American Bull-Aussie Dog Breed: Characteristic, Health & Fun Facts!

This amazing dog is a fantastic crossbreed between the American Bulldog and the Australian Shepherd. 

Their looks can be intimidating, but they are great companions and are loyal too. Proper training and socialization can help your dog teach how to communicate with other pets and people. ✅

They are gentle and easy to train and don’t take much time to make their best companions.

I know that you are eager to know more about this dog, and don’t worry; I have covered everything that you must know before adopting this cute breed.

American Bull-Aussie Dog Breed

About the breed

The American Bull-Aussie is a fairly new hybrid breed in the dog market, but they are already winning hearts.

It’s a combination of an American Bulldog that’s considered silly but loyal and an Australian Shepherd that’s known to be energetic and hardworking. 

Still not sure about bringing this floof ball into your home Don’t worry, you’re about to read everything you need to know about this breed that’ll clear all your confusion.

What else do you need Keep reading to know more! ⬇️

American Bull-Aussie Dog Breed History

American Bull Aussie is a mixed breed and fairly new, so they haven’t established a history of their own yet. Their parents, American Bulldog, and Australian Shepherd, are purebreds, so they have quite an interesting history. 

The name Australian Shepherd can confuse you a little about its origin. Its origins are of a herding breed, but they originally came from the Pyrenees Mountains, not Australia, and then they came to America. 

The primary role of this breed might be herding, but they are agile and good at scent work, too. They also work as guard dogs and are used for detecting narcotics.

The American Bulldog was originally a bull-baiting dog, but later, its role moved to farm work.

Their true nature, which is loyalty, is still there, no doubt about that. With proper training, they are willing to follow commands. 

One time, this breed almost went extinct after World War I. But all thanks to John D. Johnson, this breed is still here and alive with us. 

American Bull-Aussie Dog Job Card/Overview

Name of the BreedAmerican Bull-Aussie 
Other Names of the BreedAmerican Aussie Bulldog
Type of dog breedHybrid/Mixed/Cross/Designer breed
OriginUnited States
Born ofAmerican bulldog, Australian Shepherd
Height16 – 23 inches
Weight 50 – 70 lbs
Expectancy of Life10 – 12 years
Type of CoatShort coat
Colors mostly commonVariation of different colors like merle or piebald
Level of groomingLittle maintenance
Level of sheddingWrinkles on shoulders can lead to dirt and oil
PersonaLoving, powerful, good-natured, smart, loyal
Living in an apartmentTraining is required to make it suitable for apartment living
Friendly with other petsNeed to be trained to become pet friendly
Health issues/DiseasesElbow Dysplasia
Health in generalGreat
Level of reasoningSmart
Easy to trainHard to train on own
Level of energyHard to train on your own
Activity interestsDaily exercise
Number of Puppies4 – 5 puppies
What to know
• If you’re always traveling because of work or simply love exploring, then the American Bull Aussie dog breed will be the perfect pet for you. 

• They are full of energy and love to play outside. However, you need to pay attention to their training as their stubborn nature doesn’t respond well to training. 

• This breed is confident and intelligent, but they’re not very good when it comes to obedience. 

It would be great if you hire a professional trainer to teach them basic obedience right from puppyhood.

• Continue the training even when they reach adulthood to keep up good manners. 

• This is a loyal breed, but new owners might not be able to handle it. 

• No dog loves to be left alone, especially when there’s energy everywhere in its body. 

• Don’t let your pup get bored, and indulge in some 5 to 10 minutes of daily training sessions with them. 

• Don’t forget to take them on walks because dogs love walks regardless of the breed. 


American Bull-Aussie Dog Breed


These breeds are not adaptive to living in an apartment. They need open spaces to run and roam freely.

For first-time dog owners, training them initially can be a bit tough, but try to be consistent.

They have a high sensitivity level and hate being left alone without any company for a long time. Make sure you don’t leave your furry friend alone for a long time.

They are more easily adaptive to hot weather than cold one.


Adaptive To Apartment Living

Suitable For New Owners

Sensitivity Level

Loves Being Alone

Adapts Cold Weather

Adapts Hot Weather


They are super friendly with their family members and love to spend time with them. They are known to be loving and playful towards kids and are friendly.

