Afollie Dog Breed: Characteristic, Health & Fun Facts!

And it’s always about the popular cross breeds but where would our infamous babies go Finally, I’ve decided to go off the box and research a not-so-famous breed called the Afollie.

Rarely have you heard of this breed but it is a beautiful and adorable crossbreed baby of the Afghan hound and Collie.

This designer breed would very soon get to the top of the adoption list once more people start to get to know it.

Here’s my little attempt at popularizing one of my favorite breeds. Keep reading to get motivated to adopt an Afollie breed for yourself.

Afollie Dog Breed

About The Breed⤵️

A mix of the Collie and the Afghan Hound, the Afollie or the Afghan Collie is an energetic dog breed.

The Afghan Hound is a sighthound famous for its ability to chase down prey, and the Collie is a herder breed; the Afollie is an athletic and energetic dog.

Both parents are medium to large-sized, making the Afollie fall in the same spectrum too. 

The Afollie, therefore, can be either a medium-sized or a large-sized dog, often falling in between 22-27 inches.

The Afghan Collie is known for its fun-loving character and its innate intelligence.

They are very easy to train and are lovable dogs who are loyal to their family. They come in different colors ranging from white to red.

It takes time for them to become comfortable with strangers and other animals; therefore, the Afollie must be socialized at an early age.

With proper training and socializing, they grow up to be great with other pets as well as children. They, however, have an innate need to herd smaller animals and children.

Afollie Dog Breed History

A new entry in the list of designer breeds, the Afollie does not have much history of bragging, but being a mixed breed, it does have two remarkable dog breeds for its parent breeds – the Afghan Hound and the Collie. ✅

The Afghan Hound has been around since the 1500s and has their origin in Afghanistan and Egypt. They were sporting dogs used by nomads to hunt gazelles and rabbits. Having originated in the mountains of Afghanistan, they have thick coats and high energy. 

First known as the Persian Greyhound or the Barukhzy Hound, these breeds were introduced in Europe around the 19th century. The Collie dog breed comes in two types – the ones with the rough coat and the other with the smooth coat. 

The Collie came to Britain with the Celts, but there were no documents about its presence in England until the 1800s. Queen Victoria, during her stay in Balmoral, had come across the breed and is said to have loved it, so she brought them to England and presented them in the 1878 Westminster Dog Show.

The Afollie inherits both the agility and sportsmanship of the Afghan Hound and the herding instincts of the Collie and, therefore, a perfect mix of elegance and agility.

Afollie Dog Breed Job Card/Overview⤵️

Name of breed Afollie
Health Concerns of BreedAfghan Collie
Type of BreedMixed/Crossbreed/Hybrid
Origin of the breedAfghanistan; Scotland
Parent BreedsAfghan Hound and Collie Mix
Height of breed22 – 27 inches
Weight of breed45 – 55 lbs
Life Expectancy of Breed10 – 12 years 
Coat Type of breedLong; dense; straight and silky
Common Colors are available inBlack; Blue; sable; red and fawn
Grooming Needs of BreedLots of grooming
Shedding tendenciesShedding above average
General temperament of the breedIndependent; dignified; intelligent and friendly
Apartment Living suitabilityNot ideal for Apartment living
Health Concerns of breedBloating; cataracts, elbow dysplasia, retinal dysplasia, cerebellar abiotrophy; hip dysplasia, deafness, Collie eye anomaly, nasal solar dermatitis
Overall HealthHealthy
Intelligence LevelIntelligent
Trainability of breedEasy to train 
Energy LevelHigh
ActivityMedium; 45 minutes of daily activity
Litter Size3 – 12 puppies
What to know ⤵️
• The Afollie dog is a mixed breed; its parents are the Afghan Hound and the Collie. 

• The Collie is said to have stolen the heart of Queen Victoria when she encountered the breed in Balmoral. She is the one who brought the breed to England, introducing them to the Westminster Dog Show.✅

• The Afollies are very touchy, and they love to stick close to their human. 

