Afghan Collie Dog Breed: Appearance, History & Fun Facts!

My curiosity and interest regarding the various cross-bred puppies are increasing day by day. In light of such an interest, I recently came across the Afghan Collie breed. 

It is a unique mix of the Afghan Hound and Border Collie known for its beautiful appearance, excellent smelling abilities, and obedience. This dog has proven to stand out in the dog market in recent times extensively. 

Thus, let us look a little deeper into its details and paraphernalia, which an owner should keep in mind when considering adopting one such puppy.

Afghan Collie Dog  Breed

About the breed⤵️

The Afghan Collie is a hybrid dog breed, a result of crossbreeding the Afghan Hound and the Border Collie. These breeds have medium-sized bodies and come in a beautiful long thick coat of silky soft fur.

They are highly talented dogs who are good with sighting, tracking, retrieving, and detecting crime scenes. They are known for their obedient nature and their agility.

They are a highly sociable breed and yet are perfect as guard dogs because of their energetic and curious personality.

The Afghan Collie’s parent breeds – the Afghan Hound and the Border Collie are pure purebred dogs. The Border Collie was historically used as a sheepdog, while the Afghan Hound was a hunting breed. 

The Afghan Collie, therefore, having inherited the hunting and gathering nature of their parent breeds, is perfect as a watchdog as well as a family dog.

The Afghan Hound is a large dog breed, while the Border Collie is a medium-sized dog, so the Afghan Collie is a medium to large-sized dog.

Afghan Collie Dog Breed History⤵️

The Afghan Collie is a recent breed of dog, and there is little history of the breed. But its parent breeds, the Afghan Hound and the Border Collie have a fetching historical background. 

The Afghan Hound is originally from the mountains of Afghanistan. They were hunting dogs before they were brought to England in the 1800s.

They gained vogue in Western society in the 1970s when Barbie came out with an Afghan Hound as her pet.

They still enjoy popularity among the affluent. They were recognized by the American Kennel Society in 1926.

The Border Collie, on the other hand, was originally a herding dog. They appear in the wood carvings done by Thomas Beckwick before the 1800s. 

It is believed that the breed was a favorite of Queen Victoria. Despite their physical attributes, the Border Collie is well known for its ability as an excellent herding dog.

They were used as sheepdogs until the 1910s. Their name Border Collie comes from their place of origin – the borders of England and Scotland.

Afghan Collie Dog Breed Job Card / Overview

Name of breed Afghan Collie
Other Name of the breedBorder Afghan Collie
Type of Dog BreedMixed/Crossbreed/Hybrid
Origin of breedAfghanistan; Scotland; England; Wales
Parent breedAfghan Hound and Border Collie
Height of breed22 – 27  inches
Weight of breed50 – 65 lbs
Life Expectancy of Breed10 – 14 years
Persona of breedEnergetic; friendly and smart
Apartment Living suitabilityVery ideal for Apartment living
Friendly to other petsYes
Diseases prone toBloating; Collie Eye Anomaly; Hip Dysplasia; Deafness; Cataracts; Nasal Solar Dermatitis; Retinol Dysplasia; Hypothyroidism 
Health expectancy of the breedHealthy
Ability to reason and understandAverage
What to Know
The Afghan Collie is a very loving dog, and they like to stick close to their human companions. 

• They are not a vocal breed, but with proper training, they can become excellent watchdogs. 

• The Afghan Collie has a thick double coat, which takes lots of grooming to be maintained. 

• You should be ready for frequent grooming sessions and shedding if the Afghan Collie is the dog of your choice. 

• They adapt well to almost all environments, but the Afghan Collie is not the best suited for apartment living. They love a large backyard to run about.


Afghan Collie Dog  Breed


Afghan Collie, although a very popular breed, has certain demands when it comes to adaptability. Being a very energetic and active breed, they are not very suitable for apartment living.

Novice owners must be prepared for a roller coaster if considering this breed, as their restless nature is something quite tough to deal with, especially when you are adopting a dog for the first time.

However, this breed is extremely sensitive; thus, petting them should be done with extra care and caution.

Any amount of ignorance might give rise to behavioral issues among them. Leaving your Afghan Collie puppy alone at home for a long period would not be a good idea at any point in time.

This breed is a sucker for company. Cold weather is ideal for them, and they are moreover intolerant of hot weather.

Thus, if you consider adopting one of them, make sure you have a suitable environment to rear them. 


Prefers Being Unescorted

Ideal for First-Time Dog Owners

Affinity Towards Cold Weather

Affinity Towards Hot Weather

Scope of Living in An Apartment


This breed gets an extra plus on the factor of friendliness. They are an extremely friendly breed who loves company.

Affection is their crucial quality. They are very affectionate towards their family members; however, getting along with kids is so-so in their case.

They are, moreover, amicable with other dogs and pets. Strangers need not be scared of them because usually, they have a welcoming nature.

