American Bandogge Dog: Characteristic, Health & Fun Facts!

This amazing dog is a fantastic crossbreed between the American Bulldog and a Mastiff. This dog is quite large and has a muscular appearance.

Their looks can be intimidating, but they are great companions and are loyal too. Proper training and socialization can help your dog teach how to communicate with other pets and people.

They are gentle and easy to train and don’t take much time to make their best companions.

I know that you are eager to know more about this dog, and don’t worry, I have covered everything that you must know before adopting this cute breed.

American Bandogge Dog

About the breed

Are you looking for a dog that is huge and cuddly The American Bandogges might just be your next best friend.

Undoubtedly, this cross between the Mastiff and the American Bulldog brings a huge and intimidating temperament to the table, but you have yet to explore the best part. 

They are the toughest guys with the softest hearts. These dogs, also called Bandogs, are playful, affectionate, and extremely protective. 

What else do you need Keep reading to know more! ⬇️

American Bandogge Dog Breed History

The American Bandogge is a child of the Mastiff and American Bulldog. The Mastiff is a dog known for its affectionate nature and huge sporty figure, and the American Bulldog is known for its large stance and high energy. 

No doubt the Bandogge brings size as a detrimental denominator, being the cross of large dogs. They also bring unconditional love and energy from their parents. They have shining personalities and make great companions. 

It is, however, important to remember that these dogs are not extremely popular; thus, they may not have a huge following, but their fans are loyal and appreciative of them!

American Bandogge Dog Breed Job Card/ Overview

Name of the BreedAmerican Bandogge
Other Names of the BreedBandog
Type of dog breedMixed/Crossbreed
Born ofAmerican Bulldog and Mastiff
Height19-22 inches
Weight 100-120 pounds
Expectancy of Life8-10 years
Type of CoatDense long coats
Colors mostly commonBrown, Black, and Brindle
Level of groomingRegular Grooming Needs
Level of sheddingHeavy shedding
PersonaLoving, Active, Energetic
Living in an apartmentNot ideal for Apartment living
Friendly with other petsNo
Health issues/DiseasesCancer, Elbow Dysplasia, Hip Dysplasia, Bloat
Health in generalGood
Level of reasoningIntelligent
Easy to trainModerate
Level of energyHigh
Activity interestsRigorous, at least 45 minutes to an hour
Number of Puppies6- 10 puppies
What to know
The American Bandogge  is a dog full of stamina and energy that is eager to play and be a part of the family. 

• These dogs have great temperaments and form amazing companions. 

• However, they aren’t the best choices when it comes to apartment living or novice owners. 

• Their large size and active nature can cause a certain nature of intimidation and an aura of stubbornness around them. 

• However, despite how they seem, these dogs are extremely loving and lovable. They are strong-willed, extremely athletic, and confident. 

• They are large beings with the kindest of hearts and tend to bring out the best in their Mastiff and American Bulldog parents. 


American Bandogge Dog


These dogs are not suitable to live in an apartment. They need a large space to go for walking or running. They love to go on long walks with their owners, too. They are not very friendly with first-time dog owners and might be tough on them. 

They are highly sensitive and can get disturbed and frustrated if kept alone for a long time. They can’t adapt themselves to the cold environment much.


Loves Living in An Apartment

Great for First-Time Owners

Level of Sensitivity

Adapts to Staying Alone

Adapts to Cold Weather

Adapts Hot Weather


They are super friendly with their family members and love to spend time with them. They are not much in making bonds with children. They need to be supervised when small children are around them. They are easygoing and are good with strangers.

All Around Friendliness

Loves Family

Friendly with Kids

Friendly with Dogs

Loves Strangers


The American Bandogge may be described as self-sufficient or strong-willed. They are often called loving and affectionate. Their size, as mentioned, is large, but their heart is just as large. They tend to be protective and loving towards their families and owners. 

