Alaskan Weimsky Dog: Characteristic, Health & Fun Facts!

This energetic crossbreed is between the handsome Weimaraner and the smart Alaskan Husky. They are loved by those who have an active lifestyle.

This breed will surely keep growing loyal fans around. The Alaskan Weimsky are easy to train and are obedient to their parents.

Daily training sessions for at least ten minutes are enough to keep your dog on track. They are quite loyal and intelligent but are not good for first-time dog parents.

Hold on. There is a lot to know about this happy breed. Keep reading.

Alaskan Weimsky Dog

About the breed

Alaskan Weimskys are good-natured active dogs that enjoy athletic families whom they can play around with and enjoy training under. 

This crossbreed comes from a rich heritage of the North Arctic Alaskan regions and the country of Germany.

The Alaskan side makes them dogs full of stamina, given their herding and sledding history, and the German side gives them their hunting instinct. 

Dog parents who prefer dogs that will keep them busy and on the go would make the perfect family for the Alaskan Weimsky. Keep reading on to know all there is to know about these furry friends. 

Alaskan Weimsky Dog Breed History

The Alaskan Weimsky is an offspring of the Alaskan Malamute and the Weimaraner. Coming from different continents, they have a combination of the best of their parent’s genes.

Their Alaska heritage opens them up to work that needs endurance and strength since sledding is in their history. 

The Weimaraners are known for their loyalty at their best. These crosses seem to be strong-willed and thus may not be the perfect fit for novice owners.

They have a large array to choose from when it comes to their coats since both their heritages make them susceptible to being protected in winter times. 

So this is all about the history of this fantastic species. I hope you are enjoying it, right?

Alaskan Weimsky Dog Breed Job Card/Overview

Name of the BreedAlaskan Weimsky
Other Names of the BreedAlaskan Weimsky
Type of dog breedMixed/Crossbreed
Born ofAlaskan Malamute and Weimaraner 
Height24 – 28 inches
Weight 50-80 pounds
Expectancy of Life10 – 12 years
Type of CoatDouble coats 
Colors mostly commonSable, Black, Red, White
Level of groomingRegular Grooming Needs
Level of sheddingHeavy shedding
PersonaActive, loyal, energetic
Living in an apartmentNot ideal for Apartment living
Friendly with other petsYes
Health issues/DiseasesCataracts, Dermatitis, Hip Dysplasia, Bloat
Health in generalGood
Level of reasoningIntelligent
Easy to trainNeed to be trained with patience and consistency
Level of energyHigh
Activity interestsRigorous, at least 120 minutes a day 
Number of Puppies4- 10 puppies
What to know
The Alaskan Weimsky is a highly energetic and playful dog that comes from the Alaskan Malamute from the Arctic and the Weimaraner from Germany. 

• Both these breeds have extremely strong energy needs and demand exercise. 

• Apart from this, they are also agile and enjoy rigorous training. 

• These crosses get their agility and stamina from their parents. 

• They are obedient and vocal when they are dissatisfied and make for great family pets and companions to active and energetic owners. 


Alaskan Weimsky Dog


These breeds can never adapt themselves to living in an apartment because of their higher energy levels. They need larger spaces like grounds and lawns where they can burn off their extra energy and play their heart out. 

Also, they are not very good with first-time dog parents. They hate being left alone and are super sensitive. They are moderately adaptive to cold and hot weather conditions.


Loves Living in An Apartment

Advisable for New Pet Owners

Level of Sensitivity

Likes Being Alone

Adapts to Cold Weather

Adapts to Hot Weather


These dogs can be super cool and playful with older and mature children but can be unfriendly towards small children.

They love to go on hikes and long walks with their owners and love to form strong bonds with the people they love.

The Alaskan Weimsky are good-natured and loving dogs and are also friendly to strangers.

All Around Friendliness

Loves Family

Loves Kids

Loves Dogs

Amicable to Strangers


The Alaskan Weimsky is independent and loving. They are usually overprotective and sociable as well. It may be slightly difficult to train these dogs due to their independent nature, thus ensuring that there is a lot of positive reinforcement involved in training. 