Most importantly, the friendliness of your dog depends on the training provided and the environment they are kept in.


Loves Other Dogs

Loves Being Around Family

Amicable to Strangers

Loves Being Around Kids


The Afghan Collie has as its parent breeds the Afghan Hound and the Border Collie, both intelligent dogs who do well with good training. 

They have inherited the stubborn streak of the Afghan Hound, which stands in contrast to the people-pleasing urge inherited from the Border Collie. They are loyal, dependable, and loving dogs.

They have a sheep herding background and are, therefore, very careful with other animals. They are also excellent family dogs and are capable watchdogs.

They are good with children, but it is better if they are supervised while they are with small children. 

They, like the true sheepdog they are, tend to herd younger children. Make sure to socialize them with other animals to tamp down any aggression. 


The Afghan Collie has a chill temperament. They are extremely loyal and dependent on their owners.

One crucial thing that must be kept in mind while adopting them is that they must be kept under regular activity; otherwise, they might develop a frustrated nature.

This breed serves as an excellent guard and sniff dog because of its background in guarding sheep.

They are reasonably friendly with children, but infants must be kept under supervision when around them. 

From the very childhood, these dogs must be introduced to other dogs and pets so they grow to be friendly around them.

Friendly with kids

The Afghan Collie usually has a friendly nature so keeping them around children isn’t a threat in most cases. However, infants must be kept under supervision when around them. 

Children must also be taught not to tease this breed since such acts of agitation might lead to your Afghan Collie getting aggressive. Proper training is also a must for this breed.

Amicable to other pets

The Afghan Collie is generally friendly with other pets. However, owing to its origin in the Afghan Hound, it tends to prey on small animals.

Thus, proper training must be provided to your Afghan Collie puppy so that it learns to coexist peacefully with other pets.

Barking tendencies

The Afghan Collie has high barking tendencies. This can be controlled by proper training.

However, their barking tendencies can be put to proper use by training them to specific stimuli; this is a plus as they make excellent guard dogs out of themselves.

Possibilities of staying alone

Although leaving your Afghan Collie puppy home alone isn’t a big concern, just like any other pet they too cannot be left alone for long.

However, this breed having an independent nature can spend considerable time alone without getting separation anxiety that easily.

Male vs. Female Attitude

The difference between a Male Afghan Collie and a female Afghan Collie does not end with their physical difference.

The female dogs are slightly shorter than the males, which goes the same regarding their weights as well. 

The male Afghan Collie is likely to be easier to handle than the females. If we take a chance at their bite statistics, it is obvious that the male of this breed is more aggressive and serious about marking their territories.

The male Afghan Collies do have a predisposition to roam about, while the female is less adventurous.

Pros and Cons

Let us have a precise view of the pros and cons of the Afghan Collie breed.⤵️


  • Extremely energetic dogs.
  • Excellent guard and sniff dogs.
  • Independent in nature thus, can stay alone without having separation anxiety.
  • They are very loyal to their owners.


  • Has hunting tendencies.
  • Has barking tendencies.
  • High grooming requirements might turn out to be expensive for some owners.
  • Their shedding level is very high.


Afghan Collie Dog  Breed

General Appearance

The Afghan Collie is a large mix breed dog that comes in varied colors ranging from white, cream, and other shades of white to black.

Their build is strong which makes them appropriate for hunting and working dogs.

They have long narrow tapering faces and floppy ears, which cover greater parts of their face. They have thin-toned legs, which help them move fast.

They have a thin-wooly coating which makes them ideal for cold weather.

Coat color 

Afghan Collies generally have black, brown, blue, reddish-brown, or white coats that are long. Their coats can be very dense.

They have thick wooly undercoats. These breeds are most likely to shed moderately when the shedding rates of their parent breeds are taken into account.


The Afghan Collie is a mixed breed, and it could take after the shedding pattern of either of its parent breeds or both of them. 

The Afghan Hound is a low-shedding dog breed, while the Border Collie is a high-shedding breed.

Taking this into consideration, it is most likely that the Afghan Collie could be a moderate-shedding breed.


A curious mix of gracefulness and sturdiness, the Afghan Collie is a medium to large-sized dog. 

With their long body and long shiny fur, these dog breeds are a perfect mixture of the Afghan Hound and the Border Collie, with the Afghan Hound’s large form and elegant strength and the Border Collie, a mid-sized dog with board backs and muscled legs.

They have double-layered coats; the upper coat is thick and long, while the undercoat is wooly to protect them from the cold.

They come in a combination of colors like white, brown, gray, reddish brown, blue, and even black. 

Their ears are furry and floppy; they have a large muzzle and large padded feet resembling that of an Afghan Hound.

The intelligence of both breeds is reflected in their expressive oval eyes. They have a strong set of jaws. 

