenance and Care

The American Bull Staffy loves to have its owners pleased and have loads of energy. This combination makes it effortless to train this breed.

But you are likely to come across some hurdles. This is a stubborn and headstrong breed. 

That said, you will have to act dominant in front of your pet and take the lead without showing any physical aggression. This breed likes dominant owners and listens to them.

This breed is very alert to its surroundings, so if you want to train them or teach them some new tricks, make sure the environment is very quiet and undisturbed.

You need to be patient and consistent with your training. Also, training from a young age will be good for this breed. 

Given their extremely high energy levels, the American Bull Staffy needs exercise that is regular and engaging for them to remain healthy and stay on their feet. 

Walks that are a minimum of two hours long or games that involve active playing, for example, catch, be it indoors or outdoors, complementing the walks, are required to exhaust their energy. 


It’s a myth among owners that the American Bull Staffy will have low grooming needs because they have short coat lengths. But that’s not true.

This breed can have a fair amount of shedding. All you have to do is get a soft bristle, brush your coat, and keep the coat healthy. 

The natural oils in their hair protect their coat, so don’t over-bathe your pet or bathe when it’s necessary.

Keep a check on their ears and eyes with veterinarian-approved solutions for any signs of infection. Brushing their teeth twice or thrice a week is good for preventing plaque and reducing the buildup of various infections.

Always trim their long nails, although they don’t create many problems. 

Food and Nutrition

The American Bull Staffy has very intense and high energy levels. This means that their dietary requirements will also be high, which will help them retain strength and maintain their bones and muscles.

This breed has a muscular build, and protein helps to maintain the muscles. 

A protein-rich diet will be good for them. Foods that are nutrient-dense and with low carbohydrate content are also good for their health.

With this kind of food, you’ll be able to feed your pet enough protein without overeating. Use dry food instead of tin food, as these are gaseous breeds. 

Food Cost

For your dog, 2-3 cups of dog food is recommended daily. Just divide them into 2-3 meals. 

Don’t make your dogs overeat. The average daily cost would be around $1.1-$1.5. The monthly costs come to be around $33-$50.

Exercise and Activity Level 

The American Bull Staffy has tons of energy to burn off, so if you’re a lazy owner, back out now. A minimum of an hour of exercise is needed for this breed, and some intense exercise sessions will be great.

This will keep them engaged both mentally and physically so they don’t get bored. 

These dogs need to exercise regularly to stay healthy and happy. They enjoy indoor as well as outdoor playful sessions.

They need proper mental and physical stimulation to make them feel content. They are playful and loving dogs and are always eager to please their owners.

Physical Requirements

Energy Scale


Exercise Requirements

Capacity for Playfulness


Developing and working on his athletic skills will keep your dog fit and happy. They love to play around and will obey your every command if you train them from an early age.

It is very important to include positive reinforcement training methods while training this breed. These breeds are intelligent but need strong training sessions with extra work and consistency.

Due to their stubbornness and confidence, it is difficult sometimes to make the training a productive one daily. 

Every day, these dogs need at least five to ten minutes to keep them on track. They are brilliant dog breeds that take the training outstandingly when they enjoy it. 


Effortless to Train


Capable of Mouthiness

Tendency to Attack Prey

Urge to Howl or Bark

Wanderlust Nature


The American Bull Staffy, a breed born from American Bulldog and Staffordshire Terrier heritage, is known for its boundless energy and unwavering loyalty.

Although suitable for apartment living, their vitality requires regular outdoor exercise. Ideal for active, experienced owners who prioritize socialization, grooming, and mental stimulation.

They make affectionate, protective companions, but novice owners may find them challenging.

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FAQs on American Bull Staffy Dog Breed…

What is an American Bull Staffy?

The American Bull Staffy is a hybrid dog breed that combines the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Bulldog. It’s known for its strength, loyalty, and protective nature.

What is the American Bull Staffy’s temperament?

American Bull Staffies are typically affectionate, loyal, and protective. They are known for being great family dogs, but early socialization and training are crucial to ensure they are well-behaved.

Are American Bull Staffies suitable for first-time dog owners?

They can be suitable for first-time owners who are willing to invest time in training and socialization. However, experienced dog owners may find it easier to handle their strong-willed nature.

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