American Bull Pei Dog Breed: Characteristic, Health & Fun Facts!

As a dog parent, I want to say that dogs can be humans best of best friends. They understand us like no one else.

If you are thinking of adopting these fluffy balls of charm, you should think about the breed first!

This amazing breed is a strong, energetic, and playful one. As a result of crossbreeding the loyal Chinese Shar-Pei and hardworking American Bulldog, the American Bull Pei is a kind-hearted breed, and their love shines through their personality.

Let’s dive into knowing more about them!

American Bull Pei Dog Breed

About the breed

If you’re buying a dog for the first time, you must be looking for a pet that’s easy to maintain, lovely with kids, and overall has a good personality.

Well, you’re at the right place because this article is all about a dog breed that has the above characteristics. 

American Bull Pei is a mixed breed that you should get as a pet as a movie owner. You’ll love to have this breed as your companion for life.

They do need a lot of love and affection from their dog parents.

American Bull Pei Dog Breed History

American Bull Pei is a mixed breed between the American bulldog and the Chinese Shar Pei. Both the parent breeds were employed as farm dogs.

But later, their use was shifted to blood sports and dog fighting. American Bulldog is a centuries-old breed, even before the time of world war. 

Some say that a Bulldog is a pure breed, while others say that it’s also a mixed breed between a pug and a Mastiff. Well, either way, their use was of bull baits and guard dogs during the nineteenth century. 

During the 1800s, their pain tolerance capacity was very high, which is why they were perfect for baiting and controlling bulls.

However, these acts became illegal and were banned in 1885. That’s why their breeding was done for a more sensible nature. 

The Chinese Shar-Pei is said to have a baffling past that’s still unknown. It is known that this breed used to work on the farm, too, while doing boar hunting. They were used as guard dogs, too. 

The secret behind their success in the fighting ring was their wrinkled skin and hostile nature. This breed was also on the verge of becoming extinct due to famine but later was repopulated. 

American Bull Pei Dog Breed Job Card/Overview

Name of the BreedAmerican Bull Pei
Other Names of the BreedAmerican Shar Bull Pei
Type of dog breedCross/Mixed/Hybrid Breed
Born ofAmerican Bull Dog, Chinese Shar-Pei
Height12 – 20 inches
Weight 35 – 65 pounds
Expectancy of Life9 – 12 years
Type of CoatSingle layer coat
Colors mostly commonRed, Sand, Fawn, Lilac, Black, and Cream
Level of groomingEasy to maintain
Level of sheddingNo 
PersonaAffectionate, Easy to train, pet-friendly, curious, Loyal, Intelligent, Caring
Living in an apartmentSuitable for small apartments
Friendly with other petsYes 
Health issues/DiseasesHypothyroidism, Reverse Sneezing, Bloating, Demodectic Mange
Health in generalHealthy 
Level of reasoningVery intelligent
Easy to trainEasy to train
Level of energyTendency to become lazy
Activity interestsLittle exercise requirements
Number of Puppies4 – 8 puppies
What to know
• There’s one thing very unique about American Bull Pei their head is unusually large for their bodies. Both the breed parents have wrinkles, but Shar Pei’s wrinkles look more phenomenal. Their sharp-pei genes make their faces very wrinkled. 

• This breed has got the best of its parent’s genes. They work great as guard dogs and don’t take much room in your apartment. So, even if you have a single room in your apartment, you can take this pup home. 

• They can live comfortably in small spaces, so there’s one tension gone. If you would like to have a chill companion by your side, American Bull-Pei is the one breed for you. This hybrid has muscular legs, strong jaws, and a thick neck. 

• The size of their mouth and nose can vary from a flat and broad structure, just like a Bulldog, to a medium-length structure, just like Shar Pei. 

• Their triangular-shaped ears flow down either to the front or the sides, and the eyes are on the lower side of their faces. 


American Bull Pei Dog Breed


They can be left alone for some time, but they are prone to separation anxiety also. They can moderately adjust themselves to live in an apartment. However, if you are becoming a paw parent for the first time, this breed might not be suitable for you ❌. They are sensitive breeds and quite adaptive to hot and cold weather conditions. 


Adaptive to Apartment Living

Suitable for New Owners

Sensitivity Range

Endures Being Alone

Endures Cold Weather

Endures Hot Weather


The American Bull Pei is a super friendly dog and can form bonds. with families very easily. They love to spend time with them and grow loyal to their parents with time. Early socialization for these dogs will be helpful when it comes to the tolerance of children, as they are not too friendly with kids. 

