Alaskan Irish Setsky Dog: Characteristic, Health & Fun Facts!

As a dog lover, one of my favorite breeds is the Alaskan Irish Setsky.

The Alaskan Irish Setsky is a super energetic dog and is loved by those individuals who have an active lifestyle. They are a playful crossbreed between the Alaskan Husky and Irish Setter.

The parents come from different backgrounds, though. This Irish Setter has an incredible temperament, which is quite similar to that of a golden retriever.

Parents who love to exercise and are playful might find this breed a perfect companion for themselves. They mature slowly and retain their youthfulness even when they become adults.

To know more about this super exciting breed, hold on to your breath and continue reading.

Alaskan Irish Setsky Dog

About the breed 

The Alaskan Irish Setsky is a magnificent furry friend that is known for its authenticity. This crossbreed is a handsome cross of possibly the most energetic and good-looking breeds: the Alaskan Husky and the Irish Setter. 

The stamina of the Alaskan Irish Setsky and the presence of this loyal pet places them in a different league. Want these playful buddies to keep you company?

These dogs are super loyal and have intelligent minds. These dogs need constant training every day for nearly 15 to 30 minutes of exercise.

Let us tell you everything there is to know regarding the Alaskan Irish Setsky! Keep reading! ⬇️

Alaskan Irish Setsky Dog Breed History 

The Alaskan Irish Setsky no doubt has an esteemed family tree. Since they are a mixed breed, their parents come from the icy caps of Alaska, giving them their husky nature and the English-Irish regality of the Setter. 

The Setter is an English breed that is friendly. The Alaskan nerve of the Setsky makes it energetic and gives it a sledding age. 

They bring about a hunting and active temperament. 

These breeds are loved and are powerful working dogs. They are widely famous for their royal red coat which makes them unique from other dogs.

Fascinating, isn’t it Let’s come and have a look at the characteristics of this breed. 

Alaskan Irish Setsky Dog Breed job card/ overview 

Breed Name Alaskan Irish Setsky
Other Name of Alaskan Irish SetskyAlaskan Irish Setsky
Type of dog breedMixed/Crossbreed
Born ofAlaskan Husky from Alaska and Irish Setter from England
Height20-26 inches
Weight 40-65 lbs
Life Expectancy10 – 14 years
Coat TypeThick double-long topcoat 
Common ColorsRegal deep red 
Level of groomingModerate grooming needs
Level of sheddingHeavy shedding
PersonaAthletic, Active, Playful, Loyal, Independent 
Living in an apartmentIdeal for Apartment living
Friendly with other petsModerately 
Health ConcernsHip dysplasia, Hypothyroidism, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Elbow dysplasia, Bloat
Overall HealthGood
Intelligence LevelIntelligent
Easy to trainEasy to train
Level of energyHigh
Activity interestsRigorous exercise
Litter Size5-6 puppies
What to Know 
• The Alaskan Irish Setsky is a dog that is stalwart and known for its high-energy capabilities.

•  This breed is extremely athletic. They get their performance capabilities from their Alaskan and Irish ancestors. Owing to their athleticism, dog owners who are looking for an energetic, loyal partner will find their friends in these handsome pups. 

• While novice dog owners may find it difficult to train these dogs, they are extremely fit and paced. They tend to mature slowly. 

• However, they can be trained by a professional quickly. Consistency and positive attachment are essential with this breed to keep them on their feet! 

Now, let’s jump to the breed characteristics and know more about them.



These dogs do not adapt quite well to first-time dog owners. Do they get easily bored like any other dogs, when they are kept alone for a long time? Do they need a lot of playtime and access to outdoor spaces like a garden to keep their mind cheerful?

They require some running space, too. So owners with a small house, if considering adopting this happy breed, need to ensure to have a secure yard or a lawn to provide space for their playing time.


Adapts Well To Living in Apartments

Good For New Owners

Level of Sensitivity

Can withstand Being Alone

Can withstand Cold Weather

Can withstand Hot Weather


These breeds are super friendly with their family owners. They like to spend some good quality time with their parents and are quite social.

They are also playful with kids, but small kids need to be supervised by their parents. 

The Alaskan Irish Setsky is a dog-friendly breed and loves to be loved by everyone.

