American Bull-Jack Dog: Characteristic, Health & Fun Facts!

As a dog lover, one of my favorite breeds is the American Bull-Jack Dog.

The American Bull-Jack Dog is super energetic and is loved by those individuals who have an active lifestyle.

They are a playful crossbreed between the American Bulldog and the Jack Russell Terrier.

They can serve as an excellent family companion, and their high intelligence requires an experienced dog owner who can devote their time and love to train these pups.

Parents who love to exercise and are playful might find this breed a perfect companion for themselves. They mature slowly and retain their youthfulness even when they become adults.

To know more about this super exciting breed, hold on to your breath and continue reading.

American Bull-Jack Dog

About the Breed

The American Bull-Jack dog lives for short bursts of energy, is quite stubborn, and can develop destructive behaviors if left to their own.

However, this hybrid is all set to be a wonderful family dog if given proper training and attention.

A cute and compact dog with an amazing personality, the American Bull-Jack breed will surely open doors of happiness for you as a pet.

It’s famous for its spunky nature, but you will love to have a crackhead like this in your house.

Let’s talk more about this unusual mix of breeds, so keep reading. You’ll feel like buying this adorable breed right when you see it, but read the facts first, then decide.

American Bull-Jack Dog Breed History 

Designer breeds like American Bull Jack don’t have a history of their own, but they’ll be on history pages one day. This breed was developed in the United States to serve as a companion.

The parent breeds of this hybrid are American Bulldog and Jack Russell Terrier. You all must be familiar with the American Bulldog breed.

It also originated in the United States of America. They get sudden urges of energy, but they are not as active as compared to the Jack Russell Terrier.

Bulldog has more loyal and active traits, whereas Jack Russell comprises intelligent, jolly, and feisty characteristics. The Jack Russell dog breed requires continuous mental stimulation and a ton of exercise.

Only a patient and concentrated owner can handle a mix of these two breeds, such is the American Bull Jack.

This mixed breed is super intelligent and very disciplined, but sometimes it’s tricky to train them. You need plenty of time on your hands to train this breed.

Let us tell you everything there is to know regarding this fantastic breed! Keep reading!

American Bull-Jack Dog Breed Job Card/Overview

Name of the BreedAmerican Bull-Jack
Other Names of the BreedBull-Jack
Type of dog breedHybrid/Mixed/Crossbreed
OriginUnited States
Born ofAmerican Bulldog, Jack Russell Terrier
Height10- 25 inches
Weight 30- 45 pounds
Expectancy of Life10- 15 years
Type of CoatHard and Short Coat
Colors mostly commonWhite base with a combination of different colors
Level of groomingLittle maintenance
Level of sheddingDepends on the individual dog ?‍? 
PersonaQuirky, Stubborn, Intelligent
Living in an apartmentSuitable for apartment living
Friendly with other petsyes
Health issues/DiseasesDeafness, Hemolytic Anemia, Hip Dysplasia, Cataracts, Epilepsy, Glaucoma
Health in generalHealthy 
Level of reasoningPretty smart
Easy to trainTricky to train
Level of energySuper Energetic
Activity interestsFirm Exercise
Number of Puppies
What to know
• American Bull Jack get the appearance of their parent breeds equally, that is, a 50/50 share. You’ll see this breed in a plethora of color combinations, but a white base will be common with every combo. 

You will be able to notice this breed from a distance because of their unique facial markings, like an eye patch or some random marks above their eyes. 

• The head is broad but not that broad if compared to the parent breeds American Bulldog.

• Their mouth and nose are short in comparison to their head. 

• They have dark eyes that are placed apart and low. Whereas their ears are placed high, they look like a V-shape facing forward. 

• The credit for weight and height goes to American Bulldog. 

• You’ll notice the strong muscular structure of this hybrid through its tight skin and short hair.

• When active, this breed’s tail gets high even above the back; otherwise, it’s set low. 


American Bull-Jack Dog


These dogs do not adapt quite well to first-time dog owners. They can be left alone for some time but can get easily bored like any other dog when they are kept alone for a long time. 

They need a lot of playtime and access to outdoor spaces like a garden to keep their mind cheerful.

They are not adaptive to living in an apartment and can’t adjust themselves to the cold weather. They are more comfortable being in sunny and bright climates. 


Adaptive to Apartment Living

Suitable for New Owners

Sensitivity Scale

Capable of Living Alone

Adaptive to Cold Weather

Adaptive to Hot Weather


These breeds are super friendly with their family owners. They like to spend some good quality time with their parents and are quite social.

