Affenwich Dog Breed: Characteristic, Health & Fun Facts!

Being a dog lover, I have an explicit interest in varied dog breeds. Affenwich is a breed that has piqued my interest recently. 

It is often referred to as a designer dog and belongs to a relatively small breed of dog. With a spunky personality, this breed is seen to gain popularity among pet parents.

Let’s dive into knowing more about the breed! ⤵️

Affenwich Dog Breed

About the breed

Bred by crossbreeding the Affenpinscher and the Norwich Terrier, the Afeenwich Terrier is a designer dog. A small breed, the Affenwich have personalities that are far larger than their physical size. 

They are activity-loving dog breeds and therefore need proper activity time. They tend to get vocal and hyper if their daily activity needs are not met.

The Affenwich has an inherent hunting instinct and is therefore not very friendly towards other animals that are smaller than them. They are good diggers. Despite all, these breeds are worthwhile if they are given proper training. 

Stimulation is very important in the case of these small dogs. To please them, give them a puzzle toy and take them out for an activity.

Affenwich Dog Breed History

The Affenwich have not much history to boast about, but they do have a very remarkable ancestry.

The parent breeds – Affenpinscher and Norwich Terrier, are both purebred dog breeds that have been popular since the 1600s. 

The Norwich Terrier, originally from the United Kingdom, was a popular dog breed that was responsible for keeping rats and other vermin out of farms and houses.

They were also excellent fox hunters and were sent into dens to hunt them down. The Affenpinscher, on the other hand, is a German purebred back in the 1600s, also used to keep away vermin from farms. 

They were later brought into the house to catch vermin indoors. The Affenwich retains many of its parents’ breed characteristics along with their looks; they also have an instinctual urge to hunt smaller animals and are brilliant indoor dogs too.

Affenwich Dog Breed Job Card / Overview

Let us jump into the overview real quick⤵️

Breed Name Affenwich
Other Name of the BreedAffenwich Terrier
Type of Dog BreedMixed/Crossbreed/Hybrid
OriginEngland; Germany
Born ofAffenpinscher and Norwich Terrier
Height9 – 11  inches
Weight 7 – 10 lbs
Life Expectancy10 – 14 years
PersonaActive with a cheerful disposition
Apartment LivingVery ideal for Apartment living
Friendly to other petsYes
Health expectancyHealthy
Ability to reason and understandSmart 
Ease of trainingEasy to train 
Level of VitalityHigh energy
Level of Exercise Ideally RequiredHigh; 30 minutes of daily activity
Puppies1 – 3 puppies
Coat TypeShort to medium length
Coat ColorsBlack; white; brown
Level of GroomingLots of grooming
Level of SheddingNon to minimal
What to Know
• The Affenwich is a small designer dog who, through proper training and care, can be a great companion. 

• They are charming and eager to please. 

• They are very boisterous breeds, and despite their smaller size, they like to hang out with larger dogs. 

• If they are not given proper training from a young age, they can be noisy.


Affenwich Dog Breed


This breed is extremely energetic and fun-loving. Thus, when it comes to small living spaces, it becomes difficult for them.

It requires continuous mental and physical stimulation therefore, the bigger space they are provided with, the better they are reared.

This breed is considered easy-going and not so sensitive. Warm weather isn’t ideal for them to thrive since they have a thick coat of fur on their body.

Being a very active and friendly dog, this breed cannot be left alone for long as that might cause negative impacts on its mental and physical health. ⚡️


Prefers Being Unescorted

Ideal for First-Time Dog Owners

Affinity Towards Cold Weather

Affinity Towards Hot Weather

Scope of Living in An Apartment


They are good with kids but should not be left alone with smaller children. They are okay around other pets, but owing to their larger-than-life personalities, they tend to hang around with larger dogs than those of their size.

They can get aggressive towards smaller pets like rabbits. They should be taught the rules and boundaries from a young age.


Loves Other Dogs

Loves Being Around Family

Amicable to Strangers

Loves Being Around Kids


Owing to its hunting ancestry, the Affenwich are feisty little balls of energy. They love their daily walks and would grow very impatient if they were denied their daily exercise. 

Both their parent breeds – the Affenpinscher and the Norwich Terrier were bred to hunt, and therefore the Affenwich tends to get bored easily and therefore needs to be provided with fun activities and playtime with a variety of toys.


