Affenshire Dog Breed: Characteristic, Health & Fun Facts!

A small and scruffy-looking pup ?, the Affenshire is a result of crossbreeding an Affenpinscher with a Yorkshire Terrier. 

They are an adorable dog breed that is small and silly, and they often forget how small they are.

These petite dogs also are known as Affen Yorkies and are one of the most popular designer dog breeds. 

They are very friendly and affectionate and popular among apartment-dwelling dog parents. These toy-sized dogs have an inherent talent to charm everyone. 

Their bossy nature does tend to come out often, but proper training will render them the most loving dog breed.

Affenshire Dog Breed

Affenshire Dog Breed History

The Affenshire is a result of crossbreeding the Affenpinscher dog breed with the Yorkshire Terrier. Being a new addition to the dog world, the Affenshire do not have much history to boast, but they do have some good purebred ancestry. 

The older of the parent breeds, the Affenpinscher, originally from Germany, has been known since the 1600s. They were historically used in German farms to hunt rats and mice.

But by the 18th century, they stopped being hunter dogs and became family pets who were in charge of getting rid of vermin indoors.

The Yorkshire dog breed came about in the 1800s and was like the Affenpinscher used to chase down rats and other vermin. 

They later became lap dogs, a status symbol during the Victorian era. The Affenshire, like their parent breed, are now designer dogs.

Affenshire Dog Breed Job Card / Overview

Breed Name Affenshire
Other NameAffen Yorkie
Type of Dog BreedMixed/Crossbreed/Hybrid
OriginEngland; Germany; France
Born ofAffenpinscher and Yorkshire Terrier
Height8 – 11  inches
Weight 4 – 9 lbs
Life Expectancy12 – 15 years
PersonaActive; Energetic and playful
Apartment LivingVery ideal for Apartment living
Friendly to other petsYes
Diseases Patellar Luxation; Portosystemic Shunt; Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca; Bronchitis’ Cataracts; various allergies; Diabetes.
Health expectancyHealthy
Ability to reason and understandVery Intelligent
Ease of trainingEasy to train 
Level of VitalityHigh
Level of Exercise Ideally RequiredHigh; 20 to 30 minutes of daily activity
Puppies1 – 6 puppies
Coat TypeShort to medium length
Coat ColorsBlack; white; brown
Level of GroomingLots of grooming
Level of SheddingLow shedding
What to Know
• The Affenshire make up for their small size with a big heart. 

• These lovable breeds are a perfect companion for wherever you choose to go. 

• They are known for being good boys and girls, and you can take them with you wherever you go, be it for a stroll in the park or a dog-friendly dinner. 

• Their beautiful silky coats give them unparalleled elegance. 

• As they adapt to almost every condition, they are also apartment-friendly dogs that need proper training. If they are not given the means to exhaust their energies, they tend to vocalize how bored they are.

Now, let’s just dive into knowing the characteristics of these breeds. ⤵️


Affenshire Dog Breed


The Affenshires are super adaptive to living in an apartment. They are good for novice owners and are moderately sensitive.

They cannot tolerate being alone and being in the hot weather. They can moderately tolerate cold weather.


Prefers Being Unescorted

Ideal for First-Time Dog Owners

Affinity Towards Cold Weather

Affinity Towards Hot Weather

Scope of Living in An Apartment


The Affenshire should be made to socialize from a very young age so that they don’t turn aggressive towards strangers.

They can be a bit nippy towards little kids. They are very intelligent dogs and crave attention. ✅

They tend to suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for a long time. They make perfect travel companions.

They are the perfect fit for dog parents looking for a companion who loves being near and will probably stick to your side throughout the day.


Loves Other Dogs

Loves Being Around Family

Amicable to Strangers

Loves Being Around Kids


The Affenshire dogs are known to be playful dogs, and they have retained the curious nature of their parent breeds.

They like to go on walks, but nothing heavy exercise-wise is recommended. But this does not mean they are perfect only for individuals; they are perfect as family dogs too.

They are tiny but have big personalities and often seem to be unaware of their size and try to take up fights that aren’t made for them.


Friendly with Kids

The Affenshire is a good-natured Yorkie mix that gets friendly with all age group people. The only exception is the group of very young children.

The Affenshire tends to get nippy with small children that like to bother them and can easily be injured while playing with a child.

These dogs are extremely possessive while eating their food. Therefore, it can lead to some dangerous circumstances if your child interferes while the dog is having his food.

They are super comfortable and friendly with mature children.

Amicable to Other Pets

Affenshires can be super playful and active when introduced to new pets. They get along with other dogs. But sometimes, the Affenshires can be possessive of their food and favorite people.

Barking Tendencies

Affenshires bark a lot as it is territorial and protective by nature. Due to less exercise and lack of play, frustration can build up in these dogs.

Barking is the only way possible to express how these dogs are feeling and what they need. With early socialization and proper training, these barking behaviors can easily be handled and addressed carefully.

Possibilities of staying alone

The Affenshires cannot be left alone for extended periods. They need to be provided with a steady and active company with a proper environment.

If proper training is provided to your dog from an early period when he is a puppy, they may be able to handle separation more effectively.


General Appearance

These dogs have dark noses, with drop-down pointy ears, and eye colors ranging from brown to amber. These puppies have an underbite and a protruding lower jaw and lip.

