Aki-poo Dog Breed: Characteristic, Health & Fun Facts!

The Aki-poo Dog is a novel, recently created hybrid that is still, to a large extent, undiscovered.

This relatively recent cross, which consists of a combination of the independent-minded Akita and the royal Poodle, is certain to continue drawing attention for many years to come. 

Let’s find out a little more about this breed that is known for being adorable and affectionate ⤵️

Aki-poo Dog Breed

About the Aki-poo Dog Breed

An adorable cross between the Akita and Poodle— the Aki-poo is a loving mixed breed. They are loyal and intelligent and make for a great companion.

This easy-going and playful breed is the perfect fit for caring dog owners. 

Aki-poo Dog Breed History

Being a crossbreed, the Aki-poo doesn’t have a long history of its own. The Akita and Poodle are both infamous and beloved dog breeds.

The Akita originated in Japan as a hunting dog for taking down prey. 

Brought as a gift to Helen Keller, the Akita stepped foot onto the US only a handful of decades ago.

Helen Keller was the owner of the first two Akitas of America. Today, they are known for being highly driven guard dogs and loyal companions. 

The Standard Poodle goes back as a duck-retrieving breed, whereas the Miniature Poodle originated from hunting truffles.

This breed’s high intelligence has given it diverse utilities, as they can be trained to be skilled at scent work, therapy work, or other dog occupations.    

Aki-poo Dog Breed Job Card/Overview

Breed NameAki-poo
Other Name(s) of Aki poo
Type of Dog BreedMixed breed dog
Born ofAkita, Poodle
Height24 – 32 inches
Weight70  – 100 pounds
Life Expectancy8 – 14 years
Coat Typethick, curly double coat
Coat ColorsWhite, gray, black
Level of GroomingRegular brushing
Level of SheddingYes
PersonaLoving, loyal, devoted, intelligent, protective
Apartment LivingNo
Friendly to other petsLow
Health ConcernsModerate
Health ExpectancyModerate
Ability to reason and understand High
Ease of trainingHigh
Level of Vitality High
Level of Exercise Ideally RequiredHigh
Puppies7-8 puppies
What to know
• A fiercely loyal and devoted crossbreed, the Aki-poo is extremely strong-willed and intelligent. 

• This breed is generally for beginner dog parents due to their hardened willpower and guarding tendencies. 

• Especially the ones who take after the Akita, are prone to aggression towards strangers and other dogs. However, it inhibits a high intelligence level and trainability from the Poodle. 

• An experienced dog owner won’t face any issues with the Aki-poo, but beginner dog parents may find it challenging. 


Let’s take a look at a few of the Aki-poo dog breed’s distinguishing features because there are most likely quite a few things you are interested in learning about them ⤵️


The Aki-poo has earned a reputation for being extremely adaptable. This cross between an Akita and a Poodle has an adaptable personality that makes it suitable for a wide range of living situations.

The Aki-Poo can adapt to life in the city or the country with equal ease. Because of its versatility, it makes a great pet for families and singles who want a dog that can fit into their lifestyle.


Adapts Well to Apartment Living

Good for Beginner Owners

Level of Sensitivity

Tolerates Being Alone

Tolerant of Cold Weather

Tolerant of Hot Weather


The aki-poo is a devoted and smart dog, but it is not recommended for first-time dog owners. They can be stubborn and have trouble trusting others. 

This mixed-breed dog can be hostile towards strangers and other animals, especially if it takes after Akitas. 

Poodles are notoriously headstrong, therefore, a breeder of this cross should be prepared to resort to the services of a professional dog trainer if necessary.


Loves to be around Family

Friendly with kids

Amicable toward dogs

Friendly Towards Strangers


Good-natured and loving, Aki-poos are energetic and highly protective. They may be wary of strangers, as inherited from the Akita. Given this, it is essential to train them socially from a young age. 

The Aki-poo Dog may often exhibit guarding behavior. This is seen through their nuisance barking, growling, or lunging.