They are also playful with kids, but small kids need to be supervised by their parents as they are not too friendly with kids instantly. 

Your dogs need to be kept in check if they are around other pets, as they might not bond well sometimes. The American Bull-Jack dogs are amicable to strangers.

All About Friendliness

Lovable with Family



Frank Around Strangers


As this new breed doesn’t have a history yet, so it’s quite difficult to predict their personality. But this breed will have characteristics transferred down from their parents, so it can be predicted from here. 

This mixed breed can have more characteristics of one parent breed than another, so you need to be familiar with their parent’s characteristics. Firstly, let’s talk about what these parent breeds have in common.

They both have a stubborn personality, so it’s likely to be transferred down to their hybrid. And because of their stubborn nature, it becomes tricky to train them on your own. 

It’s tricky to train them, but not difficult. You need to be playful while training this breed because they have a joyful nature, too. 

Teach them new tricks in an interesting way that gets them excited. The parent breeds, Bulldog and Russell, are intelligent, so this trait is passed on to this hybrid, too. This means they can get bored with activities that don’t tease their brain cells. 


Friendly with Kids

The American Bull-Jack dogs are friendly with kids. They love to play with them because of their high energy levels.

However, they can hit boredom if not enough mental stimulation is provided, which can lead to some unlikeable behaviors like digging holes in the ground or destroying furniture.

Proper training will keep their mind fresh, and they can bond more lovingly with everyone

Amicable to Other Pets

They are not very friendly with other pets when they are around. Dog parents need to be cautious when they are introduced to small animals.

However, if you are trying to find some similar dogs to give your dog company, find one with the same energy levels that will keep your dog engaged. 

Barking Tendencies

Dogs bark most of the time when they are bored or frustrated. Make sure to give your dog proper training and attention so that they feel loved and content.

If they bark a lot, it should be understood that something is not right with them. Some good care and attention can help him to calm down.

Possibilities of Staying Alone

These dogs are super sensitive to being alone and cannot tolerate loneliness for a long time. They need constant attention and therefore, prefer to stay with a family who will spend most of their time with them.

Pros and Cons of the American Bull-Jack Dog Breed 


  • A super-intelligent, smart, and energetic breed
  • Bonds well with their families and parents and loves to spend time with them
  • These are joyful breeds and are adaptive to hot weather


  • Not suitable for living in an apartment
  • May get bored easily if they are not given attention and enough time
  • Not suitable for new owners

Male vs. Female Attitude

The size of the male American Bull Jack is bigger than the female breed, but both of them are kind and energetic.

The personality of this breed doesn’t depend on gender, so go buy the puppy that bonds with you well on the first meeting. 


American Bull-Jack Dog

General Appearance

The American Bull-Jack has a 50/50 strike between both of their parent breeds. Their body color perhaps can be seen in a dual color combination with white.

They have distinct familial markings like eye patches and some markings above their eyes.

Their head is broad but not as much as the American Bulldogs. Their muzzle is medium-length and shorter than their head. Their dark, V-shaped eyes that usually fall forward will win your heart. 

They have a tight skin and short hair. Their muscular structure looks perfect, and their tail is set low but that can be carried above the back level once they are active.

Coat color

The color of their coat can range from any color, but it’s usually a combination of at least two colors. The white base will be commonly found in all dogs’ coat colors. Their coat will look wiry instead of smooth.


Their short coat makes the amount of shedding very low to moderate. So there’s nothing to worry about. Remember, when you notice them shedding, make sure to brush them so there’s no dead hair left. 


The size of an American Bull Jack might not grow that much even when they age. But hey, never go on their size. This breed is a total crackhead and looks very muscular due to its hard skin. 

This small dog breed looks very adorable as a pup but as an adult, too. You’ll feel like letting them lay on your lap all day, but they are very impatient, so that’s not possible. 

Weight17-50 lbs17-50 lbs


The parent breeds, American Bulldogs and Jack Russell Terriers are overall healthy, so there wouldn’t be any health problems generally. But illness can come at any time.

There are some health conditions you should be on the lookout for if you have an American Bull-Jack ?‍?  in your care, like- 

Health Problems
Lens luxation
Hip dysplasia,
Patellar luxation
Hemolytic Anemia
Cherry Eye
Mass Cell Tumor
Health Test
Eye examination
Ear Examination
Blood tests
Neurological Testing
Complete Physical Examination

Health and Grooming Requirements

Shedding Amount

Drooling Ability

Effortless to Groom

Overall Health

Ability to Gain Weight


Maintenance and Care

As a paw parent, it is essential to know how to maintain and care for your cute furry friend.

