Affen Border Terrier Dog: Characteristic, Health & Fun Facts!

A new entry in the world of intentional crossbreeding, the Affen Border Terrier dog breed, despite its imposing name, is a small, playful, “monkey-faced” little ball of floof.

A mix of the Affenpinscher and Border Terrier is already a favorite choice of many with their wiry fur, small stature, and strong-willed personality. 

Affen Border Terrier Dog

About the breed

They are very intelligent pups who thrive on mentally stimulating games. They are the perfect companion for a dog parent ready to give them all the required attention; they are also quite friendly and would do well with another canine companion.

If you already have a dog at home, the Affen Border Terrier will be a good addition to the family.

As a dog lover, I love the Affen Border Terrier. It is my favorite among all the breeds!

Affen Border Terrier History

The Affen Border Terrier is a hybrid breed resulting from crossbreeding the Affenpinscher breed with the Border Terrier. 

Often referred to as “monkey-faced” because of their characteristic short muzzle and large eyes, the Affenpinscher is a small breed belonging to the Terrier dog family originally from Germany. They were historically ratting dogs who lived in farmhouses and caught rats. 

The Border Terrier, on the other hand, originates in Border Country, on the border between England and Scotland. They were kept on farms to ward off the growing fox population. They also were hunting dogs, often participating in fox hunting sports. 

Having retained the lovability and companionability of the Affenpinscher and the hunting instincts of the Border Terrier, the Affen Border Terrier are feisty pup but can be molded into the perfect dog companion with good training. 

Still unrecognized by the American Kennel Club owing to its hybrid origins, the Affen Border Terrier is a part of the Dog Registry of America.

Follow me as I am going to say every detail about these breeds. ⤵️

Affen Border Terrier Dog Breed Job Card / Overview

Breed Name Affen Border Terrier
Other NameAffen Border Terrier
Type of Dog BreedMixed breed
OriginEngland; France; Germany; and Scotland
Born ofAffenpinscher and Border Terrier
Life Expectancy10 – 12 years
PersonaActive, Energetic, and playful
Can live in apartmentsYes
Friendly to other petsYes
Health expectancyGood
Ability to reason and understandExtremely able
Coat TypeShort to medium 
Coat ColorsBlack, Gray, Brown, Silver, and White
Level of GroomingHigh
Level of SheddingVery Low
Ease of trainingVery Easy
Level of VitalityHigh
Level of Exercise Ideally Required45 minutes of daily activity
Puppies2 – 8 
What To Know
The Affen Border Terrier is a tornado in a small body. Having originated from a long line of hunting ancestors, these breeds of dogs are very energetic and will do very well in an activity-loving household. 

● Not the most patient dog breed, they might be a little too difficult to handle, especially if children are in the house. But they are a dream with older children who can keep them busy with games. 

● They are also perfect if you are interested in participating in dog sports because of their agility and athletic prowess. 

● The Affen Border is also notorious for attention seekers, so be ready to give them enough care and attention.

Fascinating right Let’s take a further look at the characteristics of these breeds.


Affen Border Terrier Dog


The Affen Border Terrier adapts quite well. They can live in small as well as big apartments. They have quite a strong personality and are quite good to handle if they receive proper mental and physical training.

They can live alone and adapt to being alone for extended periods, which is quite difficult for most other dog breeds.


Prefers being unescorted

Ideal for first-time dog owners

Affinity towards cold weather

Affinity toward hot weather

Scope of living in an apartment


The Affen Border terriers are cheerful animals and good with older children. They are also quite friendly and will accompany other pets if any are around.

However, because of their hunter parents, the breed has an ingrained habit of rough handling, snapping at, or nipping smaller beings.


Loves other dogs

Loves being around family

Amicable to strangers

Loves being around kids


The Affen Border Terrier is no less activity-loving than its hunting ancestors. They need to have their daily slot of exercise. Being a highly intelligent breed, they also need daily mental stimulation. 

Their intelligence can make them a little easier to train than most dog breeds, but be aware that they have a particularly stubborn streak and develop good habits only through consistent training.