Some breeds of Affenshire who come after the Yorkie parent may have a long silky coat, whereas the Affenpinscher parent may influence your Affenshire with a rough coat and mustached face.

These dogs have very expressive and unique facial expressions. Some Affenshires can look like the monkey dog with a cute, flat face, whereas some might look like the Yorkie with perky ears.

Coat color 

Affenshire dog breeds generally have black, brown, or white coats of short to medium length. Their coats can be very dense and wiry or silky and long.

They are susceptible to shedding like any other breed, but the rate of shedding is considerably low.  Their coat colors range from black, gray, red, and tan.


The Affenshire breed has a hypoallergenic fur type and therefore is expected to shed very less. This can be ensured with several times of brushing in a week and lots of grooming.

If your Affenshire is a long-haired dog, make sure to visit a professional groomer every 6 to 8 weeks. ⚡️


The Affenshire dog breed can be described as a fairly small dog breed, with their height ranging between 8 – 11 inches and weight of 4 – 8 lbs.

They have a small body type with some very unique facial features – small snouts and large eyes.

Weight4-9 lbs4-9 lbs


The Affenshire dog breeds are known to be exposed to the same kinds of diseases as their parent breeds, the Affenpinscher and the Yorkshire Terrier. Some of these health problems are?- 

Health Problems
Patellar Luxation
Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca
Portosystemic Shunt
Bronchitis Cataracts
Allergies of various kinds
Health Test
Eye Examination
Respiratory Tests
Allergy Testing
Abdominal Ultrasound
Patella Evaluation
Ophthalmologist Evaluation

However, if maintained in the right way, these dogs are considered a comparatively healthy breed of dog.

Maintenance and Care

Taking good care of your dog is a must to keep your dog silky and happy.

The Affenshire has a rough and wiry coat. The hair is usually long and therefore needs to be brushed several times a week. 

These dog breeds need to be taken to a professional groomer once a month. Ensure that their nails are trimmed, ears cleaned, and hair shortened in these sessions. 

Their rough, wiry hair can get matted easily and should be untangled regularly. When you untangle these knotted hairs, do it with your hands instead of roughly using a comb. 

Health And Grooming

They are small needs that are known to cause dental problems easily, and therefore, it is recommended that their teeth are brushed regularly to prevent tartar from building up.

Their dense and wiry coat will need to be brushed through regularly- several times a week to ensure that they don’t knot up and accumulate dirt.

Like most other toy breeds, the Affenshire is also a high-maintenance breed. ✅

The overgrown hair should be cut short, especially on the face, foot, and ear. Their nails tend to break easily and will therefore need special care.

Do not over-shampoo your Affenshire; this can be bad for its skin as well as its hair structure.

Health And Grooming

Shedding Level

Drool Capacity

Grooming Capability

Chances of Weight Gain

Overall Health

Breed Size

Food and Nutrition

When feeding your Affenshire, it is highly recommended that they are fed food made specifically for a toy breed.

The food must be of high quality and should be balanced in terms of nutrients. 

The Affenshire, like most toy breeds, does not require much food. The quantity of food in a day should not exceed the limit of a cup and a half of dog food.

The Affenshire dogs are at risk of both obesity as well as diabetes if they are overfed.

Food Cost

The Affenshire requires one cup of dog food per day. The average daily cost for dog food is around $0.75-$1.00.

Therefore the round-up cost for an entire month goes around $20.00-$30.00.

Exercise and Activity Level

At least 20 to 30 minutes of walking regularly is a must when it comes to the Affenshire dog breed.

Affenshire, even though they have an athletic ancestry, are not made for hard exercises; however, it remains important that they are given the right amount of time to stretch their legs and run about. 

Make sure you do not push them beyond their comfort. Do not deprive them of their regular walks because when they get bored, these breeds tend to vocalize it and can get particularly snappy about it.

Physical Requirement

Level of Vitality


Physical Movements

Loves to Play


Affenshires are brilliant dog breeds that take the training outstandingly. They can pick up on tasks very fast, but sometimes they can show their stubborn nature.

Positive reinforcement dog training methods are recommended for your Affenshire since these dog breeds respond more positively towards rewards rather than punishment. 

This should be your default method of training, and you will surely get the best and most long-lasting results.

Keep the training sessions fun and enjoyable to keep your Affenshire active. This breed is ideal for flyball and other dog sports. 

Try to give your dog early puppy training classes. As Affenshires barks a lot, proper training will help your puppy get used to new people, kids, other dogs, and places.


Training Potential

Capability to Reason

Popping Everything Into the Mouth

Hunting Capabilities

Love for Traveling

Barking Potentiality


Don’t take an Affenshire’s size as an underestimation; they can come off as very aggressive. They have a habit of nipping at things.

When they are bored, they will make sure to let you know. They develop separation anxiety if left alone for a long time, so be sure to spend a lot of time with your Affenshire.

Now that you know all about this amazing breed, we are sure you are excited to adopt one!✅

Do let us know how your life with your furbaby is going, in the comments below! ⚡️

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FAQs on Affenshire Dog breed…

Are Affenshire dogs kid-friendly?

They are okay with children, but they do have a habit of nipping at almost everything.

What kind of personality does an Affenshire have?

The Affenshire tends to have a lot of personalities, more than their little bodies can accommodate.

Can swimming be included in Affenshire’s exercise routine?

No. Affenshire is a small toy breed. They are not meant for vigorous workouts.

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