Afador Dog History, Personality, Health, Characteristics

Are you stuck between choosing an Afghan Hound and a Labrador Retriever as your next floor ball of love? What if we say that you could have both?

Retrieving the fierce loyalty and independence of the Afghan Hound and the playful energy and affection of the Labrador Retriever, we have the Afador Dog Breed. Inheriting the best features of its parent breeds, the Afador Breed was first bred in 2000.

If the Afador dog breed is to be the pup of your choice, you have reached the right place; here, we shall walk you through everything you would want to know about the Afador dogs.

What To Know:

  • An excellent family pet, the Afador breed is also an ideal guard dog, known for its intelligence, energy, and alertness.
  • Even if they can come off as a little stubborn and independent, the right training at an early age can fix any such behavioral issues.
  • Their low-shedding coat is also one thing to consider when choosing this breed. This breed being athletic, are perfect companions for people who are ready to match their energy.


First bred in 2002 in Alaska, the Afador dog breed is a crossbreed between the Labrador Retriever and the Afghan Hound Dog. It is also known popularly by the name Afghan Lab.

The parent breed, Afghan Hounds, are one of the oldest purebred dogs, famous for their elegant, thick, and silky mane that protects them from the harsh climate of their place of origin, Afghanistan.

The other parent breed, the ever-loved Labrador retriever, has always been popular since they were first bred in the 1800s. Originally bred to catch fish, they were popularly known as the “fisherman’s mate.” 

Being the perfect mix of its parent breed, the Afador is intelligent and beautiful. They are protective in nature and have an affinity for retrieving small animals.

They are not registered with the American Kennel Club(AKC) as they are not true purebred dogs.

Afador Dog Breed Appearance

General Appearance

The Afghan Hound and the Labrador Retriever are mixed to create the Afador dog breed. They mix the long, silky coat of the Afghan Hound with the strong, muscular build of the Labrador Retriever to create a distinctive appearance.

Long, floppy ears and a long, curled tail are common features of favors. Their coat can be any colour, including black, brown, cream, and white, and they can range in size from medium to large. The Afador is visually arresting and unusual and is likely to draw attention.

Coat color

Afadors mainly have black, brown, gray, red, or fawn coats of medium length. Their coats are often straight with a medium density.

They are susceptible to shedding like any other breed and require lots of grooming. Coats must be brushed twice weekly to keep the shedding at a minimum. 

Regular shampoo sessions will be required, and the vet’s opinion should make the selection of the appropriate shampoo.

The Afador breed is better suited for colder climates than warmer ones. But ensure you wrap them in a suitable winter coat in case the temperature drops.


The Afador dog breed can be described as a medium-sized dog. The male dogs stand at the height of 27-29 inches, while the female dogs have heights between 24 – 26 inches.

The male dogs often weigh around 50 – 70 pounds, while the female dogs weigh between 50 – 65 pounds. The above size might vary, as is the case with many other new mixed dog breeds.

♂️ Male♀️ Female
Height27-29 inches24-26 inches
Weight50-70 lbs50-65 lbs

Afador Dog Breed Maintenance


As with every other dog breed, the Afadors also require regular health checkups for the early detection of any health condition.

Ask your veterinarian to develop a proper care routine to keep your dog healthy. At least 45 minutes of exercise regularly is a must when it comes to the Afador breed. 

An athletic breed, the Afador loves a good game of fetch. It is also necessary to warn about the breed’s capacity to jump over fences over six-foot heights easily.

It is also important that the dog’s ears are checked at least once to keep them clean without risking wax buildup. Nails should be regularly clipped, not constantly clicked against the floor.


Afadors’ coats can range from short and dense to long and silky, making grooming them difficult.

Once or twice a week, brushing is advised to prevent matting and tangling in their coat. Regular brushing also contributes to reducing shedding in favors, who shed moderately.

Bathing should only be done when absolutely essential to prevent drying out their skin. Regular ear cleaning is essential to ward against infections.

To prevent overgrowth, regular nail cutting is also advisable. Regular grooming generally will keep an Afador feeling and look their best.

Shedding: This breed’s shedding rate is lower than other breeds. Lots of grooming and weekly brushing will ensure that your couch is much more hair free.


These dogs are sharp, devoted, and active. For active families, they are excellent companions. Start your Afador dog’s training with fundamental commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come.”

To promote excellent behavior, use positive reinforcement techniques like treats and praise. Socialization training will enable Afador dogs to interact with both people and other dogs. The secret to good Afador dog training is consistency and patience.

Food And Nutritional Requirements

A healthy diet is crucial for the health and well-being of dogs in general. A balanced diet with lots of protein and little fat is necessary for favors.

Additionally, they require an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals to support their immune systems and maintain their energy levels.

To avoid overeating and obesity, it’s crucial to provide your Afador with high-quality, nutrient-dense food and monitor their portions. For your Afador to remain healthy, regular exercise and vet visits are also essential.


The ideal diet for the Afador breed is similar to that of any medium-bred dog breed with high energy. Stick to a healthy diet. Overeating without any exercise can lead to weight gain, and health issues will soon follow.

Their dietary needs are bound to change as they age; you should make sure to get opinions regarding the Afador’s diet.

Exercise & Activity Levels

Afador require regular exercise to maintain their physical and mental health. This dog requires at least an hour of physical activity daily due to their high energy levels.

Their favorite pastimes include long walks, runs, treks, and fetch games. Afadors are smart dogs, thus, they gain from mental stimulation exercises like puzzle toys and training sessions.

Behavior problems, including destructiveness, barking, and nervousness, can result from a lack of exercise and stimulation.

At least 45 minutes of exercise regularly is a must when it comes to the Afador breed. An athletic breed, the Afador loves a good game of fetch.

Average Lifespan


Generally a healthy breed, the Afrador breed has a high chance of being affected by the same conditions that often affect its parent breeds, the Afghan Hound and the Labrador Retriever. It is important to schedule regular health checkups with the nearby vet.

Some of the health problems the Afradors are susceptible to are Bloating; Diabetes; Hemophilia; Hip Dysplasia; Elbow Dysplasia; Retinal Dysplasia; Subaortic Stenosis; Fanconi Syndrome; Endropion Cataracts; etc.

Known facts: The Afador being a hybrid dog with two great parent breeds, has a very special personality; with their high intelligence and playfulness, they are bound to steal your hearts.

Minor Condition

🐶 Entropion

🐶 Cataracts

🐶 Fanconi

🐶 Syndrome Hemophilia

Serious Condition

🐶 Elbow Dysplasia

🐶 Retinal Dysplasia

🐶 Subaortic Stenosis

🐶 Hip Dysplasia

🐶 Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV)

Health Test

🏥 X Rays

🏥 Eye Examination

🏥 Blood Analysis

🏥 Cardiac Test

Frequently Asked Questions About Afador dog breed:

Where do the Afador dog breeds come from?

A mix of the Afghan Hound and the Labrador Retriever, Afadors are originally from Alaska.

What is the best diet routine for an Afador dog?

Set your Afador’s diet according to the opinions of your vet.

How much exercise is required for an Afador?

At least 45 minutes of exercise regularly.

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