If not, they can turn into a little ball of a nightmare, partaking in mischievous activities and excessive barking.


Friendly with Kids

These dog breeds have varied personalities. They are good with older children and are very cheerful dog species. They are quite friendly with other pets if they are introduced to them and are around.

They are highly affectionate with their family. They love to form strong bonds with other dogs and pets.

Amicable to Other Pets

The Affen Border Terrier dogs tend to go well with other pets and even can stay in a home with other canine species.

They get well around older children, but small children’s rough handling may cause the dog to panic and hence can result in stress and unwanted snapping. 

Barking Tendencies

The Affen Border Terrier has a very strong prey drive which means that if they want something, they will get that in any way possible. They have a very high energy level. Thus, they bark to their maximum voice levels when they are stressed or panicked.

Without proper training and consistency, this dog breed may bark excessively, creating a mishap in your house.

Possibilities of staying alone

These dogs can stay alone for longer periods than other dogs. Kee[ping them alone more than the extreme time limit can give them separation anxiety. 

However, providing them with some toys or some other furry friends can help them stay occupied when they have some emergency work to do.

Male vs. Female Attitude

The difference between male and female dogs is easily visible in an Affen Border Terrier. Regarding their physical traits, the male Affen Border Terrier is taller than the females. 

Male dogs also tend to be heavier than female dogs. Their personalities also vary with their genders, and the male Affen Border Terrier appears to be more laid back than its female variety. 

Previous owners think their Affen Border Female is more guarded and high-strung.

Pros and Cons


  • Affen Border Terriers are cheerful and playful animals
  • Loves being around dogs 
  • The level of shedding is shallow. Hence allergic people can have this pet


  • Highly energetic and active, not ideal if you have a sedentary lifestyle
  • Does not like to be around small kids due to their rough handling
  • Moderately ideal for first-time dog owners


General Appearance

Affen Border Terriers come in various tones and shades of black, tan, and brown with markings and sometimes mixtures of colors.

Their coats are of medium length but are sometimes coarse and wiry. Eyes are wide and alert, and the ears are partially flopped down at the tips.

Legs are quite short and muscular; paws are compact. Tails are sickle-shaped and are thick at the base. The body of the dog comprises medium-sized bones.

Coat color 

Affen Border Terriers generally have black, brown, gray, red, or white coats of short to medium length. 

They are the cutest fluffy pets you can ever have.


The Affen Border Terrier has a low to moderate level of shedding. Brush through their tangled hair using a bristle brush. They do not require much grooming compared to other breeds; use the occasional grooming sessions as an opportunity to bond with your Affen Border Terrier.  

The grooming session is not that tough at all. ❌


The Affen Border Terrier dog breed can be described as fairly small, with a height ranging between 11 – 16 inches and a weight of 11 – 16 pounds.

They have a small body type with some very unique facial features – small snouts and large eyes. They fall in the middle when it comes to bone size.

They have short, muscular legs with compact paws. They have a sickle-shaped, bushy tail, adding to the overall delicate structure.



The Affen Border, a hybrid dog breed, inherits most of its health conditions from its parent breeds – the Affenpinscher and the Border Terrier.

It will be good in the long run to schedule regular health checkups with the nearby vet. Some of the health problems the Affen Border Terriers are prone to are:

Health ProblemsHealth Problems
Patellar LuxationCataract
Patent Ductus ArteriosusCollapsed Trachea
Slipped StifleFractures
CryptorchidismHeart Murmurs
HypothyroidismHip Dysplasia
MalocclusionLegg-Perthes Disease
Pulmonic StenosisLuxating Patella
SeizureOpen Fontanel

Test table 

The following tests, when conducted at regular interval will ensure that your dog is  healthy:

Health Test
Hip checkup
Knee checkup
Eye examination
Physical Examination
Heart Exams

Health And Grooming 

Shedding level

Drool Capacity

Grooming capability

Chances of weight gain

Overall health

Breed Size

Maintenance and Care

A small and energetic breed, the Affen Border Terrier likes to interact and spend time in a stimulating environment. These little dogs can easily get bored otherwise. Don’t mistake their smaller size for less exercise. 

