Afghan Spaniel Dog Breed: History, Appearance, Health & Fun Facts

As a dog lover, one of my favorite breeds is none other than the Afghan Spaniel! 🐕

The Afghan Spaniel is a result of crossbreeding the Afghan Hound and the Cocker Spaniel. Both the parent breeds are well known for their hunting background, which is why I love these hunters. 

About the Afghan Spaniel Breed 🐾

The Afghan Hound is famous for its calm nature and elegant appearance, while the Cocker Spaniel is known for its energetic and eager-to-please personality.

The Cocker Spaniel is of two types, one being the American Cocker Spaniel and the other being the English Cocker Spaniel. 

Both varieties are similar in size, appearance, temperament, and energy and were generally thought of as the same breed until 1936 when the English Cocker Spaniel Club was formed in America and were displeased by the modifications the Americans made to the breed. The Afghan Spaniel is a perfect mix of both its parent breeds.

If you are considering adopting one, you need to know all about the breed first! ☕️

Follow me as I break down everything about an Afghan Spaniel for you. ⤵️

Afghan Spaniel Dog Breed History 🐾

The Afghan Spaniel originates from the United States and is a new addition to the crossbreed club. They do not have a rich history as a breed, but they do have a very significantly important ancestral account. 

There is detailed documentation regarding the history of the Afghan Hound and the Cocker Spaniel, the two parent breeds. The Afghan Hound is historically a sighthound and is one of the oldest dog breeds to have been documented. 

They probably originated in Ancient Egypt and were used for hunting to catch gazelles and rabbits. They were brought to Europe from the mountains of Afghanistan to Europe in the 1800S. 

The Cocker Spaniel, on the other hand, belongs to the pure breed family of Spaniels. They originated in Ireland, England, and Wales. 

They date back to the 1300s when they appear in a description by Gaston Phebus. They were used as sheep herders and were fiercely loyal dog breeds.

Fascinating. 😍 Let’s take a further look into the characteristics of this breed. ⤵️

Afghan Spaniel Dog Breed Job Card / Overview🐾

Breed Name Afghan Spaniel
Other Name of Afghan SpanielAfghan Spaniel
Type of Dog BreedMixed/Crossbreed/Hybrid
OriginUnited States of America; Afghanistan
Born ofAfghan Retriever and English Cocker Spaniel
Height19 – 23  inches
Weight 30 – 45 lbs
Life Expectancy10 – 14 years
Coat TypeLong straight coat
Coat ColorsBlack; red; brown; gray; fawn; silver and cream
Level of GroomingLots of grooming
Level of SheddingModerate shedding
PersonaFriendly, Energetic, and intelligent
Apartment LivingYes, can live in an apartment
Friendly to other petsYes
Health expectancyHealthy
Ability to reason and understandHighly able
Ease of trainingEasy to train 
Level of VitalityHigh
Level of Exercise Ideally RequiredMedium
Puppies4 – 7 puppies
What To Know🐾
– The Afghan Spaniel is a medium-sized dog known for their playful and fun personality. 
– They have long, wavy fur and stand elegantly, suiting their parent breed Afghan Hound.
– They love some good petting.
– Their mane is fine, but it will take lots of grooming time to keep them this fine.
– They are a perfect companion for anyone. 
– They can adapt well to almost all kinds of comfortable living. They require a lot of exercise.

Now, jumping straight into the characteristics of the Afghan Spaniel! ⤵️



The Afghan Spaniel is a highly adaptable dog that stays well with owners who stay with pets for the first time.

They make cuddly companions and are highly energetic and easy to train. These Afghan Spaniels can modify their lifestyle and environment easily. These breeds can tolerate cold weather rather than being in hot weather. They are moderately sensitive. 


Prefers being unescorted

Ideal for first-time dog owners

Affinity towards cold weather

Affinity toward hot weather

Scope of living in an apartment


The Afghan Spaniel is a super friendly breed. They like to spend much time with their family members and children and are very social.

Their playful nature makes the kids fall in love with their company. The Afghan Spaniel is good with other pets too.

All Around Friendliness 

Loves other dogs

Loves being around family

Loves being around kids

Loves being around kids


It is suggested that if you want to understand better the temperament and personality of your Afghan Spaniel dog, you should inquire about the personality of its parents. They are generally known to be very outgoing dogs with an exceptionally playful nature. 

Owing to their Spaniel ancestry, these dogs love a good cuddle time. They are also very alert and therefore make the best watchdogs.