It needs to be checked when they are around other pets as they might not bond well with them. They are not amicable towards strangers and might act hostile sometimes.

All about Friendliness

Lovable Around Family



Frank with Strangers


All crossbreeds will get characteristics from their parent breeds, which is normal. What’s not normal is that you never know which trait from a parent breed will be dominant.

One thing sure about Bull Pei is that they love spending time with their family. 

They are very confident breeds and tend to become dominant sometimes. Bull Pei’s can get friendly around kids if the Bulldog trait is more dominant.

Whereas if Sharp Pei’s traits are more dominant, then they will not tolerate children at all. 

Always watch after this breed when they are with your kids or pets. As this breed loves family time, they will not bother at all making friends outside the house.

However, socialization is very necessary for dogs to prevent anxiety and aggression during adulthood. American Bull Pei can be very noisy as they bark a lot, so everyone will know you have a dog. 


Friendly with kids

The American Bull Pei is a super friendly dog. They can form bonds easily with their owners. Since one of the original breeds of this crossbreed is the Chinese Sher Pei, it is known to be less patient towards small children, as they can also inherit this trait. 

Therefore proper training and guidance are a must to train them how to behave when your dog is surrounded by children.

Amicable to Other Pets

The American Sher Pei is not amicable towards other pets. They cannot stay together with other pups and should be kept in a household where there are no other pets.

Due to their high prey drive, it is necessary to be assured that they are supervised by their owners when they are around small pets like rabbits, rodents, etc. 

Barking Tendencies

Early socialization is recommended to be great around other dogs and young children. American Bull Pei is known mainly for its barking.

For this reason, they are one of the good watchdogs. Long-time training may also be required to control its barking level. 

Possibilities of Staying Alone

The American Sher Pei hates to be kept alone. They love to spend time with their owners and play with them.

Keeping them alone for a long time can make them vulnerable and make them behave inappropriately sometimes. They enjoy being around people.

Being a dog lover, you will not want to keep your furry best friend living alone for a long time, will you?

Pros and Cons of the American Bull Pei Dog Breed 


  • They are loyal and intelligent breeds.
  • They love to spend time with their family members and bond quite well with them
  • Adapts themselves to hot and cold weather


  • They can’t be left alone for a long time
  • Not good with small kids and other pets
  • Not frank with strangers at all

Male vs. Female Attitude

Don’t consider gender while getting an American Bull Pei because they are similar in personality to size. Males and females are alike in every aspect. 


General Appearance

This breed has a medium-sized body with a square physique and powerful muscles. They have thick necks and powerful jaws, and their head is larger than their body size and have a small-sized muzzles. Their small eyes are placed low on the face. 

They have triangular-shaped ears that are placed high on the head and fold down flat, either to the front of their face or to their sides.

The American Bull Pei has a small and short coat, and some can have a fine and smooth texture lying flat on their body, or some can have a straight and coarse texture.

Coat color

The American Bull Pei is a large and muscular breed. Their coats can be found in a variety of colors. Their coat textures can be smooth as well as coarse depending on which parent’s trait they inherit.

Mainly, their coat color varies between brown and tan. Mainly, their coat is bristly and short, just like the Chinese Shar-pei.


The American Bull Pei sheds moderately during the whole year, but during the shedding season, they will shed a lot.

It’s normal for such breeds, so have a vacuum cleaner in your house before you get this pet. Use a soft bristle brush when they shed.


The only thing big about the American Bull Pei is its huge head. Their mouth and nose can also be big, but not with every Bull Pei.

Although they look very small and adorable, you should never leave them alone with your kids and other pets, especially if they are small.

This breed has a very powerful body, and their aggressive history can make them careless around others. 

Weight35-65 lbs35-65 lbs


Mixed breeds tend to get some health issues from both their parent’s sides. Some of the most common health issues to be noticed.

They can also get heat sensitivity, so don’t leave them in the hot for a long time. Most of these are curable if diagnosed at an earlier stage, which suggests the importance of regular check-ins with the veterinarian. 

Health Problems
Reverse Sneezing
Demodectic Mange
Patellar Luxation
Skin Fold Dermatitis
Hip Dysplasia
Health Test
Eye Tests
Hip Evaluation
Blood Tests
Thyroid Examinations
Skin Scraping
Respiratory tests

Grooming and Health Requirements

Shedding Amount

Drooling Capacity

Effortless to Groom

Overall Health

capable of gaining weight


Maintenance and Care

You don’t have to worry about them not listening to you because this breed loves training. All you need to care about is giving them your attention, love, and care from time to time. This breed is a fan of families and loves spending time with their families.

