Affenpug Dog History, Characteristics, Personality, Health

The joyful, loving Affenpug makes a beautiful companion dog for lonely people, elders, or families with older kids.

He combines the endearing, cuddly traits of the Pug with the curious, independent temperament of the Affenpinscher to create an alert, cheerful dog that bonds quickly and is prepared to play the watchdog when something appears off.

The Affenpinscher is not a good choice for households with young children who may push their boundaries due to his aggressive personality and propensity to guard his food. 

This dog enjoys spending time with his owners, and despite not being particularly active, he is content to accompany them about the house or curl up on the couch at night.

This dog is best suited to a home where a family member is present because both parent breeds are known to be prone to separation anxiety if left alone.

What To Know:

  • These furry little canines are naturally friendly, outgoing, lively, and playful. These little dogs can have a powerful prey drive, so they can’t always be trusted around smaller animals.
  • Usually, these little pups are good with other dogs if they are socialized early. They have a lot of energy.
  • Therefore, keeping them active is crucial to prevent them from acting destructively. The Affenpug is a friendly and non-aggressive breed. They shouldn’t be used in households where they are frequently left alone.
  • Affenpugs are excellent dogs for first-time dog owners and are undoubtedly highly kid-friendly.


Since they are a crossbreed, Affenpugs don’t have a lot of history. The parent breeds of the Affenpug are well-known and adored.

Historically, the Affenpinscher was employed as a rat dog. They are adept at this because of their small size and high prey drive, although today, they are more likely to be a family member than a hunter.

In the past, Chinese rulers used the Pug as a prestige symbol. They were never bred to be used as working dogs but as companions. That still holds now because Pugs are cherished as household pets.

Affenpug Dog Breed Appearance

General Appearance

The Affenpinscher Pug, often called an Affenpug, is a diminutive breed of dog that normally weighs 6 to 13 pounds and measures 9 to 12 inches tall.

They are strong and compact, with short, thick coats available in black, grey, silver, or fawn.

The short nose, prominent eyebrows, and round projecting eyes of affenpugs give them a striking monkey-like appearance.

They also have curly tails that sit high on their backs and short, upright ears. Affenpugs are a favorite among dog enthusiasts because of their all-around endearing and mischievous appearance.

Coat color

The thin coat of the Affenpug requires little grooming. Weekly brushing and care for the floppy ears are advised, which might conceal a wax buildup. The furry wrinkles on this dog’s squashed face should be cleansed to avoid dirt buildup.

The Affenpug may need minor trimming because the fur around its eyes and toes can irritate it. Nails should be kept short because they can quickly grow too long and make walking difficult.


Affenpugs are little dogs with enormous personalities. Their distinctive wiry coat doesn’t need much care but will surely draw attention. Despite not being very big, this breed is susceptible to weight gain.

Affenpug Dog Breed Maintenance


The Affenpug doesn’t need a lot of “hard” exercise, such as dog agility. However, change up your usual walking locations to keep things interesting.

Take low-energy dogs, like the Affenpug, to places with pet-friendly businesses and eateries so they can be stimulated without being too tired.

Affenpugs often have a strong need for food, like puzzle games and other methods of obtaining rewards.


Affenpinscher Pug dogs need routine grooming to preserve their beauty and maintain a healthy coat.

They must routinely brush their rough, wiry coat to keep it from matting and tangling. To avoid irritation and illness, you should also clip your pet’s hair from the area around their eyes, ears, and paws.

Every two to three months, take a shower with a mild shampoo. Maintaining the health and happiness of your Affenpug also requires routine dental care and nail trimming.

Overall, regular grooming will maintain your Affenpug’s outstanding appearance and health.


It is necessary to socialize an Affenpug dog with other dogs and people while also teaching them fundamental obedience commands like sit, stay, and come.

As intelligent animals, affenpugs respond favorably to training techniques that use positive reinforcement.

Additionally crucial to their general well-being are regular exercise and mental stimulation.

Food And Nutritional Requirements

Dietary requirements for the Affenpug should be those of a tiny breed with low energy levels. Due to their small size, this breed is prone to overfeeding; exercise caution.

Pugs, in particular, have a reputation for being obese. It’s advisable to see your veterinarian find the finest food to feed your dog because every dog has different dietary needs.

Exercise & Activity Levels

The Affenpug is a playful dog but not necessarily an overly active cross between two breeds. Daily walks will be plenty to keep him physically strong, and engaging in enjoyable play activities that include agility drills like tossing a ball will be the best approach to satisfy his demand for mental stimulation.

Before you consider bringing this little guy to a dog park, you should first socialize him because he can become yappy and obnoxious to larger dogs, aggressive toward smaller dogs, and have a terrier side to him that makes him prone to pursuing other animals.

Average Lifespan

Affenpugs, a hybrid between the Affenpinscher and the Pug, live 12 to 15 years on average. This energetic and lovable breed can have a long and healthy life with the right nutrition, exercise, and medical checkups.


Sadly, the Affenpug has a history of having specific health problems, especially since its parent breeds have brachycephalic faces (snub-nosed).

Few other issues that this breed frequently mix encounters.

Minor Condition

🐶 Allergies

🐶 Skin irritation

🐶 Proptosis

🐶 Dental Problems

Serious Condition

🐶 Brachycephalic syndrome

🐶 Diabetes

🐶 EntropionHip dysplasia

🐶 Hip Dysplasia

Health Test

🏥 Hip and knee evaluation

🏥 Patella Evaluation

🏥 Ophthalmologist Evaluation

Tips For New Owner Of Affenpug Dog:

💡 Tip 1:

Socialize your Affenpug: Your Affenpug needs exposure to other dogs, people, and situations. They will grow up to be confident, well-adjusted dogs as a result of this.

💡 Tip 2:

Affenpugs thrive on the love and attention they receive from their owners. Spending quality time with your dog, showing them lots of attention, and giving them a secure and cozy home are all important.

💡 Tip 3:

Dental maintenance: Because Affenpugs are prone to dental issues, developing a regular dental maintenance schedule is critical. To keep your dog’s teeth clean, brush them every day and give them dental chews or toys.

💡 Tip 4:

As intelligent dogs, affenpugs need mental stimulation to keep them from becoming bored and acting out destructively. Make puzzle toys, training sessions, and other brain-challenging activities available to them.

Frequently Asked Questions About  Affenpug Dog Breed

What are the colors of Affenpug most popular?

Most people opt for black Affenpug Dog breeds as they look more attractive and rugged than the other color Affenpugs. 

What is the expected average lifespan of the Affenpug?

The expected lifespan of these small furry pets is between 10 to 12 years. 

What are the feeding routines or diet? 

Usually, it would help if you fed your dog three times a day. But you should consult your pet’s diet with your pet’s vet.

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