• The breed can come off as a bit too clingy but know that these dogs are clinging to you because of their loyal and loving nature.


Afollie Dog Breed


Adaptability is always variable when it comes to dogs. However such characteristics can be generalized when we speak of a particular breed. Afollie being our breed of focus let us discuss their general adaptability features.

We can rate this breed an eight out of ten when we discuss their adaptability. This breed is somewhat adaptive to apartment living which signifies they are suitable for small places but a larger living space is always a plus. ➕️

The most significant characteristic is they can bear extreme cold temperatures so owners in cold countries buckle up to get one Afollie baby for themselves. Additionally, this breed has low sensitivity levels as well. 

Adaptability ⤵️

Adapts Well To Apartment Living

Good for Novice Owners

Sensitivity Level

Tolerates Being Alone

Tolerates Cold Weather

Tolerates Hot Weather


When spoken of in a general sense, Afollie is moderately a friendly breed. They are best known for their family bonding capacities. This characteristic makes them the friendliest with their family members.

They might also be good companions for the kids at your home. We can confidently say kids at your home are safe around them considering they are taught not to unnecessarily tease your pets. 

 Moreover, they are also friendly toward other dogs so keeping another puppy at home in their presence won’t be much of a trouble for you.

Just that these Afollies aren’t that friendly with strangers. Thus, they should be trained from the very beginning as to how to behave around strangers.

All Around Friendliness⤵️

Affectionate with Family


Dog Friendly

Friendly Toward Strangers


A charming and independent dog breed, the Afghan Collie, or the Afollie is a goofy and little aloof dog breed.

They are good with children but must not be left unsupervised with smaller kids, especially if they haven’t grown up with them. 

A bit stubborn and standoffish at times, the Afollie dogs are generally friendly if socialized at a young age because they need time to adapt and get used to people and the environment. They are not, therefore, the most stranger-friendly breed.

They often tend to bark and growl at strangers or people whom they consider a threat to their family or themselves because of their protective personality.

A very smart dog breed, they are easy to teach and are fast learners. 

Being a highly independent breed, these dogs won’t do anything they don’t feel like doing. This makes training them difficult.

But with a firm hand and timely training, they can be tamed. They should be socialized when just a puppy so that they get used to other pets and people.

They can get very playful at times and can grow aloof at other times.


The Afollie is an intelligent and sweet breed that bonds excellently with its family members.

They are usually calm and composed in nature and thus do not bark much unless something triggering happens or they want to communicate something.

Despite their calm nature, they can serve as excellent guard dogs both for animals and humans. Since they are a mix of the Afghan Hound and the Collie, they inherit mixed qualities of both breeds. 

Thus, at times they might turn out to be uptight and stern like the Afghan Hounds, and otherwise, they would be the most gentle especially with children inheriting this side from the Collie.

Friendly with kids✅️

Generally, the Afollie is a friendly breed. Thus, they make the best company for children.

Not only are they safe to be around but additionally, they’d try to be protective of your kid. We can assure your kid will be the happiest around them. 

As friendly as they are they also love to play which makes them more suitable to keep around children. 

With their caring and gentle nature which they inherit from their parent breed, the Collie makes them the best for households with kids.

Amicable to other pets

As their adaptability suggests, Afollies are mostly amicable with other dogs; thus keeping another pet dog alongside wouldn’t be much of a trouble for you. However, since they owe their being partially to the Afghan Hounds, they might have some instinctive preying tendencies. ⚡️

Thus, small pets might face a little trouble when made to coexist with your Afollie. The only solution to this issue is early socialization and training regimes imposed on them from the very childhood so that they learn to be tolerant towards other small pets.

Barking tendencies

Our Afollies are calm and composed in nature thus they usually don’t have such barking tendencies. They only bark when something triggering occurs or when they want to communicate something. However, if trained to become guard dogs, they might develop barking tendencies.