They are very athletic and need to burn and exhaust their energy, given their strong bodies. They do not have many behavioral issues, but professionally training them from a young age can prove to make them obedient and increase their quality of physical and mental health and, thus, life. 


Friendly with Kids

They are widely known for their loyal and overprotective nature and can be excellent guard dogs. They are affectionate with their owners. However, they are prone to be less friendly towards kids.

However, early socialization and proper reinforcement training methods can improve a lot in their behavior. They are suited to older children who can handle their strength. 

Amicable to Other Pets

Due to their high energy drive, these breeds are not suitable to be around smaller animals like rabbits and cats.

With proper instructions and training from an early age, larger animals can peacefully coexist with this breed. 

Proper supervision is the key to ensuring a safe environment between these breeds and other pets.

Barking Tendencies

While these dogs can bark when some intruders enter your property, they choose not to. Though they are brilliant watchdogs, they don’t bark more.

The only time when an intruder will get to know about this breed is when they attack them. 

However, if they bark a lot, then maybe some small kid has handled him roughly, or boredom has hit him. A good game of fetch can help him to calm down.

Possibilities of Staying Alone

Dogs can never stay alone. They love to socialize. Leaving them alone for a long time can give them separation issues.

They have a medium tolerance to being left alone. These dogs are highly satisfied with a casual walk and some good engaging play such as fetch.

Pros and cons of American Bandogge Dog


  • They are super intelligent and loyal
  • Can be great dogs if trained properly from a small age
  • Have strong and affectionate bonds with family members


  • They can be overprotective and have a lot of aggression
  • Not good with small children
  • High prey drive, can assume small pets like guinea pigs and rodents as their prey

Male vs. Female Attitude

Both genders of the American Bandogge are more or less the same. There are not a lot of behavioral factors that are striking between them both. However, female dogs may be more territorial and like to mark the area that is theirs. They might be even more vocal in terms of vocality and barking as well. 


General Appearance

These dogs have a unique appearance, having short, rough, and thick coats along with tapering tails and a rectangular-shaped body.

Their ears are triangular and have overhanging lips. Their wide and dark-colored eyes, which resemble their coat color, can make you go crazy. 

Their compact body is like the Mastiff, and their structure is similar to a huge Pit Bull. Their head is large and boxy, with large and broad shoulders and a strong chest.

Their strong, muscular necks and strong jaws are pretty attractive. 

Their color varies from brindle, blue, fawn, red, and even black. Their dark black or red nose is another attraction for dog lovers. The males are heavier than the females.

Coat color

American Bandogge has a dense coat that does not need very rigorous upkeep. Brushing it as frequently as weekly is enough to keep any harmful shedding out of the way. 


Paw parents now do not need to worry about the shedding of their favorite pet

Shedding occurs around the clock throughout the year for this crossbreed. They have short, fine hair; thus, the shedding is not extreme and doesn’t cause a lot of problems.

Grooming regularly and bathing monthly are important to keep shedding at bay. 


The American Bandogge is pretty large. Their bone structure is dense, and they tend to be built muscular dogs, given their genetics that are predisposed to large muscle mass or weight. They have a dense coat as well. 

Weight85-140 lbs85-100 lbs


The American Bandogge is a healthy dog. However, all dogs may be exposed to some health conditions that may exist due to the nature of their life or their parents’ conditions.

Responsible breeders usually breed healthy American Bandogges, but here are some common problems to look out for Cancer, Elbow Dysplasia, Hip Dysplasia, and Bloat.

 Regular visits to the veterinarian and a fulfilling diet can keep these issues at bay. 

Health Problems
Hip Dysplasia
Autoimmune Thyroiditis
Progressive retinal atrophy
Health Test
Eye Examination
Skin Evaluation
Blood work
Neurological testing
Thyroid panel

Maintenance and Care

The American Bandogge is a breed that is differentiated from others in terms of size and exercise requirements.