For a hybrid prone to ear infections, it is very important to include ear checkups in the list of priorities.

Their soft-looking manes are easy to tangle and would need regular brushing every week with a soft, bristled, padded brush. 

When the topic of grooming of this breed comes into discussion, it has been noticed that the American Bull Jack is a low-maintenance dog.

The shedding will be very moderate, and you need to brush them at that time to get rid of dead hair. 

If you want to maintain your pet’s natural skin oils, then don’t wash them frequently. When you see your dog’s nails getting long, you need to trim them but take care of the pink quickly.

Don’t trim it, as it can hurt your dog very badly. Clean the ears with a veterinarian-approved solution to remove dirt and debris and keep a check on them daily. 


The American Bull Jack breed has a very short coat length, so it’s very easy to groom this breed. This hybrid sheds moderately.

Their playful nature can make it difficult for new owners to groom their pets. So only experienced dog parents come and get them. 

Make your dog used to get their teeth checked and brushed at least twice a week to maintain proper dental hygiene and to prevent tooth and gum decay.

Brushing this breed once a week will remove the dead and loose hair from their coat and keep their look clean and fresh.

Monthly visits to a professional groomer are a necessity to keep their manes and nails healthy. Their nails, especially if not clipped and shortened regularly, will get infected easily. 

If you are not up to pampering them, you might as well give up on adopting them.

Food and nutrition

This medium-sized breed has a lot of energy. A high-quality, protein-packed kibble that suits him according to his energy levels and size.

Their energy makes them burn a lot of calories, so feeding them enough will bring back those calories. 

Premium kibble fed two times a day in the amount of three cups will be great for the American Bull Jack. 

Food Cost

Ensure that you feed your American Bull-Jack high-quality kibble. Give at least three meals a day. One cup of food is recommended per day.

The average daily cost of food is $0.75-$1.00. The monthly cost for dog food can be around $20.00-$30.00.

Exercise and activity level

The American Bull Jack breed needs a ton of exercise, like a lot. Get prepared to devote a minimum of 60 minutes of your time to their exercise. A must routine for them is to take their pet on a walk for 12 miles each week. 

The American Bull-Jack are also very sociable dogs, and it would do them good if you take them on regular trips to the dog park, where they can mingle with other dogs.

Games of fetch will become a regular part of your schedule if you take in an American Bull-Jack into your family.

If you have a big enough yard, then you can also let your dog run free and jump around to burn their energy. If you stay out of home most of the time and can’t take your dog ?‍? for exercise, at least hire a dog walker. 

Otherwise, they’ll wreck your house by the time you return from the office. Severe heatstroke can occur in this breed if left in the hot for too long. Get fresh water ready always for your dog. 

Physical Requirements

Energy Scale


Exercise Requirements

Playfulness Ability


These dogs are easy to train but might get stubborn sometimes if not proper training is provided. They will always listen to the instructions as they are guided by their owners.

This dog is super quirky and a crackhead, so training them can require a lot of consistency and patience.

Otherwise, they are super easy to train sometimes. He should be trained first by an experienced dog owner.

Make sure you make his training sessions fun and exciting, a boring factor can ruin your entire training period with your dog.

The most effective way to train your dog is positive reward training. Yummy treats are one of his delicious and favorite rewards.

So this is more or less about these fascinating breeds; I hope you adopt these cute balls of charm soon.


Effortless to Train


Urge for Mouthiness

Urge to Attack Prey

Need to Howl or Bark

Wanderlust Capacity


Some little-known facts about the American Bull Jack are that they are super energetic, and their parent breed, the bulldog, has been here for centuries.

Their other parent breed, Jack Russell Terrier, is a working dog breed. 

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FAQ on American Bull-Jack Dog breed…

What is an American Bull-Jack Dog?

The American Bull-Jack is a hybrid or mixed breed dog, resulting from crossing an American Bulldog with a Jack Russell Terrier.

What does an American Bull-Jack look like?

American bulljacks typically have sturdy, muscular bodies with a short coat. They often inherit the white coat with patches of color from the Jack Russell parent, along with a strong build from the American Bulldog.

Are American bull jacks good with children and other pets?

American bulljacks can be good family dogs, but early socialization and training are essential. They can get along with children and other pets when properly introduced and trained.

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