Possibilities of staying alone❌️

The only thing our Afollie babies aren’t good at is that they are not at all suitable to be kept alone. If they are kept alone for longer periods, they might develop separation anxiety, depression, or other behavioral issues, and even aggressive behavioral traits.

Thus, the only suggestion we’d like to give you is never to leave your Afollie baby at home and go on a vacation. They are family-oriented babies who rely on the company of their family members to live happily and comfortably.

Pros and Cons of the Afollie Dog Breed⤵️


  • They bond very well with family members.
  • They are your kid’s best friends.
  • They are calm, gentle, and friendly.
  • They are extremely energetic dogs.


  • They are not suitable for novice owners.
  • They cannot live alone for long.
  • They might have preying tendencies towards other small pets.
  • They are intolerant of hot temperatures.

Male vs Female Attitude

Drawing a difference in attitude between male Afolie dogs and their female variety is not easy. In terms of physical features, even though their average weight is a little less than that of the male Afollie, the female Afollie, whose weight may vary from 45 to 50 pounds as compared to the 45 to 55 of the males, stands at a similar height as the male – 22 to 27 inches. ✅

Their attitudes interestingly resonate with that of the humans; the females of this breed tend to become more mature than their goofy, usually childish male counterparts at an earlier age.


General Appearance

The Afollies are generally medium to large-sized dogs with an excellent fur coat that is thick and long, making them suitable for extreme cold temperatures.

They have strong and muscular legs, which they inherit from their parent breed, the Afghan Hound.

Their large muzzle gives them a stern and classy look. The furry ears add up to the cuteness.

The neck region has a mane-like structure making them look royal, and the long tail might hang from the back or get curled up from time to time. 

Their almond-shaped dark eyes give them an intelligent and curious look with that cute little dark nose. The ear might also be hanging and curled up from time to time.⚡️

Coat color⤵️

The Afollie dog breeds come in a variety of colors, like white, brown, fawn, red, or cream.

They have inherited their long, dense, and silky mane from both their parent breeds, the Afghan Hound and the Collie.

Their coat is easily mattable and therefore needs regular grooming sessions for maintenance. If you are up to brushing their hair two or three times a week, the number of grooming sessions need not be this frequent.

These breeds tend to shed seasonally, which leaves fewer chances of finding your furniture covered in hair all year round. 

With a healthy diet and regular grooming sessions, their silky fur can be maintained. Make sure to use only a mild shampoo or, better yet, a shampoo recommended by your vet on your Afollie.


The Afollie breeds shed only seasonally. Their easily mattable soft yet thick furs need regular grooming sessions and brushing. This will keep the shedding to a particular season only.


The Afollie dog breed takes after its parent breed in terms of size. The Afghan Hound is a large-sized breed, and the Collie is a medium to large-sized breed, giving the Afollie its large stature and muscled form. 

Standing at the height of 22 to 27 inches, the Afollie dogs tend to weigh between 45 to 55 lbs as fully grown adult dogs. With their long coat, large muzzles, and furry legs, these dogs retain the classy looks of the Afghan hounds; this, combined with their strong bone structure and muscular legs, only add to this effect.

They carry their long tails low and curled up and possess a certain kind of curiosity in their expressions.⤵️

Height25 inches23 inches
Weight57.5 lbs50.0 lbs


The Afollie dog breed is a healthy hybrid, but they do risk some of the diseases that their parent breeds, Afghan Hounds and Collies, are prone to.

Health Problems
Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV)
Progressive Retinal Atrophy
Muscular Dystrophy
Corneal Dystrophy
Health Test
Eye examination
Skin evaluation
Blood analysis
CT or MRI scan
Hearing and ear tests

Health And Grooming

Amount Of Shedding

Drooling Potential

Easy To Groom

General Health

Potential For Weight Gain


Maintenance and Care

The Afghan Collie retains not just the vigor and intelligence of the Collie and Afghan Hound but their grooming too.