They form super strong bonds with everyone and are devoted to their owners. 

All Around Friendliness

Affectionate With Family

Friendly with Kids

Friendly with Other Pups

Friendly Toward Strangers


Alaskan Irish Setskys are known to be extremely energetic and rapidly fast. They can sometimes tend to have a hyperactive temperament, and they need to be adequately trained and engaged for them to burn their energy off. 

They are loyal and obedient. While it may not be moderately easy to train these powerhouses, consistency is key. If a trainer is engaged and they are kept consistent with professional training, success is apparent. 

They are quick learners as pups, and using this young, untamed energy will make them great companions!


Friendly with Kids 

The Alaskan Irish Setsky are friendly with kids. They love to play with them because of their high energy levels. 

However, they can hit boredom if not enough mental stimulation is provided, which can lead to some unlikeable behaviors like digging holes in the ground or chewing furniture. Proper training will keep their mind fresh, and they can bond more lovingly with everyone.

Amicable to Other Pets 

Every Alaskan Irish Setsky is unique, but they have some common features too. When they are introduced to some other pets, they can be seen to bond well with them. 

However, if you are trying to find some similar dogs to give your dog company, find one with the same energy levels that will keep your dog engaged. 

Barking Tendencies

These dogs bark a lot sometimes when they are bored or some unwanted situations happen to them. They do not love to be kept alone, so frustrations can lead them to bark excessively. Good company will help them to ease their anger and calm their minds down.

Possibilities of Staying Alone

All dogs are quite social. They hate to be kept alone for a long time. Keeping them separated can develop some separation anxiety in them. Try to keep them surrounded by people they love to be with. 

Pros and cons of Alaskan Irish Setsky Dog 


  • Friendly with kids and owners
  • Very social, loves to spend time with other dogs
  • Good watchdogs


  • Not very good when kept alone
  • They might bark a lot when they are bored
  • Can grow overprotective 

Male vs. Female attitude

There is not a great scope of difference between the male and female Alaskan Irish Setsky. The female counterparts are a size smaller than the males. Both of them, however, are energetic and playful. 


Alaskan Irish Setsky Dog

General Appearance

These dogs have almond-shaped eyes that are brown or black, thus giving them a smart look. Their stunning dark-colored coats are another attraction for the eyes.

The bushy tails set them apart from the other breeds, and the tails are held quite high when they are excited and can be seen wagging them when they are super happy.

Coat color 

The Alaskan Irish Setsky dogs have varied colors of coats such as black, gray, or brown. But the most common one is the red one.

Their thick coat has a soft undercoat that acts as an insulation that protects them from harsh weather conditions.

The top coat is a long one and water-resistant, too, which keeps them dry during wet seasons.

They have slight marks and stripes on their coats, too.

Both ancestral lineages of the Alaskan Irish Setsky are known for their sporting coats. Thus, these dogs have a double coat given in from their Husky ancestry and a long top coat from their Irish Setter ancestry. 


Shedding is on the higher numbers for the Alaskan Irish Setsky. Since they have long double coats, shedding can be quite intermediate; however, regular brushing and upkeep keep the shedding from being too intense and difficult to manage.


The Alaskan Irish Setsky is quite large and is a mixed breed. It averages about 20-26 inches in height and a good 40-65 lbs in weight. 

They have a rich double coat, given their Alaskan and Irish ancestry, both dense sporting coats. There are no specific colors. 

However, they sport different patterned and hued coats. Given their husky sense, the coats can be brown, gray, or white variations. Their Irish Setter side gives them a deep red coat.

Weight40-65 lbs35-55  lbs


The Alaskan Irish Setsky is an offspring of a healthy group of ancestor breeds, and their health is not a great arena of concern for owners.

Health Problems
Hip Dysplasia
Elbow Dysplasia
Progressive retinal atrophy
Health Test
Regular eye exams
Allergy tests
Ear examinations
Ultrasounds and other blood tests

Health And Grooming

Shedding Amount

Potential to Drooling

Easy To Groom

General Health

Potential For Weight Gain


Maintenance and Care 

It’s a tough time for dog owners to come up with a care routine for the paw members in their family.

Given their extremely high energy levels, the Alaskan Irish Setsky needs exercise that is regular and engaging for them to remain healthy and stay on their feet. 