If left unsupervised, these dog breeds tend to dig. They have inherited fearlessness, intelligence, and an ample amount of stubbornness from their parent breed.

They are good watchdogs despite their size, but without proper training, they can be a bit too yappy. 

Friendly with kids

Affenwich dogs are fun and frolic creatures who love to jump and play around. Thus they are an ideal companion for growing kids.

However, infidel handling of these little pets might get them enraged, thereby leading to accidents. 

Therefore, infants should be taught how to handle them beforehand. Considering this breed has an unpredictable nature, teasing them might turn out heinous.

Amicable to other pets

Affenwich dogs don’t coexist well with other pets. They aren’t friendly to especially small pets like hamsters and rabbits. 

They have an instinctive prey drive which makes them hunt down small animals irrespective of the environment they are brought up in. 

They are prone to catch and chase prey in and around them. Thus, households with other small pets shouldn’t consider Affenwich dogs to be another addition to their family.

Barking Tendencies

Affenwich dogs are boisterous and have strong barking tendencies. Although they make lovely pets, their extreme barking might turn out to be annoying for some owners from time to time.

However, being excellent learners, their barking tendencies can be controlled by assigning a good trainer who can train them the proper way.

Although barking might be considered a con by some, it makes them excellent guard dogs nonetheless.

Possibilities of staying alone

Although leaving an Affenwich dog alone isn’t an impossible thing, the frequency of the same might affect their mental health.

This breed is known for having separation anxiety; thus, owners must be aware of it. 

Crate or kennel training should be a must for the Affenwich dogs who have working parents.

Being kept in a kennel or crate helps reduce their separation anxiety or stress of being alone. Apartment living is ideal for this breed.

Male vs. Female attitude

When it comes to differentiating between a male and female Affenwich dog, the first category to be considered should be their physicality. 

The male and female are of similar height, which can be anywhere between 9 and 11 inches; as for their weights, the male dogs are found to be a tad heavier than the female Affenwichs. 

Moving into their personalities, both genders are affectionate on equal levels. Female dogs are easier to train because of their independent and obedient nature, while male dogs fall more on the playful and social side.

Pros and Cons

Let me sum up a list of the pros and cons of the Affenwich breed for your convenience.⤵️


  • They are friendly, energetic dogs.
  • They are ideal family dogs.
  • They are intelligent dogs.


  • They are short-tempered.
  • They aren’t appropriate for small spaces.
  • They have separation anxiety.


General Appearance

Affenwich dogs are known to have thick fur coating with medium-length hair. Their royal fur coating requires regular maintenance, like brushing and dry baths. Proper baths are also necessary at least once a week.

Although Affenwich isn’t a high-maintenance breed, proper care is necessary to sustain its fur coating.

Also, they have a strong, muscular build with a flattened face with a prominent snout. They’ve extraordinarily long tails in comparison to their body size. 

A small body with a big face and ears are their hallmarks. They come in a varied range of colors. Some might be black others might be brown or brindle.

Their eyes are the most catchy features which are usually amber or brown-shaded. Their fur is long or medium length with a thick wiry texture.

Coat color 

Affenwich has a black, brown, or white coat that is of medium to long lengths. The parent breeds of the Affenwich, the Affenpinscher, and the Norwich Terrier are hypoallergenic dog breeds, and the Affenwich are no different, making their shedding rates way lower than most dogs.


The parent breeds of the Affenwich, the Affenpinscher, and the Norwich Terrier are hypoallergenic dog breeds, resulting in the Affenwich being a dog breed that sheds very little. 

Their coats should be brushed many times a week to prevent them from forming knots and maturing. Regular visits to the groomer to get their hair trimmed are also recommended. 〽️


The Affenwich being a designer dog, is a small-sized dog. They retain many of the features of their parent breed, the Affenpinscher and the Norwich Terrier. These dogs have varying heights that range from 9 to 11 inches. 

They are very light-weighing dogs that normally have weights varying between 7 to 10 lbs. Along with their petite body, their unique features, like their big almond eyes and the v-shaped snouts, add to the overall adorableness of the Affenwich dogs.