They have a dense and thick coat that tends to get matted easily. Use a firm bristled brush to brush through the hair, and do this several times a week. ✅

This would help limit the grooming sessions. Use a shampoo recommended by your vet for bathing your Afollie, and while at that, make sure you don’t miss out on any parts, especially the groin area and the inner elbows. 

It is advised your Afollie is groomed at least once every few months if you are unable to brush their manes regularly.

The Afollies need regular clipping of their nails and brushing of their teeth. Use only toothpaste that is dog-friendly.

Both the Afghan Hound and the Collie were historically used as hunting dogs; this makes the Afghan Collie equally vigorous, making it necessary that they are provided with opportunities daily to put out their energy. 

At Least 60 minutes of playtime is advised. Take them for a walk whenever possible. All this, along with regular checkups with the vet, will make sure your Afollie lives a long healthy life.


Our Afollie baby requires regular and vigorous grooming for proper maintenance of their thick cover.

Regular brushing is a must to keep their fur coating detangled and clean, a firm brush is the preliminary requisite. Bathing your Afollie at least once shouldn’t be compromised.

Inner elbows, groin, and back of the legs should always be kept clean to prevent ticks and other fungal infections. Grooming your pet’s nails is also a must. Apart from personal grooming a professional groomer must be hired to attend your dog once a month for least.

Veterinarian-approved toothpaste is also essential. 

Food and Nutrition

Three cups of dog food is the recommended amount of food when it comes to the Afollie. Keep any food that can induce allergy from them. Since the Afollie is a fun-loving dog that runs about and plays a lot, they would need to drink a lot of fresh and clean water.

Food Cost

Giving a general overview of food costs for a particular breed is slightly tough since the food consumption of an individual dog might vary from the other depending on its appetite and metabolism.

 However, taking into account the average-sized Afollie, we can estimate that 3 cups of dog food is enough. Thus, calculating the approximate food cost for an average-sized Afollie would be $1.20- $1.40, which means it would be $34.00- $45.00 monthly.

Exercise and activity level

Both the Afghan Hound and the Collie are medium to large-sized dogs that require at least an hour’s worth of activities.

Their hybrid pup is not different in any way. The Afollie needs at least an hour of regular activity that includes playtime as well as other exercises. ✅

They love playing with a ball and running about the yard, chasing after it. Keep your Afollie in motion for at least 60 minutes a day.

These social dogs love interacting with fellow dogs and even humans, interacting with them as well as playing with them. They would do well in dog sports too. 

Physical Requirements

Energy Level


Exercise Needs

Potential for Playfulness


Training your Afollie shouldn’t be a great deal since they are very intelligent and obedient dogs.

Early socialization and training are a must for this breed to counter their prey drive, which might turn out fatal for other small pets in the future if not controlled early through training. 

They should also be trained on how to behave with strangers as they are instinctively not very friendly to strangers.

If trained well, they might be excellent guard dogs both for humans and for animals. Their wanderlust potential might lead to them having tendencies to escape from homes if not leashed.

However, this might be tackled with proper training from the very childhood.✅️


Easy To Train


Potential For Mouthiness

Prey Drive

Tendency To Bark Or Howl

Wanderlust Potential


 They are very protective of their humans and, therefore, would make excellent guard dogs. Their coats are fine and beautiful, but it is not an easy job to keep them.

They would need a lot of grooming and maintenance. 

Be ready for weekly trips to the groomer if you have chosen to bring up an Afollie. All things considered, the Afghan Collie will be a perfect addition to your family; they love lots of activity and are not the perfect choice for apartment living.

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FAQ on the Afollie Dog breed⤵️

Are the Afollie dog breeds safe in a household with children?

The Afollie is an energetic dog breed; they can get silly and excited, especially with smaller kids. Adult supervision is advised.

What is the best shampoo to use on an Afollie?

All dog-friendly mild shampoos are safe, but it would be better if you choose a shampoo as per your vet’s recommendation.

How to prevent the matting of an Afollie’s fur?

Use a strong bristled brush to brush down any knots several times a week.

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