They are not very good with small children. They tend to get wary at times and need some time off. 

They are also not known to be particularly compatible with strangers and other pets. They are good family dogs.

They do have an overprotective streak in them, and it will require regular training to tamp that down. Socialization from a young age is also necessary.


Friendly with kids

The Afghan Spaniels are definitely friendly with kids. They can be the best companions for the kids to play. However, Afghan Spaniels can behave properly most of the time if they are correctly trained.

Proper training will keep their temperament in check. However, sometimes they can be angry too, but it all depends on their mood.

Amicable to Other Pets

Every Afghan Spaniel is unique, and they have some common personalities. When introduced to other dogs or cats, they are quite good with them generally.

However, when you are selecting companion dog breeds for the Afghan Spaniel, you must look for some specific characteristics like the same energy levels. This will allow the dogs to engage in a similar physical activity.

Barking Tendencies

The Afghan Spaniels do bark a lot sometimes. They generally vocalize during some unwanted situations due to hunting dog lineage.

They do not love to be kept alone, so loneliness may frustrate them, leading them to bark excessively. A good company can help ease him.

Possibilities of staying alone

Dogs are very social and hate being alone for a long time. Keeping them lonely can develop separation anxiety in them. Afghan Spaniels hate being left alone. They enjoy being around people or other pets.

Pros and Cons Of Afghan Spaniel Dog🐾

As a first-time owner of an Afghan Spaniel, you need to know the pros and cons of the breed well enough. Here I go.⤵️


  • Friendly with kids, good companions for the children
  • Very social, and loves spending time with other pets and their families.
  • Good family dogs.


  • Not very good with small children
  • If kept alone for a long time, and might bark a lot.
  • Not very good with other dogs


General Appearance

The Afghan Spaniel is a medium-sized dog with a special flowing coat and serene, dark eyes. Their coats have tan or brown shades, but most popularly, they have cream and brown tones. 

The Afghan Spaniel has a well-maintained body, with a large head and long floppy hanging ears. They come in various color combinations. The dark, expressive, and oval eyes of the Afghan Spaniels will definitely make your heart go aww. Their tails are dense, long, and slim.

Coat color 

A medium-sized and well-proportioned dog breed, the Afghan Spaniel is quite popular for their fine coat of hair. Their furry ear that hangs also stands out as a favorite feature. 

Habitants of colder regions, these dog breeds have a double-layered coat, wherein the outer coat is thin and long, and the undercoat is thick and dense. 

These dog breeds come in several colors; they might be red, black, brown, or cream, of which cream, white, and shades of brown are most common. 

Aren’t they cute? 😍🐕


Most people consider shedding to be a hassle, but it isn’t! ❌

Regarding shedding, the Afghan Spaniel takes after both its parent breeds. The Afghan Hounds are known to relieve very little, whereas Spaniels are seasonal shedders, making the Afghan Spaniel a moderate shedder as well. 

Brushing them regularly, which is at least three times a week, and seeing that they are taken to a professional groomer occasionally will help reduce any risk of abnormal shedding. 

Do not over-bathe your Afghan Spaniel because this can harm their natural oils and leave their skin and, thereby, their hair unhealthy. Bathe your Afghan Spaniel occasionally with a gentle shampoo followed by a conditioner.


The Afghan Spaniel is strictly a medium-sized dog, taking after neither of its parent breeds. Standing at a height of between 19 and 23 inches, these large-headed, sturdy-legged crossbreeds often weigh between 30 to 45 lbs. 

They have long necks and furry-hanging ears. Generally found in colder regions, the Afghan Spaniel has a long thin outer coat covering a thicker undercoat that protects them from rough winter. They are known for their oval eyes with a dark, curious look. 

Their looks heavily lean towards a small-boned Spaniel, almost like a shorter version of the Afghan Hound.

Weight30-45 pounds25-40 pounds


Some of the conditions often known to affect the Afghan Hounds and Cocker Spaniels can also affect their hybrid mix. Most of these are curable if diagnosed earlier, suggesting the importance of regular check-ins with the veterinarian. 

Health Problems
Retinal Dysplasia
Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV) or Bloating
Skin fold Dermatitis
Anesthesia Sensitivity or Allergy
Exposure Keratopathy Syndrome
Health Test
Allergy Tests
Blood Analysis
Skin Biopsy
Eye and Ear Examination
Abdominal Ultrasound

Health And Grooming

Shedding Level

Drool Capacity

Grooming capability

Chances of weight gain

Breed Size

Overall health

Maintenance and Care🐾

I know it creates anxiety in many paw parents regarding how they will care for their dogs. 🧐

A hybrid mix of parents known for their long and silky manes, the Afghan Spaniel, too, has this peculiar eye-drawing fine mane that requires constant care for its maintenance. The Afghan Spaniel is recommended to be brushed as regularly as three times a week. 