With training, however, this issue can be easily curbed. This crossbreed is extremely intelligent.

With their sharp wit, regular and firm positive reinforcement training is also important. A professional trainer may help if your Aki-poo has behavioral issues.


The Akita Inu, or “Aki-poo,” is a breed of dog recognized for its dignity and bravery. Dogs of this breed tend to be quiet, devoted, and reserved, qualities that make them great guard dogs and household pets. 

While Aki-poos are known to be loving and compassionate with their families, they may be apprehensive of strangers and display a protective nature.

A well-behaved and well-rounded Aki poo can be encouraged through early socialization and constant training ⛹️.

Friendly with kids

The Aki-Poo breed of dog has a stellar reputation for being patient and kind to kids. They are wonderful for kids because of their friendly and outgoing personality.

These cute puppies, a cross between an Akita and a Poodle, have the calm and gentle temperaments that make them ideal family pets. 

Aki-Poos, with the right amount of socialization and training, can become devoted playmates for kids.

Amicable to other pets

The aki-poo has a reputation for getting along well with other animals. Aki-poo usually gets along OK with other animals, whether they’re cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, or anything else.

Because of their kind and flexible temperament, they get along nicely with other pets, making them an excellent option for multi-pet households.

Barking tendencies

The barking habits of the Aki-Poo breed are typically modest. Although they are good at warning you of outsiders or weird noises, they are not known for their constant barking. 

However, there may be behavioral differences amongst dogs, and some dogs may bark more than others, depending on their upbringing and socialization.

Excessive barking can be controlled and reduced with the right kind of socialization and training.

Possibilities of staying alone

An Aki-Poo dog may easily live alone. Aki-Poos require and benefit from having a regular human company.

However, keep in mind that dogs need exercise, mental stimulation, and attention regularly.

Staying at home with an Aki-Poo can be a rewarding experience if you can meet all of their requirements and shower them with love and care.

Pros and Cons of the Aki Poo Dog Breed


  • Aki-poos are known for their faithfulness and wit.
  • Highly intelligent and amenable to being trained, an experienced dog owner shouldn’t have too many issues with caring for one. 


  • They can have a strong will and struggle with guarding responsibilities.
  • They do have the capability of developing an angry and overly defensive attitude.

Male vs Female Attitude

Aki-poos can have different personalities and outlooks on life depending on the individual rather than their gender.

It’s not always the case that a male will be more domineering or protective, or a female will be more nurturing or independent; these features might vary from dog to dog.

Each Aki-poo has a different personality and background, therefore, it’s important to take that into account when judging their behavior.


General Appearance

They range in size from moderate to enormous, but most are robust and muscular.

Their coats range in length from medium to long and can be straight, curly, or wavy, according to the parent breeds.

Akita-type dogs called “Aki-poos” can be any shade from black to white to cream to brown, or even a combination of these.

Combining characteristics of both parent breeds, they are strong and kindly looking.

Coat Color 

The Aki-poo generally has a thick, sometimes curly double coat. This requires pretty regular maintenance.

Along with brushing several times a week, cleanliness must be encouraged. White-coating dogs have an issue of tear-staining, and this discharge must be wiped out often.

Bathing can be done on a need-to-need basis, which shouldn’t be more than once a month. However, their nail maintenance must be in check, which goes for all dogs.


The Aki Poo dog breed is praised for its low-shedding reputation. They have a low-maintenance, hypoallergenic coat that shows characteristics of both the Akita and the Poodle.

The coat of an Aki-poo is often curly or wavy and needs to be brushed frequently to avoid matting. ✅

In contrast to other dog breeds, however, they lose very little hair, making them an excellent option for people who suffer from allergies or simply prefer to keep a cleaner home.


The Aki-poo is a fairly large crossbreed. They don’t have a standard coat color and are found in white, gray, and even black.