Height9-11 inches9-11 inches
Weight7-10 pounds7-10 pounds


The health problems that generally affect the Affenwich dog types are⤵️

Health Problems
Patellar Luxation
Mitral Valve Disease
Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease
Tracheal Collapse
Hip Dysplasia
Patent Ductus Arteriosus
Health Test
Hip evaluation
Cardiac ultrasound
Dental examination

Health And Grooming

Shedding Level

Drool Capacity

Grooming Capability

Chances of Weight Gain

Overall Health

Breed Size

Maintenance and Care

The Affenwich are low-shedding breeds since the Affenpinscher, and the Norwich Terrier are both low shedders as well. Brushing and combing through your Affenpinscher’s hair will not just keep their hair tangle-free and beautiful but will also prevent any kind of spike in the shedding rate.

This should be done several times a week. 


Be sure to take your Affenwich on an appointment with the groomer once every month, where their hair can be shortened and their nails trimmed. 

Shortening of the hair is necessary because Affenwich tend to grow hair about their eyes, and this can obscure their view and make them anxious. 

Affenwich dogs with pendent ears should have their ears cleaned every week using a saline solution recommended by a vet.

They have dense and wiry coats that are matte; regular brushing and combing will help prevent this. In terms of grooming, your Affenwich may require monthly grooming sessions. 

Their hair should be shortened so that it does not fall on their eyes, and also trim their nails because they are softer and more brittle.

Check their ears regularly to prevent any sort of infection. 

Food and Nutrition

Affenwich dogs are small-sized dogs, and therefore, it is necessary to feed them, keeping their size in mind.

The Affenwich is little, and too much running about will get them panting and dehydrated; give them plenty of water. 

Giving your Affenwich the right amount of vitamin is also recommended but do not overdo the dose because that can harm your kidney. Affenwich needs a lot of protein for cell building, hormones, etc.

Proteins can be added to their food plan by giving them meat, soy, or other vegetables. A good amount of fat is also essential for the Affenwich.

Food Cost

Now let us have a charted view of food cost according to your dog’s weight⬇️


WeightCheap Food Expensive Food
11 lbs (5 kg)$3$17
22 lbs (10 kg)$4.50$27
44 lbs (20 kg)$7$43
66 lbs (30 kg)$10$57
88 lbs (40 kg)$111$69
99 lbs (45 kg)$12$73
110 lbs (50 kg)$13$79
132 lbs (60 kg)$14$83
154 lbs (70 kg)$15$77
> 154 lbs (70 kg)$16$92

Exercise and Activity level

Their looks are deceptive enough to hide the real face of an exercise-deprived Affenwich, and they can go to disastrous lengths to show their frustration.

The Affenpinscher and Norwich Terrier are on their own very vocal dogs, who would easily bark your ear off if they are prevented from running about for a long time.

These little balls of fur have this peculiar nature where they think they try to boss around dogs that are bigger than them simply because they can.

It is better if you and your Affenwich stay out of dog parks that would allow any such interactions. 

Don’t forget 30 minutes of playtime or running about if you don’t want to be met with the wrath of your mighty little dog, and don’t assume that just because they are small, they are unable to keep up with several exercises in a day.

Physical Requirements

Level of vitality


Physical Movements

Loves to Play


Affenwich is a highly trainable breed. It is an intelligent breed who are capable of learning things very fast. Their behavior and habits can be properly regulated through appropriate training. ⚡️

They can be made into highly trained family dogs who are reserved and familial with everyone. Their barking tendencies can also be controlled by proper training.

Consistent training and supervision can make them the most appropriate pets for your family.


Training Potential

Capability to Reason

Popping Everything Into the Mouth

Hunting Capabilities

Love for Traveling

Barking Potentiality


The Affenwich dogs have as one of their parents’ breeds, the Norwich Terrier. The Norwich Terrier was historically used for flushing out rats. 

During the 19th century, students of Cambridge University used to bring the Norwich Terrier to the college grounds to hunt down rats.

The breed later came to be known as the Trumpington Terriers after the street the students lived in.

And, that’s a wrap! ⚡️

Let us know your experiences with adopting this cutie in the comments below. ✅

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FAQs For Affenwich Dog Breed…

Are the Affenwich dog’s nuisance barkers?

Yes, they could be because both the Affenpinscher and the Norwich Terrier are nuisance barkers.

What should I feed my Affenwich?

Affenpinschers need a good amount of protein and fat in their meals. Include vitamins too.

Will an Affenwich dog need lots of exercise?

Your Affenwich dogs will need at least 30 minutes of exercise. Take them out to the dog park or make them do small amounts of exercise.

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