This will prevent their fine mane from getting matted and preserve its health and luster. Grooming sessions are equally crucial for your Afghan Spaniel; their hair tends to overgrow, which makes regular trimming and shaping critical. 

Grooming should be scheduled every few months. Regular bathing is unnecessary, and you have the freedom to bathe them whenever needed; just make sure you’re not overdoing it because overexposure to shampoo and such things can affect the health of their skin. 

Take particular care when selecting the shampoo; it is always suggested to go with a mild, dog-friendly shampoo. However, shampoos and conditioners are available for dog breeds with a mane like that of the Afghan Spaniel.


The trademark hair is not easy to keep; the Afghan Spaniel requires a lot of grooming. Brushing your dog’s hair three times a week is suggested, and appointments with the groomer are to be scheduled every few months. 

Make sure to use only gentle shampoo or, better yet, shampoos and conditioners especially meant for the long hair breeds on your Afghan Spaniel. Regular brushing, as has been suggested, will keep your Afghan Spaniel’s hair knotless and beautiful and their skin healthy.

Food and Nutrition🐾

The Afghan Spaniel is known to have a sensitive stomach. These high-energy medium-sized dogs are predisposed to stomach problems such as bloating, and it is therefore suggested that they are given smaller, albeit frequent meals. 

A measure of 2 to 2.5 cups of dog food daily would be enough; divide this into two meals. A home-based meal is also good. Consult with the vet if your pup gets frequent issues with its problems. 

Come up with your vet with a good food plan that will probably contain lots of probiotics and nutritional supplements essential for their health.

The Afghan Spaniel is at risk of growing obese; make sure to check your dog’s weight from time to time and cut or adjust its diet plan in accordance.

Food Cost

2 to 2.5 cups of dog food daily would be enough for your Afghan Spaniels. Just divide this into two meals.

The average daily cost would be around $1.1-$1.5, and the monthly cost rounds up to $33-$50

Exercise and Activity Level🐾

Retaining the stubborn streak that is characteristic of both the Afghan Hound and the Cocker Spaniel, the Afghan Spaniel can come off as a complex and persistent pet. 

This makes training them difficult, and added to that, their shyness around people will be a little too much to handle. But with a strict yet gentle hand and lots of socialization, the Afghan Spaniel can be molded into the best companion dog. 

Long walks with regular interaction with people and other dogs should be essential to their schedule.

Please spend some time playing with your dog, and give them time to assimilate with the environment where they slowly make friends slowly. 

Spend at least 45 minutes daily like this. Depriving them of this time can instigate depression in these shy, independent dogs.

Physical Requirements

Level of vitality


Physical movements

Loves to play

Trainability 🐾

Afghan Spaniels are cute and good to cuddle with, but at times it can be tough while giving training to them.

Once the entire training procedure is complete, you can have the best dog in the world with you.

They will follow every instruction of yours without having you repeat them constantly. Early Socialization will help with the ease of training them.


Training potential

Capability to reason

Popping everything into the mouth

Hunting capabilities

Love for traveling

Barking Potentiality

Interesting Facts 🐾
● The Afghan Spaniel is a perfect mixture of its purebred parents, the Afghan Hound and the Cocker Spaniel, both of which have a hunting ancestry. 
● The Cocker Spaniel is a popular breed and was historically used as herding dogs, and the world remembers the Afghan Hound as Barbie’s pet. 
● The Afghan Spaniel is a shy breed that will howl to get your attention.

I am sure, by now, you have decided to adopt an Afghan Spaniel! Well, if you haven’t, make your decision now. ➡️🔜

Happy Adopting!🙏

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FAQ on the Afghan Spaniel

Is the Afghan Spaniel high maintenance?

The Afghan Spaniel is not necessarily high maintenance, but their trademark coat might require special care and maintenance compared to other dog breeds.

What is the most important thing one should know before purchasing an Afghan Spaniel?

The Afghan Spaniel tends to get stomach issues easily, so their diets must be balanced and healthy.

Can the Afghan Spaniel be trained easily?

Aside from being a little on the shy side, these dog breeds are easy to train.

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