Training them consistently will keep them motivated and improve their quality of life.

You can also engage a professional trainer so that your Alaskan Weimsky is consistent with training and is professionally coached.

Keeping them active is one of the crucial factors for this breed. This keeps any behavioral issues from arising and keeps them engaged. 


Friendly with Kids

These working dogs are super friendly with old and mature kids and love to play with them. They can be their best companions. 

However, when they are around small kids, they need to be supervised as they are prone to nipping when they are excited.

They are affectionate and loyal dogs and are experts in having loyal people around them.

Amicable to Other Pets

They might play too rough with other pets and need to be watched by their parents. Due to this pet’s high prey drive, small animals are not a good match for them to play with.

This breed should form a group having a reasonable size match. 

Barking Tendencies

These dogs are playful and love to go on adventures and long walks with their owners. They get bored easily when they are not given enough mental stimulation.

Proper exercise and training are needed with a proper routine of some interesting games to keep their mood happy. 

If they are frustrated, they might vocalize their unhappiness via barking. A good game of fetch or tug of war can help ease them.

Possibilities of Staying Alone

Like other dogs, the Alaskan Weimsky also cannot stay alone. They are social and love to play around with people.

Keeping them alone for a long time might bore them and can develop separation anxiety in them. 

Pros and Cons of the Alaskan Weimsky Dog Breed


  • Kind-nature and loyal to their owners
  • Loves to form bonds with their family members 
  • Loves active lifestyle


  • Not too friendly with small kids
  • Slightly difficult to train this dog
  • Very high prey drive

Male vs. Female Attitude

Both genders of the Alaskan Weimsky do not have a lot of differentiating factors.

Males tend to be more openly affectionate than females, but other than this factor, size is the only factor that differs among them. 

Both male and female Alaskan Weimskys are highly driven and energetic and demand the same things from their pet parents. 


General Appearance

Alaskan Weimsky are medium to large-sized dogs with a sleek, athletic build.

They have short, smooth, and shiny silver-gray coats.

Their heads are well-proportioned with a distinctive “hawk-like” appearance.

Alaskan Weimsky’s eyes are typically light to amber in color.

The breed’s ears are moderately long and set high on the head.

Alaskan Weimsky has a docked tail, which is usually held high.

Coat color

Since the Alaskan Weimsky comes from Alaskan genetics, they have double coats that keep them warm during the winters.

However, these coats are not long or coarse. Their German heritage makes their coats short and easily manageable. 

Their coats come in the colors sable, red, fawn, and white, amongst others. Brushing is important for the upkeep of your dog’s coat; thus, brushing the Alaskan Weimsky’s coat many times a week is important. 

Aren’t they cute?


Most people consider shedding to be a hassle, but it isn’t! ❌

When the seasons change, lots of shedding can be noticed. In summer, they also tend to shed quite a bit. It is important to bathe your dog regularly during the summer to keep them clean and hygienic.

Regular brushing helps control this. 

Ensure you use combs and other tools that can help control shedding and keep the dogs well-groomed. 

Taking them to professional groomers from time to time will also make them super happy.


The Alaskan Weimsky is a large-sized crossbreed. Both parents of this cross are on the larger side, and thus, they may also be on the medium to the larger side of sizing. They also have dense, thick coats, contributing to their physicality. 

Weight40-60 lbs35-48 lbs


The general health of the Alaskan Weimsky is pretty good, and there aren’t many issues that they suffer from.

There are some genetic dispositions to look out for, however, of the following nature: Cataracts, Dermatitis, Hip Dysplasia, and Bloat. 

To make sure that they are safe from these conditions, visit your veterinarian regularly without fail and keep your Alaskan Weimsky active and fulfilled with a nutritious diet plan and exercise routine. 

Health Problems
Hip Dysplasia
Health Test
Blood tests
Allergy tests
Full body physical examination
Hip evaluation

Health And Grooming Needs

Sheds Fur

Drooling Levels

Ease of Grooming

Overall Health

Gains Weight Easily


Maintenance and Care

The daily exercise requirements of the Alaskan Weimsky are a lot more than the normal mid to large-sized breeds.