They need at least an hour or two of exercise every day. This keeps them engaged and burns their energy off quickly. 

They need enough mental and physical activity daily to get proper stimulation. They enjoy accompanying their owners on long walks. 

Training them professionally at a young age can keep their independent nature away and help them be obedient and more open toward their owners.

Make sure they are kept hygienic as well. This means clean diets to supplement their exercise and regular baths and grooming. 


These dogs tend to have waves and spaces on their face in the form of wrinkles. Dirt and oiliness could get trapped in these. Thus, it is important to ensure their faces are kept clean. 

A rubber brush can be used to remove any loose hair twice or thrice a week. This breed is dominant, but an experienced owner knows how to tackle them.

Bathing can be done on a need basis when the owners feel the dogs need it. Nail maintenance is an important grooming factor for dogs.

This helps prevent any unnecessary wear and tear and injury issues from your dog’s side; make sure you are trimming and keeping up their nails regularly as well. 

Health And Grooming Needs

Shedding Levels

potential to drool

Grooming Ease

Health in General

Weight Gain Potential


Food and nutrition

Since the American Bandogge is a dog that demands large exercise, feeding, and diet should be as complementary to this as well.

While feeding, see if you can integrate some games like feeder toys or hiding treats so they can seek them out. 

This keeps their mind stimulated and also helps them burn off any excess energy that would’ve sifted through during their exercise.

These dogs need a diet that has a lot of energy and nutrition in them to keep them active and supplement their exercise exhaustion needs. 

Since these dogs are large, there is potential to gain weight. Using slow feeder bowls can help in these cases. It helps upkeep weight and keeps the American Bandogge’s diet in control. 

Food cost

Feeding this dog twice a day is recommended. It is recommended to feed this breed 2-3 cups of dog food every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The monthly food expenditure is around $45.00-$65.00.

Exercise and activity level 

American Bandogges are highly energetic. These dogs need at least an hour or two for walks and other games.

If you are an athletic owner, they will be the best fit for you. Socialization helps when it comes to exercise. 

They are active dogs and can’t be adjusted to life in an apartment and hence need a home where there is a yard or a garden to run and play around. 

If they make friends with other dogs and have the opportunity to exhaust their energy, it works well for these dogs.

They are also extremely big on positive reinforcement. Training them with a professional will keep them engaged.

Along with walks and runs, integrate games like tug of war or involve a ball in games to keep them occupied. Their energy is their biggest asset. 

Physical Needs



Requirements for Exercise

Playfulness Potential


These dogs are quite dominant and docile. They will need a little strict owner who can handle them well.

If not, these breeds can become aggressive towards other canines. They need to be trained by experienced dog owners who can communicate well. 

The American Bandogge can live happily and socialize greatly if proper training is given to them. You need to start their training when they are a small puppy.

This will make sure that they will not turn aggressive toward other pets and small children.

So, being patient and consistent is the key to giving them healthy training. Once you complete the training, you can be assured that you have the best dog with you.


Training Ease

Ability to Reason

Puts Everything Into the Mouth

Hunting Drive

Barks Or Howls

Barks Or Howls


The American Bandogge is a large dog; thus, they must be paired up with families that do not have very small children.

They go very well with other canine pets and form bonds with responsible older children other than the family of the owner. 

They are loving despite their large structure and tend to get attached to their owners and their lifestyles pretty quickly. 

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FAQ on American Bandogge Dog Breed…

Where do the American Bandogge dog breeds come from?

They are a cross between the large-boned lovers: Mastiff and the American Pitbull. They seem to originate from America.

What is the best diet routine for an American Bandogge dog?

Consult your veterinarian to get the best diet chart for your American Bandogge. They are highly active dogs ? and thus get a diet that has large portions and supplements large amounts of energy. 

 How much exercise is required for an American Bandogge?

At least an hour or two, not just limited to walking and running, is what an American Bandogge needs to stay healthy!

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