Even when they are adaptable and quite content living in apartments, do not deprive them of the outdoors. 

Running or walking will help them release some of their energy. If let off without any exercise or stimulations, the Affen Border Terrier tends to escape, to satiate its urge to hunt or play.


These breeds require a moderate amount of grooming. You can disentangle any knots or matted hair at home using bristled brushes. 

Since the hair around their ears, eyes, and feet tends to overgrow, make sure to trim such areas regularly. The excessive growth of hair in the regions guarding the ears prevents earlier detection of ear infections; therefore, ensure you check and clean your Infant’s ears occasionally. 

Priority should be given to teeth and nails as well. There is no prescribed number of times you should bathe your Affen, but it would be better if bathing is done once every month.

Food and Nutrition

The Affen Border Terriers are small-sized dogs that are prone to obesity. However, their highly active tendencies require a matching amount of high-calorie intake. 

However, this is recommended only during a young age, but make sure to shift their diet from high to low as they reach adulthood. It is also advised that their protein intake should also be kept in check. 

The perfect amount of food for an adult Affen Border Terrier will be 1 to 1.5 cups of dog food, divided into two meals daily.

Check their weights regularly and in case of any signs of abnormal weight gain, connect with a vet and ascertain where and how to adjust their daily diet.

Food Cost

For your Affen Border Terrier, the perfect amount of food daily would be 1-1.5 cups of dog food divided into different meals. The Daily cost can be around $1.5 to $2, and the monthly cost rounds up to $40-$50.

Exercise and Activity Level

The Affen Border Terrier is a very energetic dog breed. They get excited as easily as it takes for them to get bored of things. Despite their small size, these lap-sized dogs love to run about and spend hours playing. 

They are suitable for apartment living, but that does not mean the Affen Border Terriers would not appreciate a backyard where they can run about and play. 

Spare 45 minutes minimum every day to accompany your Affen Border Terrier on walks; this will keep them feeling loved and keep them from falling into boredom.

Be it a bit of running or some regular playtime, make sure to let them make friends with other dogs. 

Physical Requirements 

Level of vitality


Physical movements

Loves to play


Affen Terriers are cute and easy to train, but they can be rough sometimes when small children are around. With proper consistency and discipline, the training can be done smoothly.

It is recommended to use positive and reward-based training to make them learn. Make sure that if you have small pets and other dogs in your home, they get to know from an early age that those are pets and not prey.

Do not leave them unsupervised if you are unsure whether they are fully trained.


Training potential

Capability to reason

Popping everything into the mouth

Hunting capabilities

Love for traveling

Barking Potentiality

Interesting Facts
● This energetic breed belongs to many hunters and would love to be involved in an energetic and active environment.

● Affen Border Terriers would enjoy the love of old and mature children and are perfect companions for active people.

● They have diverse coat colors like wheaten, grizzle and tan, and blue and tan.


The Affen Border Terrier breeds come from a long line of hunters; the Affenpinscher, a ratting dog, and the Border Terrier, a fox hunter. They are also very strong-willed but are also a sweet, playful, energetic, and loving companion. With their small muzzles and large eyes, they are the cutest dog breeds out there. 

If you have not decided to adopt a cute Affen border terrier dog, do it soon.

Happy Adopting.

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FAQs For Affen Border Terrier dog breeds

Where do the Affen Border Terrier dog breeds come from?

They are originally from the western regions of England, France, Germany, and Scotland.

Are Affen Border Terriers easy to train?

Affen Border Terriers are intelligent dogs that can be trained with patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement methods. Early socialization and obedience training are recommended to help them develop good manners and behavior.

Do the Affen Border Terrier dogs bark a lot?

The Affens bark mostly when they are excited over something or are trying to alert you about intruders.

Where can I find an Affen Border Terrier puppy?

You can contact local breeders specializing in Affen Border Terriers or check with rescue organizations or shelters. Additionally, online platforms and websites dedicated to dog adoption may also have listings for Affen Border Terriers needing a loving home.

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