Height19-25 inches19-25 inches
Weight35-55 pounds35-55 pounds


The Afghan Collie dog breed is generally healthy. However, they are prone to some diseases that often affect their parent breeds – Afghan Hound and Border Collie.

It is important to schedule regular health checkups with the nearby vet. Some of the health problems that can affect the Afghan Collie dog breeds are:⤵️

Health Problems
Hip Dysplasia
Retinol Dysplasia
Collie Eye Anomaly
Nasal Solar Dermatitis
Health Test
Eye examination
Skin examination
Hearing test
Physical examination
Hip and Elbow X-rays

Health And Grooming

Shedding Level

Drool Capacity

Grooming Capability

Chances of Weight Gain

Overall Health

Breed Size

Maintenance and Care

The shedding rate when it comes to an Afghan Hound is relatively low when compared to any other breeds with fine hair since they are a hypoallergenic breed.

The Border Collie, on the other hand, is by no means a low shedder; their shedding rates tend to fall on the moderate or the higher levels, and this changes under the season. 

The Afghan Collie, therefore, is likely to be a moderate shedder too. Using metal combs and stiff-bristled brushes to brush through their fine hair every other day will help to keep their shedding as minimal as possible.


These breeds, like every other dog breed with long fin hair, tend to get matted tangled hair easily.

It would be better if you use your fingers instead of a comb to brush through these tangles because they have very soft hair as well as delicate skin.

It is not necessary to bathe your Afghan Collie regularly; bathe them only if it is needed, and that too with nothing but a gentle shampoo and conditioner. 

The Afghan Collie will require regular professional grooming, especially if you live in an area with a warm climate since they have a thick undercoat made to keep them warm during the winter.

Their floppy hairs prevent the detection of infections, so be sure to check on them regularly.

Food and Nutrition

Feed your Afghan Collie based on their activity level. If they are involved in regular exercise and activities, the recommended amount is 2 to 3 cups of dog food.

Since they take after their Afghan Hound parent in their appearance, owners tend to feed them more than what is required because they always appear thin; this fill leads to obesity. 

A healthy amount of fat is recommended for your Afghan Collie, especially if they are very active.

High protein food like meat, egg, or even several vegetables is good for their health. Make sure their water bowls are filled, and they stay hydrated. 

Food Cost

The food cost of your fur baby may vary depending on its size and weight. Preferential differences are always there, additionally.

However, you can expect to spend approximately $20 to $60 per month for an average-sized Afghan Collie dog. ✅

Individual circumstances like the climate and environment your dog is kept in also play a crucial role. Depending on those factors, your pet’s food may vary, as the food costs as well.

The best option out there for the most specific details is to consult a veterinarian who can suggest proper dietary recommendations for your baby.

Exercise and activity level

The hyperactivity of the Border Collie and the mellowness of the Afghan Hound come together in the Afghan Collie. Combined, the mellowness often tempers down the hyperactive streak.

Therefore, the Afghan Collie must be given enough time to relax while needing at least 60 minutes of daily activity. 

They are kind of the ambiverts of the dog world. Give the Afghan Collie enough time to distress and relax, and they will be the most charming companions ever.

Ease of trainingEasy to train 
Level of VitalityMedium
Level of Exercise Ideally RequiredHigh energy
Puppies4 – 8 puppies

Physical Requirements

Level of Vitality


Physical Movements

Loves to Play


Basic obedience is a must for your Afghan Collie dog.  Since these dogs are highly energetic and active, they need to be kept under regular training and exercise.

If properly trained, they can make excellent guard dogs.

Socialization training should also be incorporated into their training schedule. Their preying tendency can be kept under check only by proper training.

However, training your Afghan Collie might turn out to be challenging since they have an instinctive resistance towards getting trained. 

If that hurdle is overcome, then this breed may turn out to be the best pet you can ever have.


Training Potential

Capability to Reason

Popping Everything Into the Mouth

Hunting Capabilities

Love for Traveling

Barking Potentiality


The Afghan Collie dog breed was originally used to mark sheepdogs. One of its parent breeds, that is, the Afghan Hound, is said to be aboard the biblical Noah’s Arch.

It owes exclusive qualities like riding a skateboard and understanding the English language from one of its parent breeds, the Border Collie. 

We hope that you have all the required information to adopt your Afghan Collie dog breed.

Happy adopting!

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FAQs on the Afghan Collie dog breed⤵️

What is the average lifespan of an Afghan Collie dog?

With proper care and attention, these dog breeds tend to have a life span of 10 to 14 years.

Are the Afghan Collie dogs friendly with other pets?

The Afghan Collie is friendly with other pets, but they have an instinctual urge to herd smaller animals and children owing to their herding ancestry.

Does the Afghan Collie need much professional grooming?

Yes, your Afghan Collie would need regular professional sessions to trim and groom their thick undercoats.

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