This breed’s endless energy makes them great companions for kids and other pets. They are easygoing and are super cool and good with children. 

That being said, caution is to be exercised when your American Bull Dane is around small kids. They are amicable to strangers, and they love to spend time with their owners and family members. 

All Around Friendliness

Lovable With Family


Dog Friendly

Friendly with Strangers


This breed is known to be very smart, alert, and protective of its family, but they are not great barkers, so they might not work well as guard dogs.

They tend to grow large as they age, but they often forget about that and get all excited around everyone. 

However, it’s no harm because its parent breed, American Bulldog, has a playful nature and is very gentle with kids. Australian Shepherd is also an easy-going breed. 

Despite their nature, this breed might get aggressive around new people or animals, so you need to teach them how to socialize. ✅


Friendly with kids

The parent breeds of American Bull Aussie are known to be friendly around children and other pets.

As a pet, this mix breed is very calm around the people it knows, but when trained to socialize, it can bond well with strangers, too. 

Their intelligent personality makes training quite interesting. A good trainer will know how to keep their aggressive nature in control. Remember, good training means a well-mannered dog.

Amicable to other pets

These dogs are super friendly with other canine members. These playful and excitable dogs aren’t known for any kind of reactivity towards other pets and dogs. They are very friendly towards them. 

They can typically coexist peacefully with each other. However, they are not so friendly with small animals like hamsters.

Barking tendencies

These dogs are active and kind. They do not bark a lot and are usually quiet dogs. They can make a small “woof woof” sound, but they don’t bark sharply.

However, since every dog needs their energy to be released, if their owners don’t spend enough time with them, it might lead to some destructive and obnoxious behaviors like barking. 

Possibilities of staying alone

These dogs are strong-willed and need active mental stimulation. Without proper training and exercise, they will grow bored and frustrated no matter how much love they are getting.

These breeds rapidly grow separation anxiety, so keeping them alone for a long time is not safe.

Pros and Cons of the American Bull-Aussie Dog Breed 


  • They are gentle and loving breeds. 
  • They love to play around with their family owners and other kids and pets
  • Can be great dogs if trained properly from a small age


  • Might grow aggressive if not enough mental stimulation is provided
  • Has destructive behavior tendencies if kept alone for a long time
  • High prey drive 

Male vs. Female Attitude

The American Bull Aussie is a calm breed, but you can’t tell a dog’s nature for sure, especially when they’re not well trained.

The male and female attitudes are quite similar in every aspect. That means they both are protective and loving towards their family.


American Bull-Aussie Dog Breed

General Appearance

This cute breed will inherit the physical appearance of both of their parents. They are characterized by long tails and short, hanging ears.

The American Bulldog has a powerful and muscular body along with a large head, and strong jaws. 

They have wide and deep chests with strong necks that taper from the shoulders to the large and square-shaped head.

Their rounded eyes and square and broad muzzles will define their look. Their cropped and half-pricked ears are a unique feature of this breed. 

Their tails are taping and set low. The other breed, the Australian Shepherd, is a medium-sized dog that is tall. They have deep and broad chests and oval-shaped eyes. 

Their ears are triangular and are set high and erect on top of their heads. These dogs have manes around their neck.

The American Bull Aussie can inherit a combination of both these breeds.

Coat Color

There’s no surety about what their coat color will turn out to be, but it can be a variation of different colors derived from their parent breeds.

The common colors found are a mix of brown, black, or white. Their coat length can be anywhere between short and medium. 


This breed has a coat length from small to medium, which means no to medium shedding. Brush them once or twice a week to keep their fur free from any insects.

As a dog parent, you’re always going to find fur lying around in your use, so you might have to get used to that. 


You can expect an American Bull Aussie to grow large and muscular in size. Both the parent breeds are known to be active, so this quality came down to this mix breed also. 

Weight70-120 lbs70-120 lbs


This breed is generally healthy. However, there are some predisposing conditions they could suffer from.

A good breeder implies that there are required health clearances preapproved for your dog. If not, look out for issues!

Minor health issues like Hip Dysplasia, Cataracts, Heart Defects, and Elbow Dysplasia can be seen in this breed. 