Every pet expects love and care from its owners. Keep in mind what your dog’s allergenic too. If you can’t tell it, then it’s better to go to your vet and ask them about your pet’s requirements.

This breed is sensitive to heat, so always carry fresh water with you whenever you take them out. Also, keep plenty of water available at home if you work outside of your home.

These breeds are family lovers, so buy them only if you can give them your precious time. Otherwise, they might get separation anxiety, which is not so good for this breed.


American Bull Peis coat is a single-layer coat that is straight and smooth in texture. But it’s not sure whether their hair will be flat or just have a coarse texture.

It’s easy to groom them because of their short coats, and need medium maintenance to look good and healthy.

They shed moderately, but during shedding season, you might need a vacuum cleaner to vacuum regularly. Brush them daily during this season. Otherwise, two or three times a day brushing will be enough.

This will help in the distribution of body oils very well. Moisture and oil can get trapped inside the wrinkles and folds in their face, so ensure that they get monthly baths with dog shampoo. Use a dog cleansing solution to clean their ears.

Long nails need to be trimmed, too. Brush their teeth twice or thrice a week with a cotton and dog cleansing solution.

Food and nutrition

American Bull Pei are medium-sized dogs, so their meals should be balanced and nutritious.

This breed tends to gain weight quickly, so never overfeed them, as they can get lazy, too. Even if you go outside, get a pet feeder machine that will feed your pet only when it’s time to. 

Don’t just leave food everywhere in your house for your pet because they will jump right into feeding it. Even during training, don’t give them more than enough treats.

Fill their diet with proper proteins. This breed’s diet changes as they age, so consult your vet regarding this matter. 

Food Cost

This breed is a very heavy eater, so make sure you are giving them 2 to 3 cups of food. Instead of providing them with one big meal, divide it into two or three meals in a day.

The average daily cost would be around $1.1-$1.5, and the monthly cost rounds up to $33-$50.

Exercise and activity level

This breed loves spending time in the house, so no intense exercise requirements are needed for them.

Short exercise sessions will be enough to keep them satisfied and healthy. They are not comfortable in any weather, especially hot or cold weather, so take proper measures when exercising during such weather. 

Though these dogs love to hang out with their owners, but not fans of many exercises. Daily training sessions for at least fifteen to twenty minutes are recommended to keep these dogs on track.

This dog has no issues staying alone for long. But still, don’t leave them alone for a long time as it might bore them a lot.

Physical Requirements

Energy Scale


Exercise Requirements

Capacity for Playfulness


These dogs are the happiest when they are around their family. These breeds are easy to train but sometimes can get stubborn and protective.

They work hard and act intelligently when they are given praise or rewards by their trainers. You can easily avoid future training struggles by starting socializing and training your pup early.

You need to be patient and calm and avoid scolding as they might get angry too. Training them at puppyhood is crucial, as this will limit their reactivity to people and other pets.

Giving proper training techniques when young will ultimately improve their behavior. Once the entire training procedure is complete, you can have the best dog in the world with you.


Effortless to Train


The Tendency for Mouthiness

Urge to Attack Prey

Urge to Howl or Bark

Wanderlust Capability


The American Bull Pei is a friendly dog breed resulting from a mix of Chinese Shar-Pei and American Bulldog.

They make great family pets with a history of farm work and unfortunate involvement in blood sports. While not the best choice for new owners, they have manageable grooming needs and enjoy moderate exercise.

Training them well can lead to a loyal and loving companion.

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FAQ on American Bull Pei Dog breed…

What is an American Bull Pei?

If this breed exists and is not a mixed breed, it would likely be a cross between an American Bulldog and a Shar Pei. However, it’s important to note that mixed-breed dogs can vary widely in appearance and temperament.

What are the typical characteristics of an American Bull Pei?

The characteristics of a mixed-breed dog can vary depending on the genetics inherited from each parent. It may have a combination of traits from the American Bulldog and the Shar Pei, including size, coat type, and temperament.

Does American Bull Peis make good family pets?

It depends on the individual dog’s temperament and socialization. Many dogs, regardless of breed or mix, can make excellent family pets with proper training and socialization.

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