Height15-28 Inches15-28 Inches
Weight45-120 Lbs40-115 Lbs


Usually, Aki-poos coming from the care of responsible breeders are healthy, but there may be some genetic predispositions toward health issues to be aware of with this crossbreed:

Health Problems
HypothyroidismProgressive retinal atrophy (PRA)
Neonatal Encephalopathy Von Willebrand’s Disease
CataractsSebaceous Adenitis
EpilepsyCanine Atrial Septal Defect 
Addison’s DiseaseCushing’s Syndrome
Legg-perthes DiseaseOptic Nerve Hypoplasia
Patellar LuxationPremature Graying
Health Test
Fecal Examination
Elbow Evaluation
Hip Evaluation
Eye Evaluation
Cardiac Evaluation
Genetic Testing

Health and Grooming Needs

Amount of Shedding

Easy to Groom

Overall/General Health

Potential to Gain Weight


Maintenance and Care

This mixed breed needs a good amount of daily exercise to be content. The Aki-poo should receive at least an hour of physical activity.

This breed isn’t a good fit for apartment living due to their need for space to room.

They love playing indoor and outdoor games such as fetch, tug-of-war, etc. They tend to find trouble if kept understimulated.

Thus, intense physical activities such as agility or flyball are a healthy way to satiate their energy.⚡️


The Aki-Poo is high maintenance in terms of grooming. In some cases, having a professional groomer cut your dog’s hair is advisable.

The shedding of a dog’s coat can be reduced by frequent brushing. It’s important to keep the ears and eyes clean to prevent infections.

Flea treatments should also be used seasonally. Dogs need regular grooming, including nail clipping and bathing.

Find the best dog shampoo at your neighborhood pet store to maintain your Aki-Poo’s healthy coat and to make bath time fun for your dog.

Food and Nutrition

A consistent diet for a large-sized breed with high energy is a must for the Aki-poo. Moreover, their high energy can be burned off with enriching toys such as puzzle feeders and filled bones.

Since every breed has unique dietary needs, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian to build a healthy diet for your pet.

Food Cost

Aki-poos, a hybrid of Akitas and Poodles, have unique nutritional requirements that can affect the price of their food.

The cost of premium dog food for an Aki-poo can range from $30 to $50 per month. If you want to know what kind of food is best for your dog, it’s best to talk to a vet about it.

Exercise and Activity Level

Aki-poo needs to be exercised every day. They should ideally be receiving an hour’s walk or hike at the very least.

Moreover, this breed also prefers indoor and outdoor games such as fetch and tug-of-war.

An important point to note is that their high energy if left unstimulated, may lead the Aki-poo to find unnecessary trouble.

This can be curbed with intense activities such as flyball. 

Physical Requirements

Energy Level

Strength / Intensity

Exercise Needs

Potential for Playfulness


Dogs of the Akita breed, or Aki-Poo, are a breeze to educate. They quickly grasp the connection between verbal cues and physical responses.


Easy to Train

Level of Intellect

Potential for Mouthiness

Drive Towards Prey

Tendency to Bark or Howl

The Potential to want to travel


That wraps up everything you need to know about the Aki Poo, a breed of dog known for its extreme loyalty and adoration.

It is recommended that those interested in adopting an Akita-Poodle mix contact local animal shelters, rescue groups, or reputable breeders who may offer such dogs for sale or adoption. ⚡️

Before bringing a dog into your home, do your homework and think about the dog’s personality, energy level, and how often it needs to be groomed.

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FAQs on the Aki-poo Dog Breed

How many times should I bathe my Aki-poo?

The Aki-poo can be bathed on an as-needed basis, which will most likely not cross a monthly mark. 

Which diseases are common in Aki-poo?

Although mostly healthy, the Aki-poo may be prone to hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cataracts, epilepsy, and Addison’s disease. It is recommended to check in with a veterinarian regularly.

Is Aki-poo good for apartment living?

Given their high energy and need for space, apartments aren’t the best place to house an Aki-poo.

Can I leave my Aki-poo alone for long periods?

The Aki-poo is a very affectionate dog and is prone to separation anxiety. Therefore, it is not recommended to leave them for prolonged durations.

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