To keep these in check and follow the age-old mantra: prevention is better than cure; visit your veterinarian regularly for checkups and keep up your gentleman’s health! ✅

Health Problems
Hip Dysplasia
Heart defects
Elbow Dysplasia
Cushing’s disease
Health Test
Elbow tests
Hip diagnosis
Blood tests
Physical examinations
Blood work

Health And Grooming Needs

Shedding Quantity

Drooling Ability

Effortless To Groom

Overall Health

Ability For Weight Gain


Maintenance and Care

Proper and firm reinforcement training is needed if you feel you are seeing some behavioral issues in your dog.

All dog breeds like this breed need regular care and exercise. Training sessions should last from 5 to 10 minutes in the beginning.

Whereas daily exercise should include at least walking for 45 minutes to an hour. 

This breed loves outdoor activities because of their energetic nature, so take them to dog parks with your trainer.

You can also hire a dog walker if you don’t have enough time to take your dog out for a walk. Their size might scare other people and animals, but their friendly nature will surely attract everyone. 

Thus it is important to maintain a moderate environment for them.


They have moderate shedding, so the ideal brushing routine should be once a week. Use a grooming mitt for best results.

Their ears should be cleaned and checked every week to prevent any infection.

The wrinkles on their shoulders and faces should be cleaned to avoid dirt and oil. It’s better if you brush their teeth every day.

Trimming nails once or twice a month would be a good choice. 

Start playing with your dog’s feet and mouth when they are small, as it will make the grooming an enjoyable experience as they slowly grow up.

They are sensitive, so be cautious while talking to them.

Food and nutrition

To maintain the energy levels of the American Bull Aussie, you should fill their diet with foods that give them energy.

Also, ask your vet about what you should and should not feed your pet, as you don’t know which food they’re allergic to. 

They have an active mind that needs to be fed, too, with brain-tickling activities. Make sure their diet makes them energetic instead of lazy and sleepy.

To get proper insights on these factors, you can consult your veterinarian and have them chalk out a plan that fits your dog’s lifestyle. ✅

Food Cost

Daily 2-3 cups of dog food need to be provided to this breed to maintain their lifestyle. The daily cost of dog food is around $1.50-$1.70. The monthly expenditure for your dog food rounds up to be around $45.00-$52.00.

Exercise and activity level 

Being a paw parent for the first time is going to be a tough one. But here I am, giving you some guidance on their exercise routines. ☑️

When we talk about the energetic nature of this breed, we don’t mean physically but mentally also. They love playing around with activities that require both mental and physical strength. 

Make sure you have a list of activities that will stimulate your pet and keep them engaged throughout the day.

This breed can get upset if not presented with enough activity and can get aggressive, too, if the problem isn’t solved soon. 

They enjoy indoor and outdoor play like fetch and tug of war.

They are not hyperactive, but not engaging them in some level of activity causes them to resort to mischievous activity; thus, keeping them engaged in some activity exhausts the energy they have while keeping them in check. 

Prepare yourself to take your dog on a walk that lasts at least 45 minutes.

Physical Needs

Energy Level


Exercise Requirements

Capacity For Playfulness


The American Bull Aussie needs plenty of exercise and mental and physical stimulation to keep its brain engaged.

Prepare your daily schedule to give at least 45 minutes of daily activity to your dog. 

They are highly active and energetic and can give you a tough time when you are training them. Basic obedience training should also be included in your dog’s routine in puppyhood itself.

Once the training is complete, you can be assured of having the best dog in the world.


Effortless To Train


Urge For Mouthiness

Prey Drive

The Habit of Bark Or Howl

Wanderlust qualities


The American Bull Aussie is not a fan of cold weather. Despite this, they can live up to 16 whole years. They are also great swimmers.

So, if you’re looking forward to having a long-term companion, this is the perfect breed choice for you.

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FAQs on American Bull-Aussie Dog breed…

Where do the American Bull Aussie dog breeds come from?

The United States of America

What is the best diet routine for an American Bull Aussie dog?

Their diet should include healthy fats, carbs, and high protein. High-quality kibble will also be good for them. 

How much exercise is required for an American Bull Aussie?

Forty-five minutes to an hour of a daily walk.

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