Walks that are a minimum of two hours long or games that involve active playing, for example, catch, be it indoors or outdoors, complementing the walks, are required to exhaust their energy. 

Agility is an important factor that contributes to the stamina of these dogs; thus, exercise will keep them content and healthy. Regular visits for health upkeep are needed as well to ensure they don’t have any health implications. 

These dogs need to exercise regularly to stay healthy. They enjoy indoor as well as outdoor playful sessions. They need an hour of regular exercise to keep them healthy and energetic.


Grooming needs are moderate for these dogs. Brushing regularly through the week to keep their coats healthy and regulate shedding is an important part of their upkeep. Bathing them once a week keeps them hygienic, and nail maintenance is something you cannot compromise on!

Brushing them should be done several times a week to reduce the shedding and in order to keep your doggy clean. Who doesn’t love to stay clean and hygienic, after all?

The grooming sessions should be more during the summer, and bathing is a regular thing during this season.

Food and nutrition 

Since the Alaskan Irish Setsky is an agile and active dog, their feeding and diet must be nutritious and consist of large portions and consistent nutritional capabilities that boost their energy. 

Consulting the veterinarian to come up with a meal plan that will keep your dog healthy and improve their health can help in deciding feeding habits. 

Since they are active dogs, incorporating games in their feeding, like treats, will also help!

Food-motivating game tasks like snuffle mats and filled toys can stimulate the brain cells, and they are often motivated by some good puzzle games, too.

Try including some interesting meals to keep your dog happy.

Food Cost

For your dog- 2-3 cups of dog food is recommended daily. Just divide them into 2-3 meals. 

Don’t make your dogs overeat. The average daily cost would be around $1.1-$1.5. The monthly costs come to be around $33-$50.

Exercise and activity level

The Alaskan Irish Setsky needs rigorous exercise to exhaust its high energy levels. They need at least an hour maxed out to two when it comes to walks. But that isn’t all.

 For them to be most healthy, their stamina also demands games like fetch and catch to complement long walks. 

They enjoy active lifestyles and are a good fit for owners who are also charged by stamina. Outside spaces that do not limit them will allow them to explore their energy levels and exercise without bounds. 

Daily runs must be incorporated into their routine to keep them healthy.

Physical Requirements

Energy Level

Level of Intensity

Exercise Requirements

Level for Playfulness


The Alaskan Irish Setsky’s are cute and quite social. They love to play around and will obey your every command if you train them from an early age.

It is very important to include positive reinforcement training methods while training this breed.

They are trainable in fields like tracking work. These kinds of skills have the advantage of their intelligence level. Early socialization will make your dog the world’s best one.


Ease of Training

Intelligence Level

Potential to Put Things in Mouth

Hunting Drive

Intention To Bark Or Howl

Wanderlust Freak


These handsome and energetic Alaskan Irish Setsky dogs are often confused with being wolf hybrids when in reality, they aren’t. Their compassion, loyalty, and stamina could prove otherwise, though. 

These dogs have a predatory nature and might not do well in situations where there are other pets or companions of smaller stature.

They are a perfect mix of aggression, playfulness, activity, and regal beauty, making them adaptable and great companions. 

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FAQ on Alaskan Irish Setsky Dog breed…

Where do the Alaskan Irish Setsky breeds come from?

These dogs are a definite between the regal English Irish Setters and the Huskies of Alaska. While both parents are hunting dogs ?‍?, their behavioral factors of activity, playfulness, and loyalty make them protective companions to pet owners. 

Is Alaskan Irish Setkys family-friendly?

The Alaskan side of these crossbreeds makes them loyal, and the Irish segment makes them playful and affectionate. They are family-friendly but do not appreciate an aggressive situation since they are independent fighters full of energy. Their large size may intimidate smaller children or other pets thus, and it is advised not to keep them around these dogs and/or trap them in little spaces. 

How much exercise is required for an Alaskan Irish Setsky?

Since these dogs are highly energetic, about an hour or two of exercise for walks is advised every day. Adding to this, they should be engaged in catch/ throw games or games that demand their physical stamina. This rigorous nature of exercise will keep them satisfied and healthy, given their athletic nature. A driven and active lifestyle is most suited for them. 

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