They require at least an hour or two of exercise every day to feel content, and this should integrate games as well as walking and running. 

For games, make sure you get them involved in some indoor and outdoor games like tug of war or fetch.

For this, they have huge areas and fenced grounds so they can run around and explore while burning off all their energy. 

They are not fit for apartment dwellers since they vocalize whether they are unhappy and their high energy makes it impossible to fit in small spaces.

Taking care of their coat and regular grooming is important as well. This keeps them hygienic and clean. 


Like their Malamute parents, during summer months or seasonal changes, they tend to shed a lot. When this happens, it is important that you brush more often and keep the blowout and shedding in check.

Bathing is not required by the week or day. Their coat requires daily maintenance. Their double coats keep them warm but are not as enjoyable when they blow out their coats.

Brushing should be incorporated into the routine every day. The grooming needs to increase during the summertime. 

Giving them a bath a month keeps away any sort of odor and keeps them clean and healthy.

Trim and snip the nails of your Alaskan Weimsky so that there are no unaccounted tearing or nail issues. Visit a doctor often to maintain their overall health as well. 

Food and nutrition

The Alaskan Weimsky is a highly energetic dog, and thus, its diet should also be equally nutritious.

Since they are an agile breed, make sure you integrate games into their feeding habits as well. 

Puzzle toys while feeding, snuffle mats, and filled toys or mat pattern games with treats help them keep their minds active as well.

Feeder bowls are an alternative that you can choose, and to avoid bloating, slow feeder bowls can be utilized. 

Food cost

It is recommended by pet nutritionists that you need to provide 2-3 cups of dog food every day to ensure that your dog is having proper daily nutrients.

The average daily cost of dog food is around $3.00-$4.00. The monthly cost for your dog food will be around $90.00-$100.

Exercise and activity level 

Alaskan Weimskys are generally highly energetic and may be hyperactive as well.

Make sure that a minimum of sixty minutes and a maximum of 120 minutes are devoted to exercise and games involving physical activity when it comes to these dogs.

This will keep them happy both mentally and physiologically. 

Staying alone without any physical exercise causes these dogs to get anxious and develop habits that may cause them to self-destruct.

Hiking is something these dogs enjoy, given their ancestors; thus, if you are a pet parent who also likes to hike, they are the perfect companions for you. 

Physical Needs

Level of Energy

Level of Strength

Requirement of Daily Exercise

Loves to Play


These dogs are very good to cuddle with, and because of their independent nature, it can be a bit tough to train them.

Once the training is done, you can be assured of having the best pet in the world. 

Engage your dog in consistent training routines and proper playful sessions, which will activate their minds.

Add positive reinforcement methods in your training that your dog will love.

They are very obedient, so they will follow all your commands. Don’t be harsh on them, as it might make them anxious.

Early socialization will help them improve their behavior a lot when they grow up. 


Training Level

Level of Intelligence

Loves Popping Everything Into the Mouth

Drive to Hunt

Loves to Bark or Howl

Loves Roaming


The Alaskan Weimsky ? is pretty vocal when it comes to making their discrepancies heard. If these dogs are disappointed or uninterested in something, they make sure they are heard by barking. 

They can develop separation anxiety from their parents and demand attention and loyalty from their owners. 

I am sure, by now, you have made up your mind to adopt an Alaskan Weimsky. If you haven’t, go make your decision now. ➡️

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FAQ on Alaskan Weimsky Dog breed…

Where do the Alaskan Weimsky dog breeds come from?

Originating from Alaska and Germany, they are a cross between the Alaskan Malamute and the German Weiramarener. 

What is the best diet routine for an Alaskan Weimsky dog?

To get the most functional diet routine for your dog, consult your doctor or veterinarian. Generally, a diet that is high in energy supplementation and of large proportions is important for the Alaskan Weimsky as they are medium to large-sized dogs with great energy and activity requirements. 

How much exercise is required for an Alaskan Weimsky?

An hour at a minimum and two to three hours maximum are required for an Alaskan Weimsky ?  to completely spend off its energy. They enjoy walks, runs, and hikes. Thus a 5-mile run will keep them content!

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